Beyond Belief: Who is Killing Holistic Healers? with Erin Elizabeth Video
Who is Killing Holistic Healers? with Erin Elizabeth
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Beyond Belief: Who is Killing Holistic Healers? with Erin Elizabeth (December 2015)

Season 4, Episode 61
Available worldwide

Erin Elizabeth discusses the terrifying proposition that holistic healers are being purposefully targeted for assassination. Over the past several months reports of notable alternative healers meeting untimely and mysterious deaths have dotted the headlines. One may assume that these are simply random acts of violence perpetrated against hapless victims. But a deeper examination of the details reveals that these cases may indeed share a common thread. This interview with George Noory was originally webcast December 2, 2015.

As a long time “health nut,” author and public speaker, Erin Elizabeth has had a passion for the healing arts for nearly 25 years. In her teens she started working for a green non-profit organization. Later, she trained with Bikram (of Bikram Yoga) while living in Los Angeles, but gave up the hot classes for Pilates which she’s been doing now for 20 years. She is also an author, raw foods chef, and investigative journalist.

George Noory
Erin Elizabeth


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vvurdsmyth, posted on April 14, 2016

Doctors who think they may be in danger might think of having someone else with them at all times. That may be difficult, but it they can work out the logistics it could save their life.

katwomantxstyle73, posted on March 26, 2016

I agree.... continuing to spread the work, the teachings, and talking about helps to spread the Light into what's happening.... I have got to admit..I didn't know about holistic healers being "killed" (not that I doubt it... but) I just hadn't heard about it....BUT THEN AGAIN, why would i? How would I? unless somehow you're in the "know" getting to catch this interview is a great way to BE IN THE KNOW and make conscious decisions on what to do, how to go about it, and just simply to be in the knowing of holding that space and still getting out there and doing our thing!
i really enjoyed the sharing that has taken place within this interview, I thought it was exceptionally well shared and I also am grateful for getting introduced to Erin Elizabeth through this interview because I have found my way to her Facebook page and website and feel like I have been opened up to even more --being in the KNOW even more with choosing to keep on receiving updates as they come in the form they shall be. yay!
thank you both for a great insightful and telling interview! :D

thequestess, posted on December 11, 2015

This is why holistic healers need to be teaching and spreading their methods and information on to others (if it's too complex to teach to laymen, please write papers and publish them everywhere, especially on the internet). It will be pretty suspicious if thousands and thousands start turning up dead. Plus, then we can all help each other to heal. If they're truly healers, they won't care that they aren't making an extra buck if they're passing on the ability to heal the world.

mclippert, posted on December 9, 2015

This is why I don't practice as a Holistic Practitioner, I will help people in private.

Autism, Cancer and Autoimmune aren't difficult to treat and solve or reverse. I can't use the word "cure" but you get the idea.

Money is black magic.

fatboy1, posted on December 7, 2015

I thought you did a fine job , George. Keep doing what ya's doing.

torunafter21, posted on December 7, 2015

Great interview George, thanks for covering this topic. It's very disheartening to see these established health professionals get whacked, especially since they have made such huge strides in breaking free of the AMA's fascist control of our perception of health and well-being. Spreading awareness is a must to stop the murders, and to stop the murders of the millions of victims of the AMA and pharmaceutical industries that poison us everyday.

WaldorfmamaLJA, posted on December 6, 2015

this interview was very disturbing and concerning. I rarely watch this host and his series for that fact that I don't like his interviewing style .
Im not sure why GAIA gives this host so much air time ?

to Objectivetruthseeker
are you serious about Dr OZ? he is a joke !

divadass, posted on December 6, 2015

i agree with Denmar2. Some of George's comments seem to want to go in the direction of sensationalism (is macabreism a word?). I agree some of these comments are childish, and muddy the intent of the person being interviewed. For this reason i haven't checked in with this series until now. It was the subject matter that drew me here.

guac77, posted on December 5, 2015

Killing doctors or anyone is terrible, I think it's got to be the Illuminati, they own the pharmaceutical companies.

catherinejsidoti, posted on December 5, 2015

I wonder if they can continue this talk and discuss each doctor one by one instead of just tidbits of a few. Mitchell Gaynor here in New York at Memorial Sloan Kettering used sound healing and he was also discovered dead by apparent suicide, this is impossible from the many sound healers who knew him well. While some may think it is conspiracy theory it is really big Pharma and the government cabal's way to curtail the population and instead of creating better solutions they simply want to get people to stop reproducing to curtail the population. When you really think about this is the government and big pharma acting any differently than the terrorists who blow people up??? Something to think about indeed.

denmar2, posted on December 3, 2015

It seems George kept leading Erin off track with his sensationalized (and sometimes childish) comments and by bringing in Morgellons, (which, by the way, has pretty much been attributed to chemtrails) and necrotizing fascitis. By watching this, I was hoping to learn more about these doctors--- their personal lives, their contributions, their professional lives. It would also have been interesting to learn of any history of harassment toward these individuals. I hate to say this but the journalist didn't seem to know any more than the average citizen. I came away from this having learned nothing new. Seems the intent of this interview was to bring out as much fear from the viewer as possible.

elizabethmtndancer, posted on December 3, 2015

George, I'm not sure you're helping the Holistic World ,
Let's support and help this situation, not scare everyone to death., It's better to tell the Truth and have people like this on ;to be informed, that will increase ratings, not scare tactics.

mariearmstrong, posted on December 3, 2015

Holy Crap! Another witch hunt. In this day and age!

bbcnorin, posted on December 2, 2015

Here is some more info regarding holistic doctors:

Satsy, posted on December 2, 2015

Healers should be in close touch with their angels, spiritual guides to protect themselves instead of worrying from watching this.

objectivetruthseeker, posted on December 2, 2015

I wonder when they'll get to Dr. Oz?

denmar2, posted on December 18, 2015

"They" will never go after Dr. Oz; he is pro vaccine. He works for them.

GEDEON20121, posted on December 2, 2015

hello I am interested in natural health and I appreciate what you are doing for us. Thank You.

TLE56, posted on December 2, 2015

Could the "Cabal" be responsible for many of their deaths and disappearances? I wonder too if other types of healers are being found in similar situations.

andre59, posted on December 8, 2015

This is classic of their style. They have acted like this for god knows how long.
David Wilcock has this explained on his last post at, where he lists several suspicious deaths related to criminal banking issues.
This holistic doctor hunt has been going down for quite some time and in different countries as well.

juliecocks82, posted on December 2, 2015

Please put this on youtube.....ppl need to know about this. :(

darsiramirez, posted on December 2, 2015

RIP Jeff Harvey.

winalot, posted on December 2, 2015

Yes, very sad about the passing of Jeff Harvey. He was doing some amazing things with water, creating a healing h20 selling it to the public. The day after he died, I checked out his website for any info and it appeared to of been hacked: It was now in Japanese language, and still is today. His site explained the technology he invented to create healing water to drink. I never tried it as it was very expensive to purchase. Yet, he couldn't make it fast enough as many customers wanted to buy it creating a back log of orders. It looks like someone or some group didn't want his h2o technology being out there for the public to learn about. Very sad that no one is talking about this and asking questions about his death.

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