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Cosmic Disclosure: We are One (July 2015)

Season 1, Episode 5
Available worldwide

Despite the idealized existence promised by advanced technology, life in an advanced civilization would be shallow without the benefit of heightened consciousness. Members of the Sphere Being alliance know this and it is their intention to guide us through such an ascension process. But they are only guides. It is dependent upon us, individually, to enact the changes that will lead to full disclosure. Cory Goode relays the spiritual message from the Blue Avians which details the spiritual advancements that we are to make and how we can achieve them in this interview originally webcast July 28, 2015.

Subtitles available in English, Deutsche, Português, 中文, Русский, and Español.

David Wilcock


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Rdtownsend, posted on October 4, 2016

how is this man you are interviewing credible? Sounds like a fantastic story. The subject matter is more than interesting, I am on episode 5 in season 1. I don't know if I can invest anymore time in your snooze level videos........

christine58haas, posted on September 15, 2016

Dear Corey and David,
This episode resonates so much with me, for years i believed in 'we are all one', only to be put down.
In 2010, i started channeling, (not knowing it), through drawings which i kept doing until today, i like the statement of having a discernment in channeling. I always said 'if it comes from a place of love, it is ok.' Now a yoga teacher, i understand the power of meditation, even if I am not yet quite there, I understand and pass it on, as long as we do not get caught in the hippy fairy staff but focus on becoming the best that we can be physically, emotionally and Spiritually, as the body is the temple of the Soul, it needs to be healthy. I feel as am Empath, that I am part of these 90 millions other Souls that are awakening and i bless and cherish it everyday. With Gratitude, Christine

uhclem56, posted on August 27, 2016

Unless there is a grand reveal, what impact does this really have on our day to day lives? It's all highly speculative at this point. We can only wait and see. Self-improvement and becoming more giving and loving is always good advice. The only thing that bugged me about this presentation was the idea of industrial mining. If there is the technology to manipulate matter at the molecular level, what raw materials would we need to mine so heavily?

waynedurett, posted on July 31, 2016

I understand David said Corey admitted to lying about some things. David seems to endorse him here. I'd like to know which things he lied about, and why he lied about them. Having done so, can we trust anything he says?

evnfeeley, posted on July 13, 2016

I want to believe all this but I'm just wondering why the Oligarchy or the Corporations who don't want this to get out haven't killed Corey. It seems like they could shut him up whenever they want. Why haven't they?

darlingautumn, posted on June 25, 2016

I am thinking one plausible explanation for the whistle blowers stories......and there are many with stories like Cory in one way or another.....people who have been off of Earth or contacted by one entity or another.....and many of the stories come from people who were children who lived near a Military base as a child and or their parents were involved in the military......WHAT IF these are implanted memories .....WHAT IF they were taken through simulated movies so to speak that they believed were real. So much of this began when movies began.....back in the 50's right. WHAT IF there are people (controllers) who want us to believe this is a real story line.......they set it up as if it is a SECRET.....this big secret.....but wow all of these people are telling the secret......and no one kills them to keep the fact it is televised....hmmmmm who might want us to believe this is a real scenario and that some thing or some one is going to save us. Why might the controllers want us to believe that at this time in our history? Is it because people are getting fed up with all the it because it is becoming harder and harder for them to keep us under control? So they release the people that they have implanted such "memories" This is a very real possibility. We know that mental health hospitals back int he turn of the century was torture places where they were studying the mind......mind control.......horrible experiments were done as they explored the mind and god only knows what they are using on people. It is very possible that we are being manipulated into believing these alien.....other planet....other worlds story lines....for whatever their reasons might be. Nothing is what it seems to be....I'll give you that. It is possible i t is real....but I think it is even more plausible that this is perpetrated on us........for some reason all of the movies and tv is full of this kind of stuff......we are bombarded with this kind of story and all the time we are being is a is hidden.......which makes us want to believe it even more....that is how it works.......oh we are so lucky to have been given the REAL reality......things are going to change because now we are getting the REAL story of life............Be careful peeps......don't believe too strongly.....let's see Jesus is out and now for the next 2,000 years we are going off on another dogma belief system that is being set up in society? Maybe

thechelsea, posted on July 26, 2016

I grew up on an island off of the coast of New Zealand with few people, no military, no electricity. I've been getting these same visions for as long as I could remember. I had no idea someone else had the same ones. I can verify all the parts I've seen are exactly as he says. Although I haven't seen as much as him, it's amazing to hear it. Identical.

Eloquenthealing, posted on September 1, 2016

Hello Thechelsea, My name is Janet and I would like to hear more of your interesting personal story. Do you have a blog or thought about writing an article for Gaia, from this Website? Thank you Thechelsea, best regards.

divinasion, posted on July 2, 2016 your mind.

vincentmarquis4, posted on June 5, 2016

wow! :-)

kedeswhit, posted on June 3, 2016

What or who is a star seed ???

alanna5891, posted on October 20, 2016

A star seed is an individual who has lived other lives sometimes many from other worlds in the universe. They may have reincarnated from particular star systems and or even here on earth. They do not feel at home here and have a deep longing for their "true" home. I am one of these said star seeds and I can tell you it has been challenging being here all my life interacting and trying to grasp this alien control system here on earth. I also have dreams nightly of other worlds and advanced civilizations with beings that are not human. They communicate telepathically to me showing me things, mostly drastic situations, like war. Sometimes I am observing civilizations that seem really familiar. I wake up and feel sad when I realize my reality day to day is here on earth.

The star seeds born into this world have agreed to reincarnate here on earth to assist humanity into the awaking and ascension process. We have a predetermined mission yet forget anything we knew previously. I believe my lucid dreams from these worlds is some form of communication from were I may have come from or my soul group helping my "remember" my mission. Starseeds know they are not from here and may slowly "awaken" and remember their predetermined mission, past lives, special abilities and origin. Others may have a dramatic and harsh "awakening" process and have this sudden and very drastic wakeup call.

I had very strange circumstances during my birth and events during my childhood that at an early age I began to question everything and the "illusion" of society. I drove my family crazy because they thought I was strange. Its funny because I was a child looking to them like they were strange for the things they did without question and their behaviors in society.

Starseeds remember over time or all at once that they are on earth but not of earth.

Crystal Warrior, posted on May 17, 2016

One is Love. Source is Love. We all come from Love.

patriciaD, posted on May 14, 2016

I seldom have doubts but these shows of Disclosure make me dubious about its veracity. Usually, whistle blowers are eliminated, and yet this guy keeps on going from one episode to the next one. Basic questions are not being asked. What is that he does inside the LAB? I would like to know exactly what his group the environment affects his health, if at all....and mainly...WHY the secret? and we still need oil to power our cars? There are many links missing.

spacechalice, posted on May 17, 2016

When I first stumbled into this stuff I was very skeptical as well. Once you start researching more into it and getting more information, it'll all start to connect-- It might take some time because all of this is so vast, there are topics i'm still understanding-- but if you're really curious about all of this, it's very enlightening.

vitalynn, posted on April 21, 2016

I believe Corey Goode. The information he has imparted fills in many of the blank spaces in what I've learned so far. Thank you, Corey, and thank you, David, for the interviews.

paigerogers45, posted on March 4, 2016

I LOVE these videos, I am 18 and I have been so lost !!! So confused so mislead by media, school and who knows what else, Cosmic Disclosure is making EVERYTHING in my life make total sense, I want more than anything to learn as much as I can about all this, the TRUTH and learn the true potential of LOVE and LIFE. I just recently created a tinychat room, specifically for talking about these topics called Spiritual Evolution, I would LOVE to hear all the different views on life and learn from others, as a child I was ALWAYS in nature, I LOVED nature, so so much, I got mislead in middle school off track and everything started to go wrong, in 2012 I got extremely ill and saw no light I was in complete darkness until just a few months ago, I finally remembered and saw the light I had forgotten, and I want to go back to living the life of love, light, and mystic, Please join my tinychat if you have time, I have been posting links all over gaia, youtube channels, like gaia planetary station and others hoping souls who understand and are conscious will see, I haven't seen anyone on sense I started it, Please I would LOVE to conversate and learn from others, I know so many of you are ahead of where I am now and I would love to talk and learn from other like minded souls, Please join, I am a artist so often times I will draw for very long and leave the site up while I am drawing hoping someone will join so far no one has, I hope someone sees this and joins at the right time.Also I am not PaigeRogers that is my mom. Much LOVE to ALL!!

Eloquenthealing, posted on September 1, 2016

Hello PaigeRogers,
My name is Janet and I want to thank you for taking the initiative, fueled by your desire to communicate with other like minded people, to start a chat. I hope it is well visited. I will check it out.

wildbikegurl, posted on March 1, 2016

I want an orb being to contact me. I would love for one to communicate to me in my dreams, except for most of the time, I don't even remember my dreams.

lorrie_o, posted on February 14, 2016

Did I miss the part where they explain WHY Corey is being allowed to blow the whistle on all these secret ultra high level programs? Whistle blowers typically are not allowed to go ahead with sharing much info and this guy goes on and on...

kinggiosire, posted on February 14, 2016

@ minute 12:34 - You said it dūshæ! I want to work with you any way I can help :) mlmsė vd sa jersė <3

sal9, posted on February 7, 2016

Beyond Rhetoric, Beyond Disconnect, i send you all the LOVE and Respect,
Please subsidize ( ignorant, evil, bad, satanic) to THE DISCONNECTED !
i pray and ask the CREATOR to send all humanity an incommensurable bouffée of LOVE .

ericsynth, posted on February 5, 2016


ericsynth, posted on February 5, 2016

love his story
thx guys

ZackLMiles, posted on December 27, 2015

Another way the illuminati is fooling us in the media being they own all the media outlets. They are all playing different acting roles. Watch these videos with an open mind. You will see how with simple lighting tricks, slight changes of their looks just like they do in Hollywood movies, hair color changes and clothing, accessories, slight change to their noses with movie type prosthetics and such. They create the illusions we are tricked into seeing as truth. should get a hold of this guy and have him do a show or a series on here. Mind boggling. Must see these. I really found it all interesting.

Jimirod, posted on December 14, 2015

If the floors of the saucers are soft how would electric magnets be of any value to having gravity. Wouldn't be better create a false mass under the vehicle similar to the gravitational fields used to fly the ships. Remember the gravitation fields work both ways, push and pull depending on what you need. It's just a different frequency I believe. That way you keep your physiology stable.

Ardis, posted on December 9, 2015

Thank you Mr. Goode... I have been having these dreams for quite some time.

Paris-California, posted on October 29, 2015

I've had the experience one time of seeing a good sized golf ball sized orb appear in front of me while staying a friend's country home in the pitch black of a guest room. I shared the room with a friend that was sleeping when I was shocked to wake at about 4am to find an illuminated blue ball of light appear in front of me. Telepathically i tried to speak to it but was petrified with fear. I was in this country home (an old restored farm house in a tiny village in France) because my friend's Father had passed away a few days before and I thought it was him trying to communication with me so I was reluctant and fearful. The orb hovered a meter from my head over the bed. I am wondering now if this was the type of Orb Being Cory is referring to?? Does this mean I am one of the awakened or did my fear destroy possible communication between me and the orb? Because there was never a bit of info (telepathic info) transferred from it to me while I was trying to ask it questions, if he was Dr. DXXXXXX etc.., my friend's dad, and if yes,please give me any messages you want your daughter to know quickly, because I was not comfortable being a medium. The funeral was the day before this happened so I was him, the dear Doctor's city home was full of guests, so my friend insisted to put us up in their second home so we had to drive an hour outside of the city to this farm house). After being woken up by it's presence and not moving with my heart racing, it just hovered in the same spot over the bed for 1 hr - still no info coming from it. Was it studying me? It was definitely attracted to me. Finally I woke up my girlfriend sleeping in the same king sized bed and I begged her to turn the light because I could not move from fear (secretly I also wanted a witness). She did not see it very well ( she has poor vision), she was sound asleep and was a bit in denial as well (shamed that people would think she is wacky if we repeated the story) - she said she thought it was a flashlight as she was waking up and quickly turned on the light as I asked. The flashlight explanation was silly as the light of the orb was self-contained, it did not emanate light. Then after the light switch was turned on, it was not visible any longer. The next morning (a few hours later), I woke, arriving the night before in the dark and when I finally opened the shutters of the window of the room where I slept below there was a cemetery (to my surprise) and not the cemetery where Dr. DXXXXX was buried. So was it a Orb Being or simply a loose spirit entity related to one of the souls in the cemetery? TBD any guesses? Anyhow, I feel like Cory is telling the truth. I am also a bit of a intuitive empath myself. This is extremely interesting material. Thanks for your feedback. Thanks GaiamTV

yaelelul46, posted on October 27, 2015


david7, posted on October 26, 2015

I was surprised GAIAM would allow discrimination and hate speech. David flagrantly debased schizophrenics 
by referring to those with a "christ complex " as being "paranoid schizophrenics", to which Corey chucked and wholeheartedly agreed, saying he's "been getting a lot of those lately, hahaha!"  

This incredibly ignorant remark was paramount to hate speech. I gave David more intellectual credit than this. He needs to learn what schizophrenia and paranoid schizophrenia actually are (two different illnesses.) Neither is determined or defined by "a christ complex". David, Corey and Gaiam owe an apology to those suffering with schizophrenia, who truly suffer in silence in a world that takes cheap and ignorant shots at their expense, often in effort to make themselves sound "intelligent".   

Yes David,  some schizophrenics, or paranoid schizophrenics, or bipolar, or even depressed individuals MAY be afflicted with a form of messiah  complex, but this does not constitute schizophrenia. The fact is, this christ complex you referred to is its own unique disorder, called Narcissistic Personality Disorder according to the DSM.  (And who is to say you or Corey do not suffer from this yourselves?  Just saying.)

Laughing and taking jabs at anyone suffering any form of mental illness, including those suffering from narcissistic personality disorder, schizophrenia or paranoid schitzphrenia is as cruel and distasteful as taking jabs at gays, overweight people or the handicapped.

"We decry racial profiling and religious stereotyping.  What about those with mental illness?" Brandon Marshall, wide receiver for the NY Jets. 

It's time we stop vilifying mental illness. I expected GAIAM to be hip to this. Shame on you and Corey, and shame on Gaiam TV for allowing such slanderous speech.

Katieskilla, posted on December 30, 2015

I wonder if David & Corey are suggesting that paranoid schizophrenia might not be the 'mental illness' we all think it is. That those suffering from the condition, may just be tapping into the other realities being discussed. Aren't they lightly humouring/questioning the diagnosis and the theory of this 'Christ complex' rather than the sufferers, who in fact may be experiencing something we're not ready to understand. I certainly got that impression when I listened to this.

objectivetruthseeker, posted on November 5, 2015

Jesus Christ, don't get all bent out of shape about it. Corey Goode has a Sphere Being/Blue Avian complex and David Wilcock has an Edgar Cayce complex - these two theories anyone can easily verify for themselves.

domcloses, posted on October 17, 2015

Okay. I have seen a lot of "paranormal" things in my life and Goode's story is rather outlandish. I listened with an open mind and always tend to believe based on gut feeling. When he talked about 11:11, Meditation, seeing orbs and dreams of classrooms, he described me! It made me stop in my tracks and see the connections. I see 11:11 a lot. In fact, so much that it has become a common practice to take a screen shot of my phone everytime I see 11:11. I probably have dozens of pics. Then dreams of classrooms. I have had dreams where a woman in a white lab coat standing in front of me holding a pointer. In the first dream of this kind, she stood in front with obviously some sort of being covered by a white sheet. When she removed the sheet, she revealed a zombie with his mouth wide open. The feeling it gave me was like an absence of everything(feeling, love, purpose...) When I recall the dream, I believe I was being tuned to this vibration in order to feel it and become familiar with this low vibration. It was followed by many nights of nightmares: vampires, cannibals, murder, euthanasia.... It was really a crazy stretch. All the dreams I felt like I was being tuned to those vibrations. Then meditation. I started meditating when I was around 10. I didn't know what it was but now I understand I discovered my minds eye chakra at a young age. Now in my 40's, I started a meditation group in my town and offer free beach meditations as my service to mankind. I have always felt I was sent here to help open people up. And lastly, orbs. The most profound piece of this puzzle. I have had several experiences alone and with my children. My children have also had these experiences individually during the same period of time in our lives. Once, my son pointed something "weird" out to me. When I looked up to see, I saw a gold ball of light. About the size of a golf ball. The interesting part was that it knew I was conscious of it, stopped in its tracks, then zipped right to my chest, turned on a dime and ducked into some bushes. That was the last time I saw it but my son said when I would turn my back it would come out again. My son told me once he came up from the garage(we live at the beach so the first floor is a garage), and before he could put his foot down on the last step, he saw an orb. But what he described was phenomenal. It was a blue orb but had 2 "fins" on the outside. The fins rotated back into the orb and then reappeared 180" from where it folded back into the orb. This orb was inside a second orb which rotated in the opposited direction and had fins as well. These orbs were inside a third orb with fins which rotated in the same direction as the first orb. These are just two of our experiences. I went through a divorce about 6 years ago about the same time all of these things were happening to us. I considered these signs we were a sign we were vibrating at a higher frequency and that everything was going to be alright. But after viewing this series, my world has kinda been rewritten. It seems I have validation. I have not seen orbs like the ones I described above for years and miss them! Anyone know what the significance of the gold orb is? It literally looked like the Golden Snitch from Harry Potter but more of a liquidy gold but about the same size. Looking for answers just like everyone else :) I guess it is important to note that I am very intuitive since I was a little kid and have never felt fully connected to earth.

thirdrockwalk, posted on September 29, 2015


Racernwasgrl, posted on September 28, 2015

I have been listening to all of this in search of an answer! Maybe someone else here can share info as i am not getting the answer!
Has anyone had the colored light "portals" i guess you would call them... apear in your presence? What happened? Was it a good thing or no?
Who uses them and what are their purpose? Are they from the "Draco"?
I am speaking of light that is in a large ball like mass of about 3 or 4 feet in height and width that apears to be alive and moveing in place and looks something like transparent crystal shards growing and flowing in intensity. I saw only 2 "shadow like small humanoid like figures move into the Pinkish light. I did not see them moving about in my room untill they moved into the light "portal"!
Anyone else out there know what i speak of?
I have asked many people and done much research but have yet to meet a person who have experienced it or described it!
any info is apreciated!!

quantumjohn, posted on September 26, 2015


pottlelinda, posted on September 24, 2015

As our planet moves into a new area of density in space, that' the Sphere beings are defusing for us, could it have anything to do with the rise in Autism?

val5, posted on September 18, 2015

My pendulum starts shaking and saying no. I ponder, is my pendulum being manipulated.

dretta-love-wisher, posted on September 18, 2015

I realize you've been gone a long time, but please stop saying that the want for peace and love are "hippie" ideals. Everyone with a good mind and heart wants ths. Just a heads up. Enjoying your shows, for the thrid time. I found two things that don't...... that aren't consistant. Not worth mentioning. xx

jreilly771, posted on September 10, 2015

I received Shaktipat diksha in an astral travel with an enlightened being named Swami Muktananda. This is the surest path for a seeker as it is aided and controlled by a master frequency that brings you to enlightenment through a process of spiritual practice known as Sadhana. I would like to discuss this with you as you understand the Rainbow body.

John Reilly

Pachimama, posted on September 4, 2015

David and Corey thank you for the wealth of information you are providing.

advankaren, posted on September 1, 2015

No way what Corey is saying is True , we see around us is vibration we perceive the chair we sit in as solid but in reality it is not all things have a vibration and a life force some of us can see this life force as a colour around everything , trees, buildings , roads, books, cars,people, get the picture it is not a mindless comment with practice its is possible to see the life force in all things , its like driving a car some need more practice than others . And in the end we all will graduate. ye ha

advankaren, posted on September 1, 2015

From what i know Blue is the colour of protection the Bluer or brighter blue the deeper protection interesting the spheres are Blue in colour ,fantastic protection for Planet Earth Thank goodness . We look like we need some help .

Thank you sphere people

teresawilde, posted on August 31, 2015

Stewart A. Swerdlow says 11:11 is new programming.?.?. I would like to get all these guys and their knowledge together for a complete picture.

aarcudaman, posted on August 31, 2015

A while back DW said the chemtrails would stop but they have not stopped yet ,got any idea when?And what are their real purpose?

rsaxonrn, posted on August 23, 2015

I would like to mention that What Corey is asking us to do is no "lull" of any kind! Choosing love over fear is the hardest thing a human will ever do on earth now, and frankly is much harder than getting swept up into the mass hysteria about preparing yourselves, and putting up defenses. Being defenseless in the eyes of love is the hardest thing any human will ever do at this time on earth. So, if you think his message is an easy one, you are missing the message. Try forgiving your boss who laid you off, the arson who lit your house on fire or even the guy who keyed your car... and these are minor infractions compared to what is going on, on the planet at this time. So we have a way to go, but honestly... I have experienced a momentum occurring. The more we choose love in response to x,y,z... the easier it is next time.

The book "Power Vs. Force" by Hawkins is a great read in relation to this... and I pick it up whenever I feel my frequency going down!

karin.endruweit, posted on August 29, 2015

Well you are so right! Choosing love over fear was for me the most heroic act I've ever done in my life. It took me years to come to the point that I was able to make a conscious choice and than years to master the moment to be aware of my love for all there is! Even the evil. If I hadn't acknowledged it as the other side of the same coin I still would feel alienated from this life. My greatest lesson learned is that unconditional love (Love is unconditional) is the basis to feel the oneness and it is the best defense. Fear is than only a motion when you are not in balance.

lapierre, posted on August 23, 2015

I want to learn more about this "Voice of God" scary DARPA-ish technology that agencies use to send telepathic messages to unsuspecting channelers. There are many similar patents using ELF technology, come to find out. I wonder if the below patent is what Corey is referring to. Is it detectable? How can one block it?

US PATENT 3,951,134 - APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR REMOTELY MONITORING AND ALTERING BRAIN WAVES -- Apparatus for and method of sensing brain waves at a position remote from a subject whereby electromagnetic signals of different frequencies are simultaneously transmitted to the brain of the subject in which the signals interfere with one another to yield a waveform which is modulated by the subject's brain waves. The interference waveform which is representative of the brain wave activity is re-transmitted by the brain to a receiver where it is demodulated and amplified. The demodulated waveform is then displayed for visual viewing and routed to a computer for further processing and analysis. The demodulated waveform also can be used to produce a compensating signal which is transmitted back to the brain to effect a desired change in electrical activity therein.

mohaninthesky, posted on August 23, 2015

At the end of Episode 5, we get the poisoned message: "just meditate and think loving thoughts."
What happened to the good old days of fighting the horrible tyrannical system?
Why not put up the biggest, most intense fight to stop the tyranny?

A big part of the cabal´s operations is in social engineering to create the idea of not doing anything to stop the tyranny - just meditate, take LSD and other drugs, don´t think negative thoughts.

apensatori, posted on August 14, 2015

I have this Feeling............ that the Syndicates (Secret Earth Governments) are Falling....can we start a campaign where Corey always ends his interviews with "Tick Tock Babylon, Rome is Falling" break that sentence in two, the first part "Tick Tock Babylon" means that the time of the Babylon Money Magic Slave System is coming to an end, and the perpetrators of this Unbalanced System should beware of these Times of Change. The second part "Rome is Falling" is a historical identifier, which is telling the Syndicates (Society of Jesus or Jesuits...Which is not as religious as their title makes them out to be, The Illuminati and Secret Earth Governments..etc.) that their Historical Base of Power is crumbling..........I implore (Highly Advocate)....people to start using this little mantra, as a short sweet reminder, that Change is Upon us.........and that.......... We must Simply be the Catalyst for this Change.

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