Open Minds: When Healing Does not Work with Jerry Wills Video
When Healing Does not Work with Jerry Wills
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Open Minds: When Healing Does not Work with Jerry Wills (August 2015)

Season 5, Episode 40
Available worldwide

Jerry Wills explains how we can all tap into our own healing abilities and where to look for answers if such healings do not work. We have all heard tales of miraculous healings and marveled at the results. But we are also familiar with the stories of healings that did not take, or simply went awry. Jerry explains, that we may be quick to blame the ineptitude of the healer but we must realize that what results is always a consequence of each individual’s path. This interview with Regina Meredith was originally webcast August 25, 2015.

As a child, Jerry Wills was aware of energy and how it moved through all things. Like most children, he had to learn to keep his unique gifts to himself. That is until a near death experience in 1981 showed him how he was wasting his life and that he was being given a second chance. It took another 20 years for his abilities to be recognized and accepted. Now, people seek him out as he offers healing, classes, lectures and seeks to help others around the world.

Regina Meredith


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adrienne76, posted on September 22, 2016

What a pleasure to spend time with Jerry. I've been led to do healings and everything he said resonates with my own experience. So profoundly simple and powerful. Thank you!

sraes45, posted on September 3, 2016

Wow, Jerry really simplified healing from the heart. I have been so structured in my procedural protocols (Reiki, for example) ..... Thank you for reawakening my 'within' and trusting that my desire and compassion to heal will be sufficient

dretta-love-wisher, posted on November 13, 2015

Why can't healers heal amputees?

shnemesis, posted on October 2, 2015

Are you still doing healings and teaching? I tried to listen to your radio show but it was off the air. I know you are doing a band thing, I am in need of your service and help. I left you a message on your FB (JoAnne) and sent you an email to the address on your website. Waiting for your kind response.

AshmoreMY, posted on September 27, 2015

Beautiful interview with lots of truly great information. I love the purity of Jerry, Regina and the message too. Thank you.

JosefinBerger, posted on September 17, 2015

Thank you Jerry and Regina, I loved it! Best wishes Josefin

chelseyberendse, posted on September 4, 2015

So, I noticed part of the discussion covered minerals and possible deficiencies that might cause people to be sick. I have done a lot of research on this topic, and trust me, you do not want to make the mistake of supplementing blindly. Nutrient/mineral overloads can be just as big a problem as deficiencies, and so multivitamins could actually make some people worse. It is best to get properly tested before supplementing with minerals and have a good practitioner to work with to find out what your individual needs are (hair element testing can be helpful). There is no one size fits all. I found out that I have severe copper overload, which is often a common denominator in a number of mental illnesses as well as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia etc... See the work of Dr. William Walsh for more information on this topic (Nutrient Power: Heal your Biochemistry Heal your Brain). Those with copper overload are very often women, and will experience a worsening from taking any multi-vitamins that contain this mineral. Just want to share this because it is something a lot of people don't consider when going to the health food store or browsing the supplement aisle.

Elise van Hijfte, posted on September 3, 2015

Dear Regina, in the cafe at the end of the universe interview with Jerry you discussed the green drink for which Jerry had gotten some input from beings from ancient Greek/Roman times. You mentioned you would share the recipe with us viewers. When will you do this/ where can we find the recipe?

kheck, posted on September 2, 2015

Nice interview, What a beautiful soul Jerry is. Thanks for the info.

elizabethmtndancer, posted on September 2, 2015

I related to most of the things Jerry said about self healing, but I have a completely different point of view on reincarnation. It seems to me that he doesn't believe in karma, I say, call it want you want , but if you don't get what you came here for, like" next on the lesson list" , then you have to keep experiencing the same repetitive reflections of the same old story, until you personally have a break through . So is he saying as well that when lots of people die at once that's just an accident. What would be the point of coming here over and over again , if we never retained what we so painstakingly and joyously consciously worked for. For the Peace which fullfills the Heart. The reason why were here . If it weren't for my believe that Everything is meant to be , looking globally all the the pain and suffering would be for nothing . That's not my God.
Many Blessings of light Elizabeth

susan.ravagni, posted on September 1, 2015

You hear about those times a mom or dad lifts a car off their child or some other super-human feat? Well that happened for me when my son was in a coma from a drug overdose. In the emergency room he was posturing - which indicates severe brain injury and is associated with poor outcome - and no reaction to painful stimuli when examined by the neurologist. It looked like he was either going to die or be a vegetable.

Once they stabilized him and moved him to an inpatient room and relatives came and went, in a moment of desperation I decided that all my personal spiritual work was for naught if I didn't use it to heal my son. I prayed to the Infinite Creator, raised my left hand up to receive and my right hand was on my son's head. I sensed this peaceful glowing light come in and move through me into my boy. It circled around inside his head.

At that point nothing seemingly miraculous happened but slowly he recovered - first he could breathe without the ventilator, next he could stand, then take a few steps. Eventually he went to a rehab center for several weeks and was able to come home. Every physician and therapist who treated him remarked at how surprised and amazed they were in his recovery, how "lucky" he was. A year later he is at about 90% of where he was pre-injury.

Did I heal him? I don't know. I do think that he decided to come back. I do think that in my hour of need and desperation that I opened myself enough to be a conduit for some sort of energy to move through me.

thequestess, posted on December 11, 2015

A beautiful story. I'm so happy for your family :)

This reminds me of Angelic Reiki. The premise is that the Angelic realm, as well as the ascended masters, hold a great ability to heal. However, since they are in such a different frequency than we are, they would provide too much of a jolt if they were to try and heal us directly. So in Angelic Reiki, the practitioner acts as a conduit for the Angelic healing energy, and as a conduit, we sort of turn down the voltage a bit and make it something able to be received by the client.

It is a similar process. You ask for protection and then you ask for the healing angel or master to merge their energy with yours and send their healing energy through you and into the client. When I do it, I can feel the energy flowing down my arms and out my hands.

So, I absolutely think you were able to act as a conduit for some divine healing to be passed to your son. How beautiful and wonderful. :)

peacekeeper, posted on September 1, 2015

Dear Jerry-dude... Taking the mystique and 'specialness' out of your (loving) journey with respect to our fellow-humanity (and other beings) exemplifies a beautiful trend finding genuineness in spiritual endeavoring. Not only is the 'average' (untapped) seeker opened to encouragement with your sharing- but so too the individual who perhaps was deflated by your refusal to stand on a "Spiritual Healer" pedestal- where vicarious experience (and envy) was at the forefront of their own journeying.

Stepping out of the ego's limelight reveals the true, challenging path of those called to serve in this manner- and forces the sleepy aspirant to really scour the motivation tickling their interest. If not for notoriety in some fashion- or for 'spiritual' self-affirmation, then what remains? What would be the truth of pursuing a lifestyle whose results blow hot and cold yielding limited income? Another question might be: Am i really selfless enough to embark on a path with so much criticism, expectation and risk inherent in its pursuit? 'Dear Beloved, is this your... desire?'

Jerry, in removing this veil of God's 'special' agent... perhaps folks can now appreciate the humbleness involved in this type of service to the One who has given us breath. Keep singing your gentle song, dear brother, for we all grow in its resonance.

And to Regina: A deep hug to All that share your consciousness. Many blessings.

jonery, posted on August 31, 2015

Two words come to mind when "they" say "it doesn't work". ALLOW AND RELEASE

Klabacha, posted on August 30, 2015

I visited Jerry Wills for a healing as I was going to need eye surgery to see properly again. He charged me $300 cash and I had no effects at all. A week later I went back to tell him nothing happened and he did not offer another "healing" and also would not refund any of the money, even though I requested at least a partial refund. As far as I am concerned, I think he is a fraud.

sactowoman, posted on September 2, 2015

I'm sure he told you it may not work, right? If you went to any doctor and weren't cured, or even were harmed, would you get your money back? No. If you took your dog to the vet and it died, do you get a refund? No. Get real. He gave you his time and service and it wasn't what was working for you. Sounds like maybe you have other lessons.

chadcsp, posted on August 29, 2015

Jerry is PEACE... what a great interview! The power of the message is in the simplicity. Thank you Regina for another fantastic interview with Jerry. We love seeing Jerry and hope you will do more programs with him.

jasonjduke, posted on August 29, 2015

I very much like Jerry's no BS attitude towards healing and the concepts of karma. A kindred spirit. Maybe one day I will seek that assistance of Jerry in realizing all I am. But I have already come so far, can I go further? I know I can, but it all comes down to making the choice in continuing learning and growth.

When Regina cornered him into what supplements we could take, Jerry's answer of minerals was spot on! Every single mineral is required for the human crystal to fully function. If everyone consumed every mineral and had the attitude for spiritualism this world we be a far different place. Wow! What a terrific answer and suggestion. If we are missing one mineral the entire sacred geometric symphony hits an incoherent frequency. Take them all and let your light shine forth!

Sulfides, oxides, carbonates, lanthanides, silicates, oh and yes the single one that got mentioned of iodides. You both get a spanking for singling out a specific mineral after such a astounding response from Jerry. When there is more than 70 different specific required minerals for the human crystal to function, you mention one and the folks you wish to guide are going to miss out on 70 some more. Ah, but I withhold and forgive. Maybe you simply don't know how pivotally important they all are...for I too once thought it was trivial, so I have spanked myself more than enough.

Universal60640, posted on August 29, 2015

Dear Regina, could you share with us listeners the healing paragraph from Steven Ross? I would love to have it handy and use it when needed. Thank you for all that you share, Barbara

ellen8, posted on August 29, 2015

As usual, I am always delighted and intrigued with Regina's style of interview and her profound insight and knowledge of those she is interviewing. In this interview we all got to hear about Regina's own experiences with healing as well as Jerry's take on the whole subject. Thank you so much Regina for all the amazing interviews. My favorites include Jerry Wills and Lee Harris. They resonate a peaceful countenance that gives me hope. Thank You All for what you do! ellen

AmyRowe, posted on August 29, 2015

As usual, simple, uplifting and encouraging words from Jerry. His words have such a pure, kind simplicity.

2quick8, posted on August 29, 2015

It seems it is up to this other part of our total Self that we call the Soul or Higher Self, whether or not there is a Healing. It is the same part of the Self that decides when we die and other such important decisions. Sadly, we are told that we are powerful Creators and control our own lives and create them, but this really only refers to the part that to many or most of us is unknown and seemingly separate from the person or personality that we think or know ourself to be. So then, we can pay a lot of money to a healer who has healed many other Ones, but the healing may not take place if this other part of us does not wish or want a healing at this time. I have not yet watched all of this video but I hope he mentions this fact and truth about healings.

cgsaddle, posted on August 28, 2015

I appreciate all that Jerry shares and emanates. He is right when he says that we all have the capacity to heal if we would only know that. I love the peacefulness that he emanates, and the lack of ego. He feels so...familiar some how...

And Regina - I have been waiting for someone to interview YOU! Is there anyone up to the task? You have so much to share. GaiamTv please find an interviewer with the knowledge base to adequately and thoroughly interview Regina. She is a fountain of information in her own right, and an author as well. Perhaps a miniseries would be more appropriate.

Bev12, posted on August 28, 2015

Thank you Jerry! Thank you Regina!

jamiecolombo, posted on August 28, 2015

The peace that radiates from this man is just wonderful! He states that this healing is a "state of being" that is isn't unique to just him Everyone of us possess it. He has just learned how to effectively tap into it. This I believe is true. Even those of us that have been learning healing techniques....sometimes I think we get wrapped up in the technique itself. When going through the motions it is easy to forget to get yourself in that proper state of being the he mentions. In his interviews also he states that you have to merge and flow with energy to be successful. This is something to work on too. It is so tempting to try and force or will the energy when you so desperately want a healing to happen. Also he mentions the simple fact of just believing. This one I think is the most challenging, but there sure is such a big difference of outcome when your deeply, truly believe. Hearing all of these simple, but powerful messages from Jerry gave me quite the needed boost in my own abilities as I am sure it did quite a few others watching as well. Thank you Regina and Jerry!

I am a level II Reiki healer as well as a hypnotist. For any others out there that are trying to tap into their healing potentials I would like to quickly share what has boosted my abilities and help me get to that "state of being" the past couple of years. This type of living may not work for everyone, but it so drastically helped me. I stopped watching TV and only watch a few shows that are educational or inspirational. I mostly now only listen to instrumental music, nothing with words. Most importantly I totally stopped doing social media such as facebook. My homepage on the internet is no longer news, but instead a page with articles on technology, health, and creative inspiration out in the world. I stopped "taking in" so much junk from the world and focused on what simple qualities I could send out into the world. These changes did not cost me a dime, nor did they take up any time. The quality of my life and abilities since the changes is amazing! Best wishes to you all!

borsello.lmt, posted on August 28, 2015

I totally agree with your comments on turning off the TV & keeping some calming music going for background - or just plain silence. I do massage & love that there is so little stress in my life. I listen to soothing music for most of the day, stretch & work muscles, get to put my hands on people in a loving way, after allowing them to vent a little bit about their "problems." This, with the marvelous intention of helping the body to let it all go & resume in a healthier state puts me into a great zone. The relaxation on both sides is remarkable.

Facebook simply confused me. My input is very limited, tho varied in content as I follow several blogs online & write in my spare time. Journaling helps me release a lot that might otherwise creep into me & nest into a problem. Here's a perfect example of being in tune: tonight I was feeling down & reacting to sad emotions flowing thru. As I sat on my deck writing a sad lament, a hummingbird thrummed its way right in front of me - maybe two feet out & just hung there, observing me. Then it flew to my patio door, looked at its own reflection & zipped off. What a way of being told to just take another look!

Thank you for your posting. I think emanating the kind of calm Jerry manifests is, in & of itself, very healing. First up is to provide the SPACE to be safe about caring for yourself & then give it that boost of intentional touch.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on August 28, 2015

We at Gaiam TV appreciate your comments on the interview.


CBax, posted on August 28, 2015

Good interview

bvb10, posted on August 27, 2015

Love it. Great advice, Great stories.
Love you Regina.

eesa, posted on August 27, 2015

LOVED this. And love hearing the stories all around the comments and emails and all the behind the scenes sneak peeks.
But so much more than this, the disarming nature of this interview is priceless. You two. So just let it fly. Good on ya.
God said, 'one day some folk will just talk about how they know me, in themselves - and others will start to 'get it' - ;)
You two do that

did I say?

Poopsy, posted on August 26, 2015

Thank you Regina for bringing Jerry back. It made me go back and rewatch the previous two interviews. There's an amazing peace and calm emanating from this man. He heals by his presence. In going back to the two previous episodes, you had promised to get the ingredients for the green drink from Kathy. What happened? I'm sure a lot of people want to make that drink!

You have exposed me to so many incredible teachers, healers, philosophers, mystics, etc...As of now Jerry is on top of my list!

karina, posted on August 26, 2015

Thank you, for being so grounded and humble. Great example of how to just be.

Freespirit77, posted on August 26, 2015

There are beings on this planet - whether human or other - who heal other consciousnesses just by their sheer presence. Jerry is one of them. The high frequency energy that emanates from you is amazing, Jerry......let alone the wisdom you share.
I work with people as a holistic Quantum Living Practitioner - a coach, intuitive counsellor, energy healer and teacher all in one. I can certainly learn a lot from you.
Thank you for coming to planet Earth to help us. Thank you for coming to this wonderful lightworkers show called Gaiam TV.

Shyann1, posted on August 26, 2015

This is an excellent interview !! I appreciate how Jerry explains the healing process. The fact that he is honest with
people , saying, "I will TRY" and that is all he can do,..cause God does the healing, while Jerry is the conduit. He knows exactly what
he is doing. I admire his honesty. I am unfortunately one of those 6th that are unable to heal. But my journey through long
suffering has taught me so much about myself and others. I have to ask God for help, grace, strength...everything. I know that
God has been taking good care of me, no matter what. I feel that my spirit has been healed, and my knowledge has expanded.
It brought me closer to God, more in total alignment. I was a student...learning spirituality. Now I am a master :) Namaste ~ TY Regina

kjpelletier, posted on August 26, 2015

There is something about Jerry that every time I see him on your show I just want to hug him. It must be his aura. Never experienced this before.

sweet_alarmclock0214, posted on August 26, 2015

First of all, I LOOOOOOVE listening to Jerry Wills's interview. He is radiating with beautiful energy and I highly recommend anyone to listen to his wisdom. And also, I LOOOOOOVE you Regina. I have listened to all sorts of interviews in my life, but the way you interview people is ideal for me. Smooth talking, respect the person, hit the point interview. Thank you so much for bringing us those great interviews!
I have been working as a Natural therapist. I use QHHT (quantum healing hypnosis therapy) particularly to help people. When it comes to the result from their session, there was always the big question... "why this person is healed but not that person?". Jerry's message was exactly I believed in.... and it assure me that I am doing whatever I supposed to..... I shared this interview with people who is doing QHHT or other healing method to help people. :) Once again, Thank you soooo much for doing this interview. LOVE, LIGHT and HARMONY, Chiho

dretta-love-wisher, posted on August 26, 2015

Why don't faith healers ever heal papaplegics or amputees?

marystavrou, posted on August 26, 2015

A group of us here in Ottawa, had the great pleasure of Kathy and Jerry's a group we did his three on-line workshops before his arrival mid August. We had a wide variety of highly educated individuals enthusiastically involved. We had some pretty profound experiences as a result of combining and directing our energy as a group not to mention the healing sessions many of us received from Jerry. We continue to work together virtually to combine our energy and focus on healing those who request help. We stay focused on 30+ hours of Jerry's instruction. We are all healers. We are so grateful to Jerry and Kathy for their visit and presence in the world and in our lives.

theadorie, posted on August 26, 2015

The way I see it –Healing at the soul level of consciousness for all entities involved (seeking help and giving help) always works, even if curing of the physical malady does not. In my opinion the most vital statement Jerry made is – “Your state of Being makes the difference.” With heartfelt gratitude to you both, Regina and Jerry, for this wonderful uplifting guidance!

ZackLMiles, posted on August 26, 2015

This one show just answered so many questions for me it was almost shocking. I've been studying all the healing arts for about 5 years and I feel I gained more in that hour than I have in all 5 years of this focus. The video is so wonderful it almost felt like it was made just for me it felt so personal. Just saying how grateful I am in words doesn't seem good enough. But my heart melts with feelings of love for you both for sharing your time with us all like this. I pray you feel it! I really love you both. Thank you.

josh5, posted on August 25, 2015

Thanks for the great interview :)

muchkneaded, posted on August 25, 2015

Thank you, Regina, for inviting Jerry Wills back. I was pleasantly surprised to see that he was being interviewed once again by you. About 3 months ago I drove for 7 1/2 hours from Tallahassee to Delray Beach to attend a presentation by Jerry. I had no idea what he was going to do or say, I just wanted to be in the same room with him. I was not disappointed. It turns out he was offering healing to anyone who showed up. I waited patiently for 3 1/2 hours for everyone "in pain" to go before me (I wasn't in any pain - I just had a rash on one leg for a couple years and I didn't know why).

He placed his hands on my liver and, within a few seconds, said, "This doesn't have any meaning to me, but maybe it does to you: The words I'm hearing are 'bug spray'". In May of last year AND this year, I had too many cockroaches in my kitchen, so I sprayed bug spray along the back of my countertops, down the side of the counter and along the baseboard behind the refrigerator. I kept my windows and patio door open for ventilation nearly 24/7 for months. Apparently, the unnoticeable fumes had an adverse effect on my system, overloading my liver. The rash first appeared 2 years ago in June. He suggested a couple of things to do to detoxify my liver. The rash has steadily decreased in size and the itching has stopped. But, this is not what this post is about. :)

You immediately piqued my curiosity about the paragraph you received from Steven Ross about how to help others heal, and its immediate, positive effect on your friend who was having a stroke. I've been helping others heal since 1968, and I've seen some remarkable (some say "miraculous") results. I'm getting tired (and poorer) from spending LOTS of money learning different healing modalities, and driving 7 1/2 hours or more hoping to learn something "new", some of which work for me and many that did not.

Jerry made it clear that we don't need to "learn" to be healers, we ARE healers. We just need to KNOW that. However, at 67 years old, I understand that I'm simply a facilitator for healing energy to come through me. For that, I'm grateful. However, I sure would appreciate the opportunity to READ that simple paragraph from Steven Ross while I focus more attention on my innate healing abilities. I'm ready to stop depleting my income and allow the healer within me to fully manifest. Blessings to you, Jerry and Kathy for sharing this information with those who are ready to hear it. Be in peace.

marniebelle73, posted on August 25, 2015

Another excellent interview with Jerry! Thank you for bringing him back Regina you always guide great conversations with incredible content that uplifts and elevates and Jerry Wills is a beautiful soul/healer with deep insights. When healing does not work is a fascinating subject because regardless of whether it works or not, healing is a learning process.

egedblad, posted on August 25, 2015

I love this man Jerry Wills. You truly are my brother! Thank you Regina for bringing Jerry back.

Bsav2289, posted on August 25, 2015

Great topic to cover. Thanks for this interview. I feel this dialogue conveyed great insight & feel stronger integrated & confident in the identity as a healer. Priceless is the ability to have the will of God work through me. Thank you for the fine tuning tips!

Much love.

Puptart, posted on August 25, 2015

Excellent interview, Regina & Jerry! Thank you both! I feel so peaceful and calm after listening to the 50+ minutes! You both have such soothing voices and presence.

Smithfam1234, posted on August 25, 2015

Hello Regina! I just want to say that I have watch all of your interviews here and how much I enjoy your work! The amount of knowledge that you have is insurmountable. Every interview you share more about your own abilities. I hope one day that your interviews are available everywhere. I myself do interviews, but you my friend are the best! Your loving energy, your true acceptance to your life's purpose and purity come out in EVERY interview. Very blessed to have you in my life via your show! Please keep it coming. The people that you have are a wonderful asset for me. I have purchased many people's books and material because of the show! Hoping someday that you will have your own book!

zenventurous, posted on August 27, 2015

Regina does have her own book, it's called "Soulo Journey: Life from the Soul's Perspective" :)

sactowoman, posted on August 25, 2015

You have changed my life and helped me decide where I am going. Blessings!

mnb34, posted on September 16, 2016


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