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We Don't Die

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We Don't Die (2013)

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Is there any real proof of life after death? The surprising answer is Yes! A fear of dying and a massive dose of skepticism led Sandra Champlain on a fifteen-year journey of discovery for proof of life after death. Through the disciplines of science and medicine, she uncovered the clear, undeniable truth that We Don't Die. Rather, we live on and on.

In this documentary, we meet Sandra Champlain, author of the book We Don't Die. See and hear her amazing story. Be inspired to make your own discoveries. See the evidence that your deceased love ones are still with you. Hear Sandra's EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) Message from the other side. Learn how to get beyond the incredible pain caused by grief.

Sandra Champlain
Robert Lyon

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Carmencristi, posted on June 20, 2016

Because of teachings like this I.m not afraid of dying... getting in touch with your inner child also shows the way...

djd3, posted on October 24, 2015

Death can be a scary thought for some (like me) due to hearing of experiences of people who had OBE. They have seen monsters, strange beings guarding gates etc.. And, what if we're trapped in a realm with other, er......., things!

I have read many versions of what is called life after death, but as these people who tell their stories have not died, insomuch as their 'silver cord' had not broken off, (as they would not have recovered consciousness) to my way of thinking, they never died. It was not finalised, they were still attached to their body. No matter how long they had no vitals, they could only have been in some sort of suspended animation. As with all of us, our dreams appear very real, and when near death people have experiences of any type, this could be from their subconscious which can portray anything. When they describe items they could not have seen but were around them, that can mean an OBE. And 'Out of the Body' experiences (which can be deliberately provoked through practise) are not near-deaths.

Also, there have been times when some people, examined by a doctor have been mistaken for being dead and been buried, or put in a morgue. Some have even supposedly awoken in time to stop an autopsy on themselves! Good grief! How many who have agreed to organ donation were truly dead when their organs were taken? After all, even with no vitals, some people HAVE become conscious again.

It is understandable to be more than a little nervous worrying if we'll be lucky and have a smooth passing. I listened to a Shaman explaining how to die and the importance of opening, then closing the Chakras to help the spirit to dis-attach from the body, and that was disconcerting. Some of us evidently need help to pass over successfully. If this is true, as it well might be, it is cause for worry when the time is near.

Maybe when that time happens, angels and deceased relatives come to guide us. I hope so.

renkowski, posted on August 25, 2015

I have been dowsing for many years now with great success to help find spirit energy but I have never tried the water bottle and fruit experiment. Great examples and I will be trying this soon. Also, I have always been interested in remote viewing and will be trying the paper bag experiment as well. :)

On another note regarding the white noise. This just explained everything I have been experiencing. I have been able to hear random voices all my life. I hear people saying names, sentences even different languages. It is more pronounced when I am near running water or background noise such as a fan. I remember hearing that water holds/adsorbs energy so this might explain why running water triggers hearing sounds. Boy this is great I just love when spirit directs you to learn new things.

~Namaste to all that have helped me along this journey of life.

Jeroenske, posted on August 3, 2015

I think abandonment and thinking that we are all alone living in a uncaring universe is mankind's biggest fear. Not death.

dwynn97669, posted on July 20, 2015

I can really relate t this author about the energy around us, quantum physics angle and consciousness. I'm a retired cardiac ICU nurse so I can definitely relate to the death and dying phenonium. I know there is some kind of consciousness after death.

lisaartistberg, posted on July 18, 2015

gentle delivery. beautiful soul that you are Sandra. Meaningful important messages. loved it.

dretta-love-wisher, posted on July 15, 2015

Listened with quality headphones, noise filters, sorry. Didn't hear it. Enjoyed story.

BonHeinrich, posted on July 15, 2015

I recently attended a seminar where Dr. Steven Greer presented the power of remote viewing. Supposedly we can all learn how to do this through conscious meditation and be able to communicate with other conscious beings (and not just human beings). Very interesting and credible since I have learned that our military has also investigated and studied this technique.

Wendyh9, posted on July 15, 2015

I didn't hear any scientific proof.

cedguru, posted on July 14, 2015

I literally stumbled upon this program while being in a miserable state of mind. I don't feel that way anymore. I still miss my family badly, but they don't seem so far away now. Thank you.

nathanjamesgunn, posted on July 14, 2015

Loved the positive and simple way this lady explains things...

mcgurkuna, posted on July 14, 2015

Thank you Very `Positive and Uplifting

rx7chick, posted on July 13, 2015

I enjoyed the practical and simple applications she tried to answer her questions. Sandra Champlain is a wonderful presenter and exudes peace. I will be trying some of her experiments myself, particularly the remote viewing. Thank you.

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