Waterbabies: Teach Your Baby to Love the Water Video
Waterbabies: Teach Your Baby to Love the Water

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Waterbabies: Teach Your Baby to Love the Water (2003)

Only available in Canada, United States

This inspirational step-by-step guide shows you how to introduce your baby to water.

Lauren Heston, founder of Little Dippers and one of Britain’s most renowned experts and teachers of infant water safety classes, presents a series of carefully designed exercises to develop safety skills, increase fitness and encouraging your baby to have fun in the water.

Simple and easy to follow, Waterbabies emphasizes safety, revision and steady progression from one exercise to the next. Beginning with some enjoyable fun in the bath at home, you and baby will soon feel confident and safe in a public pool.

Waterbabies provides endless opportunities for fun and bonding as you begin the journey that will turn your baby into a confident swimmer later in life. Now it’s easy to turn your baby into a waterbaby.

Lauren Heston

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annepei, posted on January 7, 2013

Years ago, I came upon a book about water babies from a Quebec author. Later on, I taught a class for moms and babies at our Family Resource Centre. We only took babies over 6mths as small babies' skin is very porous and absorb chlorine through their pores. There was no mention of that in the movie, to me it is quite a concern as they were encouraging newborn babies in the program. By 6 months, the skin has become less porous and can stand a short amount of exposure to chlorine. Aside from that, the course is absolutely wonderful and well laid out.

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