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We Were Never Alone
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Cosmic Disclosure: We Were Never Alone (November 2015)

Season 2, Episode 6
Available worldwide

Corey Goode reveals a secret which shook the very foundation of the German’s burgeoning secret space program – we were never alone. As the Himalayan texts were studied by the scientists who toiled to rebuild ancient technology, they discovered that they were not to be the first human civilization venturing into space. Perhaps this is what bolstered their resolve to quickly expand operations to the moon. This presentation was originally webcast November 3, 2015.

Subtitles available in English, Deutsche, Português, 中文, Русский, and Español.

David Wilcock


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stockse, posted on July 27, 2016

Where does he U K come in with all this bearing in mind the Royal Family and Financial Hub in the City of London?

Chandlersdad, posted on June 28, 2016

I am losing any sense of possible belief in Corey Goode. Germans on the moon? If they had this advanced technology, WHY DID THEY LOSE THE WAR?!?! If they had agreements with under-earth advanced civilizations and aliens, how could they possibly lose the war? If one of the USA's modern stealth craft could go back in time to WW2, that one aircraft could win the war single handedly, since the aircraft then were so primitive. None of this makes any logical sense whatsoever. It is as if Corey just makes it all up as he goes along WITH A LOT OF PROMPTING OF IDEAS from David Wilcock.

annejutonpinson, posted on June 30, 2016

Hi there,
maybe you'd like to view the previous episode, the 2 previous I think. Corey explained that these German people, although originating from Germany, had already set their mind to build a totally new society, a new civilisation if you will. To them, from this point on, Germany was not their homeland anymore, they were heading to a new future for themselves, leaving their native land to the past, behind them if you prefer.

franciscogarciahuidobro, posted on June 20, 2016

So the LOC is built from a swastika, and now is a bigger building.. I can manage that our embassy to the UNIVERSE use to be a swastika.. what I can´t manage is that our embassy is in the DRACO PART OF THE MOON.. what message give that to all the others races that pass over there. No wonder disclosure is taking so long...

ernestlader, posted on April 13, 2016

I have just had a conversation with the Goddess ISIS and she said there is only ONE Ark of the Covenant! Corey has made this up! Sorry. Also said much of what he states is NOT true. If you want to take me on concerning this , Im waiting as ISIS will back me up!!!! Ernest Lader

kpowell7, posted on April 21, 2016

the only thing anyone should really care about being true or not is that the event is going to happen. What does the Goddess ISIS say about this to you?

lalsup2, posted on March 31, 2016

I've noticed that there is very little to no non-Egyptian African references in these discussions. Have there been any explanations explaining this?

paigerogers45, posted on March 12, 2016

I LOVE these videos, I am 18 and I have been so lost !!! So confused so mislead by media, school and who knows what else, Cosmic Disclosure is making EVERYTHING in my life make total sense, I want more than anything to learn as much as I can about all this, the TRUTH and learn the true potential of LOVE and LIFE. I just recently created a tinychat room, specifically for talking about these topics called Spiritual Evolution, I would LOVE to hear all the different views on life and learn from others, as a child I was ALWAYS in nature, I LOVED nature, so so much, I got mislead in middle school off track and everything started to go wrong, in 2012 I got extremely ill and saw no light I was in complete darkness until just a few months ago, I finally remembered and saw the light I had forgotten, and I want to go back to living the life of love, light, and mystic, Please join my tinychat if you have time, I have been posting links all over gaia, youtube channels, like gaia planetary station and others hoping souls who understand and are conscious will see, I haven't seen anyone on sense I started it, Please I would LOVE to conversate and learn from others, I know so many of you are ahead of where I am now and I would love to talk and learn from other like minded souls, Please join, I am a artist so often times I will draw for very long and leave the site up while I am drawing hoping someone will join so far no one has, I hope someone sees this and joins at the right time.Also I am not PaigeRogers that is my mom. Much LOVE to ALL!!

steveklloyd, posted on January 17, 2016

Puma Pumku. Think about it.
The Crystalline matrix within the rocks them self's. Will show the path's and perhaps show the real way the structure was supposed to be, and its true function

jmiksche, posted on January 16, 2016

I've been reading Charles Hall's Millennial Hospitality books, and it seems to me that the Tall Whites don't really have our best interests in mind. How do they fit into the SSP, the moon, and Mars? Thanks, J Miksche

dronemaster11, posted on November 24, 2015

These comments of Correy's correspond nicely to one of Zecharia Sitchins books, where he states that the sons of one of the gods went to do mining in space in our asteroid belts. He also mentions that very few of them came back, due to the dangers of such activity. Very interesting!

Good episode!

a1karaoke, posted on November 18, 2015

I read alot of people saying there are similarities with this story and that story,The facts are that there will be similarities with eveything that we see say read and do as idears bleed in from the future and meld with the present,Time flows like water it shapes and molds itself to everything ebbing and flowing like a tide forwards an backwards and idears travers on the current of time ,This is were idears pop into the mind as if from nowhere so like with the saying as above so below.Everything we do now echoes into the future and the past,Its a difficult thing to understand but thats why I have up most faith in David and Corey.

Danny Chau, posted on November 18, 2015

Then non of these videos makes any sense whatsoever....cannot confirm is our world is round or flat either, need to ask more questions and answers before to take anything seriously.

groves_b36, posted on November 10, 2015

We as people are programmed to need a leader or saviour if you will. I would urge everybody not to believe everything you read or watch without doing some of your own research. Im not saying coorey or david are making this stuff up, however I ask you to use discernment when watching videos of this nature. Following something blindly will not lead to spiritual growth.

objectivetruthseeker, posted on November 10, 2015

Disclosure is coming really, really soon. I got word from the big boys at the LOC and David Wilcock is about to be so famous that Kim Kardashian will soon be dumping Kanye in a bid to bring David on to their show for higher ratings. Hotspot knows what I'm talking about. I know this probably sounds crazy, but just get ready, and watch...

kenbok, posted on November 9, 2015

Any comment on the incredible similarities in the narrative with Iron Sky 1 and 2 with reptiles, germans, and the same symbol shown on this show that is supposedly the vril symbol - the lightning bolt - is the same in the movie??

Chandlersdad, posted on June 28, 2016

Oh, for heaven's sake. Corey can access the same information that you can! So if there are similarities, the most obvious and mundane explanation is that he is borrowing from a lot of sources, including Star Trek and Babylon 5. Come on, people. Have you no intellectual discernment whatsoever!?!>?!?!

objectivetruthseeker, posted on November 10, 2015

I heard that Corey has two of them tattoo'd on his back, but that's not verified.

capsnowgoose, posted on November 8, 2015

These breakaway civilizations provided technology and support to all these Illuminati and German esoteric Secret Societies, and it is confirmed they considered the common man "Useless Eaters". In view of all the Nazi concentration camps, 6+ million dead, and estimated 55 million dead from the war, I wonder what part Karma plays in all of this.

Danny Chau, posted on November 18, 2015

Although I was raised to believing in the law of action and reaction and so karma was a set hard in my up bringing. However with the incessant change of consciousness, I no longer to take karma for what it used to. It is believed that we carry karmic balance throughout our incarnations, to my new understanding, this could only work when we are less evolved consciously, but from my present view, karma is just another layer we need to peel off as another matrix to hold us in this realm of duality.

I dare to say that each of our realities are unique and no two divine souls ever to experience the same because each of us is playing both the creator as well as the role of the created and from this perspective, we hold the key to the game play. Consider that we have created and manifested our present reality which we believed is fixed and cannot be changed, and the key is that we 'believe' it is so, but since I begin to make changes to my own consciousness, I choose to forgive and to forget and I blame no one but myself for my own creation, then I come to realise that I was the one that has caused all my own disillusionment because my unconsciousness is the key to all my suffering.

I really believe whatever we accept to become our truth would also to become our next manifested reality as change is the only constant because we are divinely powerful and not fully to realise the power of our own projection/manifestation according to how we think or believe.

icholasee, posted on November 18, 2015

That's what I've been wondering too. David has noted that spiritual karma plays a large role, and that's why he remains protected even though he has been communicating inside information for so long. That seems like crucial information right now, as it's a faculty of direct experience throughout this galaxy. Needless to say I hope that they go into greater detail about this.

sunbinder, posted on November 8, 2015

Looks like planets were blown up with multiple huge wars fought for hundreds of thousands of years in this region of space. Genocides between species a common occurrence (as noted by nuclear weapons signature residues on Mars). Our region of space was nothing but a warring "star-wars" of megalomaniacs who's DNA ran near 100% efficiency led by the ugly dinosaur progenitor Dracos race. All this a common theme. No wonder we "humans" are being left alone at this time. In comparison, our "current" civilization amounts to Angelic. No wonder that we would remain on the sidelines begging to be heard. No wonder restrictions have been placed on contact with humans. We humans that 'made-it' in comparison. That we will ascend. How depressing .. even German WWII atrocities pall in comparison. Better off joining the skeptical enquirer and live in the illusion of peace. Sign me up.

bahsgomes, posted on November 7, 2015

Dave and Corey you shouldn't be upset with CW Chanter!! Guys like him bring balance. It shows intelligence to be a sceptic and in this negatively controlled illuminati/cabal society even the cynical should be forgiven and understood. Your asking your audience to take a serious leap of faith to continue tuning in each week with out strong credibility!! Mr Chanter was absolutely correct when he said that there are members of your audience who just want to believe! I'm definitely one of them!!The idea of the service to self power elite being defeated is a great dream to come true!! Humanity being free from the depths of oppression and avoiding Armageddon has been the dream of positive human beings for over millennia!! I donated to help Corey following my heart. A leap of faith!! Maybe I am just a gullible new age guy being taken advantage of!! If I'm just that gullible new aged guy then It doesn't stop here with Corey!! I have either helped support or have donated to Ubuntuplanet/Mchael Tellinger, Thrive, The Resonance project/Nassim Haramein, Gaiamtv, David Wilcock, and CSETI/Dr. Steven Greer !! Any person or any organization that is for human peace and prosperity has my physical and conscious support!! If any of these people or organizations are for personal prophet or gain then May that selfish Karma serve them well!! Namaste to you all!!

hotpot, posted on November 8, 2015

I'm one of those who desperately want to believe.

But I value my logic and analytical abilities. So rather than self rationalise problems I find with the narrative, I have to voice them.

For many, it's almost like they are conducting a romantic relationship with Corey in which Love is blind. I say that as an analogy only. We simply HAVE to remain objective and CONTINUE to use the same perceptive skills that led us to question the system operated by the cabal.

In my opinion, CW Chanter does an excellent job of voicing concerns.

wm, posted on November 7, 2015

Wow, so much incredible information to digest, investigate, & correlate. Tho been down in these rabbit hole warrens since a child in the mid-1960s when my whole family had an intense UFO encounter with too much weird ... stuff, (LOL, no cussin' here on Gaiam, yes?). As I am in the midst of catching up here within Gaiam TV by watching all of the other shows, including Disclosure, Wisdom Teachings, Beyond Belief, etc. etc. as well as researching elsewhere...these questions arise. The answer may lay undiscovered by me in shows I have missed & have yet to watch, and if anyone else encountered the answers please update me. Thank you.

Questions: I recall in older episodes of various shows a big emphasis on data dumps, mass arrests, & Nuremberg-type Public Tribunals (punitive, justice-focused, & restorative of perceived losses per associated grievances) with much soft disclosure lead-ups. Now it seems things have changed where the Sphere Beings are alleged to declare we human beings, indeed all sentient beings, have choices. We crustal-surface dwelling Earth humans (...chuckles, yeah, but I seek precision when possible) can choose to do all the above, OR choose INSTEAD to be a stand for love & forgiveness & service to others by having South African/Mandela-style Truth, Peace & Reconciliation Commissions (they were also attempted in other regions torn by endemic multi-ethnic warfare where many if not all sides committed atrocities). Seems debates are going on behind the scenes regarding the nature of a mega-data dump vs. long-drawn out smaller data dumplets. Seems I heard somewhere on these videos the Blue Avians & their alliances were waiting patiently to observe what we're gonna choose for ourselves as a species, data dump or not, tribunal or commission/forum, punishment & restorative justice vs. forgiveness & reconciliation, temporary peace with the possibility of future vengeance by perceived losers & victims vs. the opportunity for a deeper, lasting peace for everyone as we are all One. I feel I'm adding language to fill in the gaps as I sensed the energy. I'd appreciate some help understanding for greater clarity. Thank you.
- William

Would anyone update me on the

lovemrlibra, posted on November 7, 2015

David and Corey Im wondering about your thoughts on Philip Schneider. Ive recently been reading up on some of his confessions and wanted to know if you guys have any contact with him before he was killed. His stories go hand in hand with what Corey is telling us.

jhershierra, posted on November 7, 2015

Okay I watched the video that was presented here as some ' official voice of sanity' C.W. Chanter. Are you kidding me? There is nothing about this man that validates him as having the ' truth or insight' into whether or not Corey is lying and basically mentally ill. I watched that video and another one of his videos and this man has no credibility with me.

There are credibility issues around David there is no doubt about this, David is a well meaning naive new ager - who is eager to jump on any bandwagon and predict some ' timeline' event. He also has serious EGO ISSUES. Yes, he is self-absorbed, I am sorry this is how I see it. I believe David does his best work when he is researching FACTS and can objectively present them. Such as in his early Wisdom Teachings and his Book. But the SERIOUS researchers of UFOs and Secret Space Programs are not including him in their ' conventions and workshops'.

This is my thought about that.... What newage spiritual person HAS NOT been ' duped" by channeled information or someone claiming to have truth' ? PLEASE STAND UP? Some of us older and wiser spiritual people have already been down David's path of blind belief and got burned. Some people here... are still to new to have learned these lessons. For this reason I look at David with 'detachment'... you have to see past his ' ego aggrandizement' and try and remember when ' yes I myself' believed Ascended Masters were coming to rescue ' chosen ones' ready for ascension ... oh yes those were the days a couple decades ago.

NOW ON TO COREY... there are some problems with ' stories he tells' He recently posted on his SBA page how he was desperate for money and when a lady said she read somewhere where he made 6 figures he aggressively denies this and ask her to produce proof of the liar that said that. I read that post on his page and posted a link to a video where he DOES SAY HE MADE A 6 FIGURE SALARY here is the link: go to point 13;50 he says he had a 6 figure job.

This is problematic but not something that cannot be explained. Corey might have a reasonable explanation for that statement on the video and the recent statement he has no money and is asking all of us to help him out. Maybe at one time long ago he did have that job if so HE CAN PRODUCE THE EVIDENCE of an IT JOB through pay stubs or tax returns that show at one time in the last 25 years he made a decent living. For some reason now he works in the Texas State Guard or use to .... there are MISSING PIECES TO THIS STORY that need clarification.... NOT necessarily crucifixion. If he was going though a lot of emotional stress and recovered memories... and mental problems ... he might not be in a situation to ' handle a high paying job' as those memories and dealing with them began to really overwhelm. HAS ANYONE EVER BEEN THOUGH ANY DARK NIGHT OR TRAUMA ? Well I certainly have and during those times you can barely get out of bed and you are like a ghost in your office trying to function.... WE need explanations for 'problematic statements' If we can get proof of HIS LIFE this is not even ' the alien off world stuff'' but PROOF of his EARTH LIFE... in the form of documents and eye witnesses that will testify that he ' did work for them' or he was going though medical issues under a doctor... all of this will back up his statements, and provide credibility.

SCAPEGOATING COREY-- LETS JUST PONDER THIS EACH OF US : Everything that is happening in our life is a reflection of our SUBCONSCIOUS PROGRAMS. Everyone goes through their day 95% of the time running on autopilot - running our subconscious programs. WE ARE ONLY 5% CONSCIOUSLY participating in our day to day life. This is scientific fact.... we run our day habitually unconscious.

SUBCONSCIOUS PROGRAM " SCAPEGOATING; Someone must be sacrificed to relieve the situation of stress, struggle, fear and tension. Scapegoating doesn't require truth or justice. It is the result of the COLLECTIVE PROJECTION OF GUILT. In these situations ' heads must roll' and a scapegoat is needed to be sacrificed. This person must undergo their fate in the way of the warrior....

Remember ALL of us have been scapegoated at one time or another, to judge ourselves immune or superior to it to ask for the situation to come into our own lives. The COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS is having a hard time believing all of Corey's story or doubting themselves and having so much inner fear of being humiliated and seen as a foolish for believing........ at some point the energy build up becomes unmanageable and a CHARGED REACTION occurs.

This is now what is happening with ALL of us and Corey.... The Scapegoat must undergo his fate with composure...while the COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS cleans their slate of negative judgments of SELF and OTHER SELFS . Allowing everyone to start over and release the past and begin again.

No one said ' growth and radically transformation of the UNCONSCIOUS MIND was going to be easy....

hotpot, posted on November 8, 2015

I have major concerns that Corey's narrative is taking a 'Drake-like' turn. Drake, with his claims of mass arrests which he made literally every two weeks, was adamant that they would occur, tech released, money magic system collapsed etc.

Then he started in with the story that the cabal wanted to negotiate. Basically, to not be held accountable for their crimes. This ridiculous turn of events ACTUALLY included Drake running an ONLINE POLL as to whether to allow clemency for these criminals.

And now the same narrative is happening. The cabal are allegedly pushing only for PARTIAL DISCLOSURE.

This road has been travelled before.

jhershierra, posted on November 8, 2015

I drifted into Drake a few years ago and listened for about a week and realized that the guy was not credible. I never knew what happened to him.... is he still on the air telling people there will be mass arrest? I felt inside myself there was something really wrong with that guy.

ON CURRENT EVENTS This is what I wrote on the SBA page : " The Chinese are not going to ' get the 100 year' option of being the world's currency or oil tagged to their currency either. That is not going to happen. We've got a lot of moral accounting to do for the things we have done but trading one problem for another problem will not be the solution. There is no reason to assume that things are going to change any time soon. BRICS is not strong enough to do anything against the US dollar right now. The downing of the Russian airplane was because they had not paid their employees for over 3 months, no inspectors or maintenance crews. There is no currency stronger than the US dollar. With over 3 million barrels of oil glutton on the market a day...oil price will be a while before recovering "

The Beings I WORK WITH do not operate in the fashion that Corey's SBA and Breakaway and Earth Base groups work... all of this drama either real or imagined just needs to be ' released' and everyone needs to let go of ' desires and outcomes' There are Very Advance Beings Watching Over this Planet and there are MANY WONDERFUL SOULS on this planet who really for their own karma do not even need to know all the darkness that comes from mens minds or ETs minds. THE LIGHT is happy living in their reality.....

THE LAW IS ALWAYS THIS: The Greatest Good for the Greatest Number.

If people are suffering and unhappy it is their own sub-conscious programs and beliefs that need to change. Change yourself and you change your world. If you want to be an advocate for the downtrodden WHO WANT HELP then sharing yourself to a real and needy group is the best way to satisfy your desires. Normal People Happy with their Religion and living by a good LIGHT Based belief and ethics... ARE NOT ASKING FOR OUR INTERFERENCE in their happy loving lives. Karma does not work that way.

The COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS is actually raising vibrations right now... a lot of light is pouring into our mass consciousness.... If this continues and the Lightworkers do their job of meditating, releasing all their own bad habits and purify their own consciousness... THE DARKNESS WILL IMPLODE ALL BY ITSELF. Darkness finally ALWAYS in the end.... consumes itself and the Light just continues to rise higher....

lourdesgraney, posted on November 7, 2015

Not sure what you find so confusing about his previous employment. He has specifically stated that he had a six figure income before being outed as a whistle blower. The situation he is currently in regarding employment is a very common one when people in any secret government program come forward with information.

jhershierra, posted on November 7, 2015

There is a problem as I said that there are two different statements... on his facebook page he got upset that ' someone said' he had a 6 figure high paying salary and he asked that lady and anyone else to provide 'evidence of the person saying that'. He is asking for money on his fb page and also on his website .... there is nothing wrong with that. He did not say in this video he had a 6 figure job before being outed, he said he had a 6 figure job he got after he was discharged from the SSP. Now he denies having any high paying job on his facebook page. The two stories just need clarification because he has publicly said in the video I provided that he had a 6 figure salary. THIS CAN BE PROVED... all he has to do is provide one photo copy of ONE pay check or one IRS payroll W2 blank out the SS number showing 100K yearly. This one thing would give Corey some credibility with his EARTH LIFE which will help back up his stories about his OFF WORLD life. If you find he is lying about his earth life... which can easily be proved or disproved... it will immediately discredit ALL of his stories. IF he will lie about his ' earth life , he will lie about everything else' hence... this is an easy way to prove his statement and lend credibility to his ' stories'.

When ' errors' or confusion exist... people can easily straighten it out.....

hotpot, posted on November 8, 2015

To be fair to Corey, the issue of the high paying salary appears to be a misunderstanding.

A person called Nancy Whitehead was claiming to have read that Corey CURRENTLY has a job with a security firm earning a six figure salary.

Corey then asked for the source of this claim.

I think basically that this Nancy misunderstood that Corey claimed that he USED to have a six figure salary with a security firm. The job was PAST TENSE.

That is my understanding of the incident anyway.

jhershierra, posted on November 8, 2015

What happened to that high paying salary? Somehow the story I guess took a very serious turn into poverty .... But you know there are a lot of entertainers now who are raising money in ' crowd funding' .... but I think for a large group to back him in giving money we would need either tangible evidence of some kind or some documented statements as to ' what happened' to his good paying job

hotpot, posted on November 8, 2015

I think that that is a reasonable request.

At the moment we have ABSOLUTELY nothing to verify that Corey is who he claims to be. Cosmically or terrestrially.

And I won't go over the souvenir argument again as it's plainly obvious that no tangible aspect of his claims are going to be produced.

davelimacher, posted on November 7, 2015

As I sit and listen to these episodes and the deviant nature of the negative forces, I can't help but forgive them.
Acting out in anger towards them serves nothing. Hopefully a peaceful public disclosure occurs and we can be on our way.
Sometimes I imagine what my life may have been like had I not ever found this information....

Just want to thank Jay, Corey, and David for bringing us this show. Really looking forward to more shows about the Blue Avians and their messages for us.

objectivetruthseeker, posted on November 6, 2015

hotpot, posted on November 7, 2015

This CW Chanter guy is very objective. I have long said that this kind of objectivity is missing around here.

It's a shame that many hardcore Corey fans will not give objectivity a chance because they DESPERATELY want to believe. I do too. But not at the expense of objectivity.

One thing that I think that this guy has got wrong however is that you MUST subscribe to Gaiam TV to see all the Disclosure episodes. Whilst TECHNICALLY correct, in all fairness, Corey has allowed transcripts of the information to be released. So I believe that this CW Chanter guy is wrong with that aspect even though he does actually get around to mentioning the transcripts.

So this is for all those who 'feel it in their heart'. Remain open to possibilities and do not allow yourselves to be brainwashed by something just because it is a different narrative to the narrative of the cabal and that it 'resonates' with you because it already fits in with your beliefs.

jhershierra, posted on November 7, 2015

and commented above on a new post

bito1, posted on November 6, 2015

Please tell us about China and its' role on this whole Cosmic disclosure? China is one of the ancient country with a lot of lyric and "history" about special power and gods. The Communist has murdered and kills million of Chinese these 100 years. What is China nowadays? Where they belong?

Jarjaxle09, posted on November 6, 2015

I need this available for download since streaming sucks where I live! PLEASE FIX

LyndaS3, posted on November 7, 2015

I agree! I have tried multiple times over these months to download to the "purple player." It NEVER works. Now that I see others having the same problem I believe that the issue is not my connection, nor my MacBook, nor my Safari, nor my Java, as I have been told by the Gaiam "help desk."

Tiggerlily5, posted on November 6, 2015

For all of you insisting on an instant and full data dump; have you stopped to think about what you are requesting?
There are FAR more people asleep than awake on this planet so if those that are asleep have their worlds torn apart they will naturally go into more fear and chaos! Just what the cabal feed and thrive off of. I almost wonder if it has been part of their sinister plot to manipulate us into believing in a free world only to shock the mass consciousness into their open arms? Even Corey said it's possible but he said they would not preach love and self empowerment ... However they must know that there is only a certain group who will follow this series and who are aware. Gaian is not mainstream and unfortunately the masses are more interested in their sports and beers and do not even entertain these thought. The cabal has to know this right? Anyone else had this feeling?

hotpot, posted on November 8, 2015

Good point you make that Gaiam is not mainstream.

Then why on Earth has it been chosen for disclosure? Exactly what purpose are we serving here? All of us here already believe that there is lots of Life out there. We already know that we have been constantly lied to and many of us already know much the material which Corey has covered. Are we achieving Disclosure here or are we merely having our existing paradigms confirmed by a specific narrative?

Are we really disclosing here? Because if we are, a remarkably low key medium has been chosen in which to do so. A medium whose audience are ALREADY awake.

objectivetruthseeker, posted on November 6, 2015

Just to clarify, I don't believe a word that comes out of Corey Goode's mouth. The Blue Avians don't even know who he is!

melimaus1323, posted on November 11, 2015

In fact the Blue Avians we are in contact with also paint a whole different picture although they say that they are aware of him. BUT, they also say that they did not motivate him in any manner to create this website or share any messages, so essentially they are not working together with him for the sake of an alleged "full disclosure" (<- by propagating an "upcoming full disclosure which is guaranteed to happen you keep individuals from doing own active disclosure since you make them believe that they need nothing to do except rising vibration and being in faith since disclosure is happening anyway.... classic delay-technique used also by certain channellings - IF YOU DO NOT DO OWN DISCLOSURE HOW SHALL DISCLOSURE THEN BE MIRRORED BACK INTO THE "OUTSIDE" WORLD ?! YOU ARE THE WORLD, IF YOU WANT DISCLOSURE ON A GLOBAL BASIS YOU HAVE TO DO OWN DISCLOSURE).

they do not buffer any energies and they did not build any barrier. this would violate the law of non-interference and free will. ANd many other things that suddenly bring you into realization that this here can be ignored since it is irrelevant and rather a (either knowingly or unknowingly - he being co-opted - deliberate) distraction.

Also it is propagated that it is not allowed or not sensible to share real pictures of the Avians. Why do have "private" individuals the possibility to make videos and pictures of them and their manifestations? These pictures are going to be released in a book. since this source is not going to show any real pictures of them you are going to see it "early enough" and you are not going to miss anything.

When you ask, why are there no pictures on the internet.. well there are, many have seen them already. but basically they have been, yet, only shared privately with those that also are matured enough to not share it publically either. More over the Avians we are in daily contact with (visually and energetically - there is a soul family and dimensional linkage, thus the contact now), say it should not be made public for now to avoid confusion especially in those that have created a fixated belief system about the Avians.

Since they are of very high frequency they are gravitating towards those vibrating at a similar oscillation, thus they know that they can show themselves and the one they show themselves to is aware enough to handle this material in a way that nobody gets hurt (for instance, someone could come here and offer a picture, no one would believe it and thus it would be violation of free will and certain adapted belief systems. therefore no one is going to post an album with hundreds of pictures on facebook for now, but this is going to change. And when you ask why does nobody share these pictures "here"... well if you have own contact with them and thus are aware of "what this here" truly is, then you are doing EVRYTHING BUT sharing pictures "here" this would be the last thing you would do.......

However, the Avians said there is going to be an event which makes it clear to those who have gained material of them/together with them that now pictures can be shared publically. Then you might get aware of it and be able to see it for yourself.

So be in for more suprises and shattering of adapted beliefs during the next year.

objectivetruthseeker, posted on November 11, 2015

So you have pictures right now that you're holding off on showing?

Andrew K, posted on November 7, 2015

How do you know that the Blue Avians don’t know Corey? Are you in contact with them?

Also, if you don't believe a word that comes out of Corey’s mouth, why do you believe in the Blue Avians?

hotpot, posted on November 8, 2015

I think the Blue Avians comment was merely a figure of speech to illustrate that the poster believes in sentient life out there but does not believe Corey's story.
He, like myself, is probably here for the same reason that we are ALL here. We WANT to believe. It is just that most take that desire to the extreme at the exclusion of all else.

Chandlersdad, posted on June 28, 2016

I am here for ENTERTAINMENT and to see if Corey and David cooked up a good story. So far I am very disappointed. This episode in particular was absurd. Nazi's on the moon in the 1940's? Idiotic. Yet there are people here who believe it? It figures. They no longer teach history in public schools so perhaps a lot of their adoring fans don't even know when World War 2 happened. I was hoping for a coherent story line, but it is just getting over-the-top. I am waiting for Corey to share with us the arrival in our solar system of the Daffians, being aliens that look like the Warner Brothers cartoon character DAFFY DUCK! They dress like Daffy Duck when he portrays Duck Dodgers of the 24 and one half century, but time travel back to our time because they like the reality TV shows! I don't know how much longer I will be sticking with this nonsense. I like science fiction a real lot, but this stuff isn't even good enough to publish as fiction.

LyndaS3, posted on November 6, 2015

I would be interested in hearing from Corey more about the "things you don't want to know about, " something he has alluded to a few times over the course of these interviews. I watched a documentary by Richard D. Hall on the issue of human mutilations (similar to the animal mutilations), which according to informers has been going on for many years and continues to go on, but like most everything related to ET activity is being covered up by those in charge. If we are ever going to know the truth, we need to be told the whole truth. Statements from Corey that there are some things that cannot be told only replicates what has been going on by these secret space programs for over 50+ years and diminishes his credibility.

This being said, the information presented thus far is important and fascinating, and I do appreciate Corey's bravery in bringing it to us. I look forward each week to every new episode.

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