Corinne Edwards Interviews: Walking Between the Worlds (Gregg Braden) – Part 1 Video
Walking Between the Worlds (Gregg Braden) – Part 1

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Corinne Edwards Interviews: Walking Between the Worlds (Gregg Braden) – Part 1 (1999)

Episode 48
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Our bodies are able to awaken to changes on the external that then reflect the internal. Through compassion and love, we can awaken our bodies to evolve past our current state. Greg Braden is a leading expert on transformation in the body. He is interviewed on this Corinne Edwards Interviews episode and sheds light on where we will be headed in our journey as human beings. Part 1 of 2.

Corinne Edwards


Awakening Intuition (Mona Lisa Schulz) Video
Episode 1 Awakening Intuition (Mona Lisa Schulz)
Awakening Intuition (Mona Lisa Schulz) (1998)
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revdrwanda, posted on April 22, 2014

Anyone who has a connection to the planet and realized that science has finally caught up with what Mystics have always known can connect to Gregg Braden.

What he says makes absolute sense to me since my native american grandmother often told me the same things that he discusses. She may not have used the exact same words but what she had to say was almost exact in her own indigenous way. I don't find it hard to wrap my mind around at all. I have seen and experienced these principles all my life and I have always known that everything out there was coming from me. It wa a projection of what I though I deserved or what I felt were limitations etc. In actuality I have nerver really thought about limitations. I have always gone to the place of How do I meet these challenges and what is the solution. The very first thing was to open my mind to the possibilities. They are infinite. It's my brain that begins to start the yes buts. Somewhere inside of me there is the part that says there are no yes buts. Only how's to's

lllemar, posted on October 12, 2012

He is giving us information on how our mind and emotions affect our health. Everything that Gregg writes is informative and inspiring. He's done the research and he knows the science. Everyone should pay close attention to everything he is telling us.

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