Where's My Nadi? Video
Where's My Nadi?

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Where's My Nadi? (2008)

Only available in Canada, United States

In this companion feature to Asha Goes to India, Asha Truss is in search of her Nadi astrology leaf. Legend says that there is a palm leaf in India with her entire life written on it – past, present and future. These Nadi leaves were written thousands of years ago by Indian sages and are gathered in various libraries throughout India. Asha searched diligently for her leaf all over India and was surprised by what she found!

Navin Kulshreshtha

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ust_peace, posted on November 23, 2014

not useful information from any angle, Waste of 15 minutes of my life.

jbrockc, posted on May 12, 2014

She waits until the very end to become skeptical?

rkt, posted on April 6, 2013

Astrology meets skepticism, through the eyes of an 'every person'. What is my destiny? The answer isn't the point. Captivating short. :)

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