The Voyage to the American Stonehenge Video
The Voyage to the American Stonehenge

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The Voyage to the American Stonehenge (2005)

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Great monuments were built in the ancient city of Tiwanaku on the shores of Lake Titicaca in Bolivia. The origin of these monuments has given rise to a small economy based on exaggerated claims as to who were the creators of this city. Now, archeologists struggle to understand how these stones were moved and carved by the people that would have actually lived there. A team gathers to build a boat in the traditional way and move a stone identical to the ones found in Tiwanaku. The only rule is that they may not use modern tools, just their best understanding of ancient tools and techniques. Gain a first-hand experience, standing side by side and talking with the researchers undertaking this amazing mission.

Paul Harmon, Alexei Vranich
Larry Engel, Rebekka Rust

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sheff57, posted on November 27, 2013

It is an interesting example of experimental archeology. I would have liked some deeper investigation of either the archeology of the site, or a more in depth description of the belief system of the Aymara, both of which sound fascinating and i know so little of.

WhiteKnite6, posted on June 24, 2013

The doubts people have about the ability of ancient peoples to build the ancient cities revolve around the moving of stones up to 1000 tons. What does moving a single 9 ton stone prove?

I'll tell you one thing it proves. You can't quarry, shape, or move a thousand ton stone, let alone move it across a lake on a reed boat. If you could, why didn't they?

The stones also show evidence of being machine cut, with perfect cylinders cut out of them, then shaped and fit together without mortar. They still stand today.

This show only proves that no one will dare to try ANY of those feats, for the simple fact that they are impossible.

yaixawbh, posted on January 6, 2015

At some point in the past few thousand years, those stones you refer to were indeed cut, shaped, and fitted together without mortar by someone, somehow. That proves that those feats are do-able, and that eventually, some clever naked ape WILL dare to try, and they will succeed.

What does moving a single 9 ton stone prove? Since your comment suggests that you missed the point of the program: it proves that it's possible to move a nine-ton stone across that enormous lake in a boat made of reeds and rope, and that doing so is something of an accomplishment two thousand years ago or last week.

dfarrell3075, posted on August 29, 2012

I rated this fascinating presentation a five because it is a very detailed example of the joy, cooperation, teamwork, peace, and mutual intentions which make what would otherwise seem impossible actually happen. Bravo!

wyzorowski, posted on February 8, 2012

Great idea, but lacks vision. The guy is so bent on proving all the legends wrong on how the stonhenge was built, he doesn't prepair for the hill that the boat needs to go down. It almost demolishes a home of the native people.on the way down to the water. I am seriously surprised no one was hurt. It left me feeling sad and dissappointed that there are so meny other things these people need than having a gieant boat built and a rock moved from a sacred area to have their gient, ufo and cultural legends diaproved by some "well writeen scholar" from the U.S..The rock that he tucked arcross this lake wasn't even a quarter the size of the statue that he compaired it to. His theroy is weak and the show proves it. I hope that he cleaned up his mess and he didn't laeave it for the locals.

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