Expecting a Child: A Whole New Life Video
A Whole New Life

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Expecting a Child: A Whole New Life (1999)

Episode 13
Only available in United States

It is a brand new version of normal, as a family life sets in for Stephan and Syvie. After two months they finally find a comfortable routine. A nurse has come to check in and see how things are progressing and explains the first steps of adapting to the new life. Post partum depression can take place anytime in the first year and is treatable. Most important to remember, is the woman is more than just a mother; she has a life beyond the baby as well. We meet with an infant massage instructor who explains the importance and how-to of baby massage. La Leche League representatives and members talk about the benefits of breast feeding.

Catherine Colvey
Maurice Andre Aubin


The Beginning Video
Episode 1 The Beginning
The Beginning (1999)
Episode 1
, 24 minutes
In this opening episode we get an overview of pregnancy and inception. A plethora of topics are covered from the basics of fertilization to the stages of fetal development.
Only available in United States
Here We Go Again Video
Episode 2 Here We Go Again
Here We Go Again (1999)
Episode 2
, 23 minutes
It is becoming more commonplace for couples to delay the start of a family. In this episode, we hear the stories and concerns of two mothers, on becoming new mothers, for a second time.
Only available in United States
Living for Two Video
Episode 3 Living for Two
Living for Two (1999)
Episode 3
, 24 minutes
We continue following the story of the two Johannes and the changes in their lives. The embryos are developing and drawing vital resources to fuel its growth. This is why they must think, eat, and in fact, live for two.
Only available in United States
The Teacher is Having a Baby Video
Episode 4 The Teacher is Having a Baby
The Teacher is Having a Baby (1999)
Episode 4
, 23 minutes
27 year old Julie Gregoire is a teacher and has been smooth sailing through her pregnancy. We get a glimpse into Julie’s life as a teacher before we meet her husband and mother to learn of their joys and concerns.
Only available in United States

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