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Cosmic Disclosure: Voice of God Technology (March 2016)

Season 4, Episode 5
Available worldwide

Corey Goode reveals the extent that the syndicates will go to control their operants and anyone else who learns their secrets. Mind control has been a foremost concern for the cabal for countless centuries. Through the years, they have developed many highly effective techniques, using trauma and chemicals, for creating sleeper agents or erasing memories. Now, they can do it from a distance, targeting anyone, anywhere with the Voice of God technology. This interview with David Wilcock was originally webcast April 5, 2016.

Subtitles available in English, Deutsche, Português, 中文, Русский, and Español.

David Wilcock


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farhan_jamal, posted on October 9, 2016

I have always been aware of negative energy (thought forms) and how it can affect a person's thoughts. As we awaken spiritually and transcend the five senses, I noticed that these forces come at me harder. I am curious to know how we can shield ourselves from these negative forces. The VOG topic of this video got me thinking... how do resist negative forces (from the VOG enforcers to just everday people harbouring bad thoughts) so that we can remain focused on our life's work and ensure that our free will remains intact?

Also, I just wanted to thank you both, David & Corey, for being so brave and opening up publicly about your experiences. I know this has been a challenging journey for you and your families so thank you from the bottom of my heart! Many blessings to you both.

phi2, posted on September 12, 2016

Hi, What happens when you die during your 20 year stint? Given the amount of 20-and-backs and the at times hostile nature of their tasks, a premature death does not seem too far out. Do you die in a parallel timeline?

waleska.ruiz, posted on August 16, 2016

There are a lot of people hearing buzzing sounds in the head that gets stronger from time to time depending on the things they are doing and sometimes before they channel some voice in their head or get contacted. That makes me wonder if thats the Voice of God technology being used. And not only that but a lot of Ascension symptoms that people are feeling like getting vibration throughout the whole body while they sleep, feeling changes in the air, seeing energy in the air, seeing beings (orbs, aliens like humanoids), and having strange dreams involving aliens. Could all that be related to this new technology that they have?

ba.lazsptm, posted on July 19, 2016

You just keep reinforcing that how much people have been psy-opped with this channeling stuff. This is pretty public-endangering from you, because this is exactly what cabal type people want, to make people think that channeling is bullshit. David, you have made channeling for 8 years yourself, and you said that some sort of time manipulation occured hundreds of times (channeled entity talking about the stuff you doing right before listening to the tape of your recording, after hours or days before the recording occured, etc). There is false channeling, and things like that, but I think this subject is very important for people to discover, and should be strongly recommended , instead of coming up with all kinds of ideas of how much of a fake can channeling be. 3 episodes or so before it was the agarthans, now its the black ops from SSP, who else will be the ascended masters yet? Maybe some of these channelings are the actual ascended masters, don't you think? Don't you think this is a very important subject which should be more propagated then discredited?

Charles78, posted on July 23, 2016

Your comment is very intelligent and is of a higher value than most comments Humans make on these types of forums. I find that most people gravitate towards assuming that everything is fake, and now the latest idea is that we live on a flat Earth and that nobody has ever traveled beyond low Earth orbit. This is all very convenient for the Cabal and the controlling ET's who wish to keep us in the dark. They are mixing in a lot of confusing concepts, and as Humans Stewart Swerdlow says we have a "victim" mind pattern as a collective species, so we automatically gravitate towards a negative belief system, and in this case, assuming that nothing is real is the most negative belief system. If nothing is real than there is no ascension and no possible hope for our future. But we must not fall for that trap. It's very simple. Some information is real, some is fake. As an example, James Gililand is real (I met him in person and he is very humble, and very balanced), he has seen real ET's, and real sasquatch, and real UFOs, and real black helicopters, and real feline beings. However, Stanley A. Fulham wrote a book channeled from information he got from the "Council of 9" and it sounded entirely fake and contrived, and was an example of totally fake channeling from "ET's" but anyone with discernment can read Stanley's book and know it's fake. If you research these things everyday and then also apply intuition, then it's easier to discern truth from lies.

oittz, posted on June 8, 2016

My brother has had schizophrenia for years, and now he hasn't had it for weeks.
To cut the story short, our neighbour did a reiki on him, now he seems cured.
I hope this helps another family like it did to mine.

ecstaticvitality, posted on June 6, 2016

In the area of mental health and for those of us concerned about youth and especially youth who are more sensitive and empathic and prone to mental health issues, this is such important info. As we step into the coming time where we will all need to participate in helping each other collectively transform and heal to bring about the new earth, this kind of information will equip us with the necessary awareness. I loved the information Corey gave a while back about the importance of meditation, forgiveness and living in a more compassionate way. It inspired me to make a short meditation to guide others through a simple end of day forgiveness process. Please continue to inspire us with ideas and suggestions for how we can continue to align with the higher vibrational forces moving us towards a greater destiny. I really appreciate how Corey keeps it simple and speaks so humbly. And David you are an answer to many prayers. Your knowledge is just incredible. What a gift to us truth seekers! Bless you both!

Crystal Warrior, posted on June 4, 2016

Interesting that Corey said that the voice was a 'different' voice from one's own.
There's the key.
The REAL voice of God ALWAYS comes through as your 'own' voice BUT the information is higher wisdom !

kakrepostcorp, posted on May 29, 2016

Youtube video showing nearly 100 students 'possessed by the devil' have 'contagious visions' of man trying to kill them in what has been called a mass case of 'demonic possession'. Authorities are investigating the cause of this event.

meinuniverse, posted on May 16, 2016

Hello you all and a diffiult topic. I don´t wanna blame somebody but if she said she is a channel than its her intention.She is beautyful and she looks like this but it is also her inner self in a modern way of happiness and she often doesn´t care. She speaks about things which can rule our live in a positive way, selling cornflakes would be perhaps the same but she was a real modell. Perfect type for YouTuber or an eperiment. She don´t felt good in Japan, was beautiful and isolated and than... . But what is really important is her opinion towards what happens in the Orion System and really really important what she channels us about reptillian. I think it is perfect exo- diplomathy towards the supirior race (we are like amazonas indegenious people who think a plane is God, but our leader know better), so it is very interessting to analyce GG Youngs opinion on YouTube to this. Its a real kind of exopolitic diplomacy when she mentioned that reptiloids wants to live through us because their inner self is natually more empty-> lush?? if they consume our fear and so on. I think its no joke when i say that she is really interesting regarding what Corey tells in this period and she will not lose my respect because of her inner beauty.

heather.elliott, posted on May 15, 2016

Holy Crap!! I know we're supposed to live in a free-will universe - am struggling to understand why this type of technology is allowed. It seemed to work against the intention of evolution. I agree with Corey when he suggested that the way to circumvent their ability to 'use us' as their pawns is to focus on being a good and loving person. If we ascribe to a bunch of fear or negativity, if we think, act and speak from this intention, it is going to make it way easier for people to mess with us. Perhaps that is why spiritually focused people are less 'influenced'. I had no idea that this was possible... thank you for making me aware. Heather

carolyngrace1818, posted on May 5, 2016

A friend sent to me and she was like " Is this real?" I need your guys help!

ConsciousnessGrowth1111, posted on May 4, 2016

Dr. Patrick Flanagan is a child prodigy genius and has hundreds of inventions to his name. I take some of his products that he created, which super enhances water. He's also done work for the CIA many decades ago. In this interview he talks about voice of god technology that he created for them!

Crystal Warrior, posted on June 3, 2016

Guess What?
Patrick Flanagan IS Nikola Tesla reincarnated! Amazing man who had had so much crap from the government in his former life AND more crap when he was younger that he largely turned his back on creating stuff because the Government would always just come and steal his ideas and harass him.
Love this man! :)

bangdon12, posted on May 1, 2016

Corey Goode reminds me a little of number 1 from Star Trek Next Generation :)

newdna, posted on April 28, 2016

What's with all the hearts coming up like bubbles? Very distracting

giovannihardone, posted on April 26, 2016

In the illustrative picture, we see the equipament beeing used on a open space situation... how it works on a closed space situation, like a basement???

Ty from Brazil

info037, posted on April 24, 2016

I am loving the information brought forth by David and Corey. It is truly amazing, beyond words. Thank you for putting this informatio out there! I am very grateful.
I do have a request. The last video I watched (before this one) was about Corey's return to this world, regression etc. It left many unanswered questions. I would really like a lot more detail about the 20 years gone, how he felt when he came back, how he adjusted emotionally and physically, what others thought or saw. How he returned to normal life, when he was able to start telling the story, why he had that ability where as others were blocked from remembering the experience, what experiences he has had since, ie visit to inner earth ? blue avions contact and so much more. Needs to be at least one episode!
Thank you and for your great work! Carolyn Kelley

softandluv, posted on April 19, 2016

David and Corey,

I absolutely love you both! The information that you both share is priceless! In regard to this topic. Voice of God Technology; I believe that LOVE is the answer, no matter the question. Also, there is no such thing as fear in my opinion. I used to be afraid of everything. The dark, getting beat up after school (I'm 53 now, so this was a long time ago lol), death, etc. I Am a person that is really into paranormal research. I don't know why, but this stuff really interests me. I find myself wanting to learn more and more about "the other side". I am an empath and I believe that I have been since I was a child. I can feel others emotions just by being near them. I have had to learn over the years to put a pillar of Golden White Light protection around my body so that I don't adopt a certain persons emotions as my own. I am also susceptible to spirit attachments as well. I have since learned to release them myself.

In regard to channeled messages; there is one in particular that I have listened to over the years (I don't want to name names) that has said they come from "Hollow Earth". I do believe the Hollow Earth theory as it really resonates with me. Some of the channeled messages have resonated with me as well but not all.

I had a "transformational channeled reading" by Michael Ellegion a few years back. He channeled Lord Ashtar of The Ashtar Command as well as Lady Aphrodite. A lot of the channeled messages that I received that day felt like they were positive and that they could be true as well as the fact that I really felt connected to the information I was given. I was told that I was on the Andromedan Council, that I visited Arcturus as a favorite port of call and that I was connected with the Knights of the Solar Cross in Telos which is in Hollow Earth as well as being connected with two beings in Hollow Earth. Zoser, Known as Master of Healing. Ancient king of Atlantis, Egypt and India. In charge of The Knights of the Solar Cross, also known as a "Cosmic Physician of Light". And Voltra, Space Psychologist, Cosmic Psychotherapist, who works with earth psychologists and psychiatrists to open them up to New Age realities. Known as the "Dr. Phil" of the cosmic realms. (The info on Zoser and Voltra was taken from I was told by a psychic medium that I could receive messages from other beings in the Milky Way Galaxy as well as do automatic writing but my inner knowing tells me differently. That I should be very careful with that kind of thing because I wouldn't really know who I was "connecting" with so I have not done this for that reason. I listen to my intuition as often as possible. I sometimes make the wrong choice as I am still evolving.

I don't mean to be rambling on. Sorry about that! In regard to being a victim of the VOG technology; I have not had anything like this happen to me as I am a very loving person and I don't believe in fear. I believe that has protected me as well as the fact that we all have God within us. Who could have anything less than Love within them or have any fear with the Creator of all within us <3

Thank you again David and Corey for the amazing info you give to us! What you provide us is absolutely priceless information and my husband and I have been listening to you for years! We both Love you guys very much and can "see" and feel your hearts and the Love within you both <3

Namaste~ LuAnn & Scott McMurry

hank7of9, posted on April 18, 2016

David, I have been a fan for years... I even wrote a piece calling you my hero... I have gotten into discussions with a few friends who are somewhat haters. I always had your back!!! I met you in Austin, Texas in 2012... You seemed extremely genuine and no one will change my mind... but I do know how intelligent you are because you gave the entire lecture with no notes and you did not stumble once... I was so impressed... so please don't think I am a hater when I state...

In my QHHT sessions it is claimed that many Light-Worker Hybrids are receiving downloads from their ET families and that they will know what to do when the vibrational rise hits the tipping point... Ringing in the ears is supposedly a symptom of the Ascension Process... this episode will help make people doubt their connections...

The Law of One was channeled... Do you think they looked with the looking glass technology and saw that David would be in this position futuristically and is influencing him and possibly Corey as well? I of course do remember in an interview with Carrie Kassidy that the Cabal could not see past 2012... What does Corey know about looking glass Tech?

What I love for sure is that when I explore with QHHT, you gentleman give me loads of questions to ask in session and for that I am grateful.

globalavenger, posted on June 21, 2016

In the previous episode i commented asking if QHHT outcomes could be influenced by technologies or negative entities. When i read your comment the same question(s) came to mind. Standing by for answers.

shak222, posted on April 16, 2016

Hi guys,

I thought you might find it interesting that I just watched an episode of Superman that aired 11/7/52 titled "The Mind Machine" that basically featured a Voice to Skull device, exactly as Corey described!!! They've had this stuff since then!!!

cipponescharm, posted on April 14, 2016

i can just picture a guy pointing that thing at someone and laughing.

madolynsylke, posted on April 14, 2016

Still waiting for the download

brandon11manuel, posted on April 12, 2016

While I was making different orgone devices, cones, pyramids, and chem busters, I was noticing a lot of monitoring of these ships at night that had a certain light structure to them. (these were silent craft with no sound) One night I had 7 or 8 of these appear around my house. I had over 70 something different orgone devices I had made and became targeted with this synthetic telepathy. I had smoked some weed before and it made me highly aware and that's when I heard the voices. With about 7 or 8 of these planes above my house I head a voice in my mind say "there is no God you belong to us" and I had to fight it off with my own will and remind myself of my freedom and personal beleifs. Eventually they left and I felt much better afterwards but any time I saw these crafts there was an ultimate level of fear being felt. So I have personally experienced this type of interferrence in a very direct way. This is just something I wanted to share with anyone else who has made orgone and experienced simmilar attempts on their mind.

patrick.jeter, posted on April 11, 2016

Hey David. I was just reading this article:

And was wondering what Corey thinks about Father Crespi's story . . .

brandiglass333, posted on April 10, 2016

Thank you for differentiating on the"strong will / heart vs. someone assuming false protection". That was tricky and you guys nailed it down with careful wording and spot on next questions. Now, what off shore, hack-able agency or firm keeps all the incriminating records on all these little demon devices???, stranger things have happened this week. Good job, gentlemen.

chandira2012, posted on April 10, 2016

David, and Gaia is it possible to have Dr Pete Peterson come on Gaia for interview? David refers to Dr Pete Peterson in several of the presentations. Also are the acupuncture like devices Dr Pete Peterson talks about on Project Camelot interview available to purchase? Where is it available?

angeliacushman, posted on April 10, 2016

David, When Corey stated that this technology was used in the early 80's and was used to break up groups that were releasing information the government did not want released I immediately thought of Don Elkins. Is it possible it could have been used against Don, Carla, and Jim? Could this be why Don became paranoid and it caused the tragedy of his death? I don't expect an answer. There isn't any proof, but it could explain a lot that happened to them. Thanks, I always appreciate you and Corey and what you both are doing to help our planet.

simonrmills1, posted on April 10, 2016

Dave / Cory, You have only touched on the voice of God , it goes so much deeper then you two have talked about, i would love to share what i know about the controlling factors and how deep it really goes but not on here :-)

Josettec214, posted on April 9, 2016

That was very scary but also resonated. I have been watching a lot of shows about the JFK assassination which I am old enough to have lived through as a child and remember quite clearly. I am thinking that some technology of this sort may have been used on Oswald and who knows, maybe Sirhan too, and that is why we will never know the truth.
Second, before meditating, reading, or performing any type of spiritual activity, I always ask for and visualize the white light of the Holy Spirit, which is my name for the Power of Love in the universe, protecting me In a pyramid. I learned a lot about the power of pyramids in David's conference and am continuing to learn through the writings of Dolores Cannon.

Ddalsh001, posted on April 9, 2016

MAYDAY-MAYDAY.....we need to organize a world wide meditation. A week of love, no crime ,no egos, just love.A week this summer where all we do is meditate on love and world peace. If we organize this using alternative (on line)media sources we could get the word out by the end of Spring.Cory said if we all thought of love at the same time, we could make them go away(the bad guys).Maybe the anniversary of Woodstock - maybe the week of the solstice. I believe I heard one of them say that the peace love movement of the sixties really took its toll on the bad guys. Let's Do It !! Let's take em down using our collective consciousness. We can do this , get pumped . It is our responsibility to spread the word to everyone we know. Wake people up gently.We will need their love not their anger.

thatcrazytoaster, posted on April 9, 2016

Anyone and everyone that knows the power of meditation knows that we can exact change that way too. The science backs it up so participate in one every week. Some are meditating for peace, full disclosure, etc. And as you can see more soft disclosure all around, you know it's working. Meditation for one self and for our other selves and our Mother Ship Earth. That's whats going on now and it not even being televised~! lols. We are the change.

jjacjc, posted on April 9, 2016

Dave / Cory. Go to this YOU TUBE SITE and look up the info on Jade Helm. It's a military plan to wipe out ISIS insurgents coming in from Mexico and into Florida. Then keep them locked up in a Walmart. Look at Huffinton Post. I'm sure you will find lots of information on this.
THE TIME IS COMING SOONER THAN WE THINK! LOOK AROUND GUYS! Martial LAW is just starting to go into effect. Lots of quotes from retired generals and Current Texas Rangers. I can't believe this is not on your shows yet! Please investigate and get the truth out for us all to understand like you do! VERY WORRIED! I do not have an underground shelter. I hope I am ready for 4th density. I pray and meditate every day. My like is in their hands.... PLEASE UPDATE US ON THE FACTS!! VERY WORRIED!

jjacjc, posted on April 9, 2016

Dave / Cory, Look what's happening. The military is now taking over several Walmart's and turning them into detention centers. There is just too much info on YOU TUBE about JADE Helm is the military term. There is a retired general interview that is very scary. Also, they are building temples of BAL where April 19 is a major date in their history. There is a plan to put over 155 of these temples up in the USA. A few of the Walmart stores now have razor wire around them. Over 269 closings have been approved by the DOD and Walmart working together on this. Sounds like it's starting. Don't know why you are not talking about this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dave, they have razor wire and rail road cars with shackles in them already bu

adrian6, posted on April 9, 2016

based on your post : can you put some links so we can follow it
will happen
and that is simple: because we are ship-lee... that all and the cloning is a fact and will increase etc.


djhowley3, posted on April 9, 2016

Thanks to you two for revealing this to all. It seems as the Earth and its inhabitants have been the part of a big experiment. What is it? Whats is it all about? Is it over?

adrian6, posted on April 9, 2016




Dr. Dave 4D, posted on April 9, 2016

ADRIAN6: I love your spirit! Of course, if that tired ploy worked they would have done it a long time ago. Remember: it is all good--FEEL GOOD ABOUT IT!!!
It's endless blue skies with black clouds passing by for a minute. The sun is shining--weather is hot. It is the end of the separation caused by Lucifer's rebellion as now every last decision has been cast and quarantine can be lifted after a quarter of a million years. The circuits of the universe will be connected again. Whooooooooo.

In friendship,

David Bush

jordanakalenchuk, posted on April 8, 2016

what about the cloning centers? Everyone is talking about cloning these days. would love to know both of your knowledge on it

premavati78, posted on April 8, 2016

David and Corey, My wife, who is a star being no doubt, always tells me that everything begins with a good question. So here is my question: Can you please go into details about the necessary steps a person must go through to open their hearts to the path of services to others, so that one can create (by using their power of self creation) a future with no slavery and complete peace that the BULE Bird folks keep telling you about? Have you asked them what steps to take for that healing? And does it help to present the scary info before you tell folks what they can do to prevent themselves from contributing to the co-created nightmare that you all keep telling us about. Looking forward to your response. In love and deep respect to your work. Grace

Dr. Dave 4D, posted on April 9, 2016

PREMAVAT178: What's up? Technically, you started with an anecdote about your wife and not a question ;)

In the Carlos Castenada books, Don Juan had things he did to CC to break him in: 1) Lots of exercise and eating natural and healthy; 2) While driving with your wife, let her endlessly endlessly tell you what to do, which way to turn, etc. DC did this to CC. Amazing how that cuts to the heart. 3) Humble yourself without ceasing (in excess) in ways you might find outlandish in an effort to break yourself of what you think is possible. 4) Go to a foreign land, it doesn't have to be geographically far from where you reside, and pretend you are a native (aboriginal) tribesperson; make up a strict regiment of superstitions and beliefs with the stated goal of opening your heart to the Service-to-Others path. (Make up whatever works for you, as long as it is peaceful it is ok). 5. Take that back to your "real" world life. 6. Enjoy! asked for an answer from David.

In friendship,

David Bush

serpents7, posted on April 8, 2016

David, you are leaning your head to the left, a little. This is an indication of a slight know it all person. Look into the mirror a few times a day and make sure the head is balenced and not leaning to the left or right and not too much forward or back. Then the subconcious will pick it up and keep the balance. Corey is pretty much in balance, as the people who trained him, know. Shoulders should be straight, and are changeable, also. You do Great work, Mr. Wilcock!

heatman_drj, posted on April 8, 2016

Thank you David and Cory. I am grateful for this show. I have heard of the psycotronic generators the Alph-a-bot Soup agencies use are similar to VOG tech. Instead of the use of direct physical ray to skull radio technology, they use a packet injector and let the aura field transduce and unpack the info. This is after the frequency search for the field is found. Each field is different. Imagine what good this tech could do. You speak of ascended abilities, this tech could lead to flicking the resonance field of junk dna to organize.

wgenovese22, posted on April 8, 2016

Thank you both for everything you're doing, it is very inspirational! I have a question for David, after gaining knowledge of this "voice of god" technology does it change your viewpoint of the Law of One material?

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on April 8, 2016

Thank you for writing--I will pass your question to David for consideration in a later episode!


gaia1777, posted on April 8, 2016

Bravo! I Love Love Love Hearing Knowledge :)
My Free Will inhaled Your Words!! #LikeABoss
Thank You Corey And David:):)

bretthaugen, posted on April 8, 2016

sunshinemine, posted on April 7, 2016

several Back to the Future movies come to mind. "My name is Darth Vader. I come from the planet Vulcan. You have to ask Lorraine to the Dance"
and the one where he is in 2015 and a billboard projects the image of a giant shark at him. In fact, there seems to be a movie equivalent for 90% of what you talk about. No surprise.

Also, when are you going to talk about the Panama Papers?

Most importantly, how can you suggest subtle ways to discern if a voice is coming from this technology and when it's from the 4th of 5th density (Of Love and LIght)? As a practicing intuitive, I abide by a few rules: If anything comes thru that is even remotely unlike love, send it away and ask for protection from ArchAngel Michael. Also, you can ask your guides to give certain body sensations or signs to verify that it's them. They always have a higher vibration and it is NEVER confusing.
Thanks, Love and Light

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