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William Tompkins Bio
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Cosmic Disclosure: William Tompkins Bio (July 2016)

Season 5, Episode 11
Available worldwide

As a teenager, William Tompkins’s keen eye for detail nearly landed him in hot water with the Navy as his models of Navy ships included specifications which were classified. However, the Navy took interest in his capabilities and recruited him into their Intelligence programs to work on advanced technology projects. After the Navy, Tompkins worked within highly classified think tanks designing advanced weapons for aerospace companies, including North American Aviation, Northrop and Douglas Aircraft Company. He even assisted with the Saturn and Apollo Space Programs for NASA.

For more about Tompkins's work and how it shaped the SSP, click here

He is coming forward, now, to reveal that his many years with clandestine programs included much more than designing conventional technology. With naval intelligence he also evaluated the plausibility of extraterrestrial threats from known civilizations. During his time with the aerospace think tanks, he was instrumental in the design of space-faring vehicles for the Navy. All the while, he had the assistance from Nordic-type aliens who helped to guide the design process.

This is only the beginning of the details Tompkins is coming forward to present. His work alongside Navy top brass gave him an inside view of pivotal events which many of us can only speculate upon.

Subtitles available in English, Deutsche, Português, 中文, Русский, and Español.

David Wilcock
William Tompkins


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paulpaige1955, posted on August 12, 2016

Hi Corey. Mr. Tompkins talked about taking 4 pills a day for 6 months, now, he called them Aspirin... I take it they are not really Aspirin ?
Also There have been rumors for years that Maria disappeared along with the bell, do we know what happened to her?, and was it the same bell that landed in Keksberg. I saw it go over Ontario Canada when I was a kid.
Corey is there any way you can get pictures of the Avians, or some of the stuff you are talking about, or is that Taboo. Thanks. Great show. Paul.

Jagdad81, posted on August 8, 2016

For at least a month now I am unable to watch any videos onmy phone I'm logged in and everything but as soon as I go to play any video it either just keeps loading or says my phone is not compatible but iv been using it for six months please help #how about an android app please

indianmedicine2002, posted on August 4, 2016

The validation of what has been previously presented in Cosmic Disclosure with sound foundation of the Secret Space Program; adds to the Credibility of Mr. Goode and Mr. Wilcock. The Question of The United States Government with holding information from not only the Citizens of this Nation - but from Other Government Bodies that " By Law " should have access to the information to enhance their own Work Production and End User needs. The Style and Methods that Government Public Information Presenters use to conceal, delay, or deny that the Subject Exists is " insulting " to the reasonable person that has an above average I. Q. The revelations by Mr. Tompkins cobberates the Work that has been done on Cosmic Disclosure & its credibility to the audience. Thank you Mr. Goode & Mr. Wilcock for the work and contributions you have made for penetrating The Government Smoke & Mirrors.

Maidenhair, posted on July 31, 2016

Wow Look Out! Totally believing exactly as been told David and Corey whom we have never ever felt he was not giving up the up and up
unfortunately that's the way the world is today and hopefully is going to change in this new Mil-ilium with our Veil lifting from us It's time for us to awaken <> Back in 43 being a War baby Mother working in the shipyards and nothing but Army/Navy stationed in and around many see and hear and know things as a young very aware child growing up.. MY belief also that the German's were dealing with the Alien's to get information in skill their entire Superiors to have over the USA..When Area 51 was captured right from the get go many of us Knew Better..
So documentation is coming full circle we will prevail all things an it's on the Rise to awaken our entire Global existence whom many David & Corey as your selves being Empaths know this..
Corey & David you both have brought so much to this Round Table on Gaia and I may miss the first days shooting but never will I miss out on any sequence to your SSP logic thank you <>()<>

dmoneness, posted on July 31, 2016

Cory n David for your persistence trust and belief in what your doing and making sure we hear about it
Am spreading the word. It is time for humanity to bring on the shift. Blessings!

bokiboy, posted on July 31, 2016

Best episode so far..i agree that this should be for free .public needs to know the truth. Peace and love to all.thanks to DW,CG,THOMPKINS

longlifeenergy, posted on July 30, 2016

So are the drawings of the space ships the actual ones he designed and made for the government? And were they flown? And if so, where did they fly to? Only in earth's atmosphere? Or beyond?

Dr. Dave 4D, posted on July 31, 2016

LONGLIFEENERGY: Great question! It stems from a format change we witnessed in this week's two episodes. In prior episodes the information is presented as if building credibility at the expense of presenting a visually stimulating show. In prior episodes there were few visuals outside of the interview, which allowed us to see Corey as he talked to examine his body language. When visuals are presented in prior episodes they are explained: we are told if it is presented as the real thing or an artist's rendering. In this week's episodes they have almost created short films. Rather than seeing the speaker, we see a flow of visuals that match what the speaker is saying and are done in a way that causes confusion--such as whether the ship drawings shown were the actual drawings.

We can deduce many of them are not and were done to look like what the drawings may have looked like. For instance, one of the drawings presented is small rectangular paper with fuzzies at the top. We know that came from the type of small notebook with wire rings at the top that did not exist in the 30's and 40's. Wire would have been precious at that time, not used on notebooks. So we know the drawings are not authentic and confusing. Same story with the "Navy memos". And the stock footage of Nazi's and other military craft. Etc. etc.

The question I have is why the format shift? Is the focus on presenting this information as evidence to be put to skeptical assessment or os the focus on making it entertaining, complete with the use of visuals that include artist's rendering presented without explanations and in a way so they appear to be authentic? Only Gaia knows.

SuzanneB@gaia, or anybody from Gaia, can you help us understand the unexplained change of format? Thank you.

In friendship,

David Bush

ventia8, posted on July 29, 2016

Have been following his interviews and his amazing early talent plus his still being alive is no accident.

However, the loss of Max Spiers within the disclosure community is huge! (and no accident either)
I have never come across someone who knows more about galactic multi dimensional history, as well as how the dark ones worked it all than Max ... plus his ability to be so stunningly articulate was a great blessings for those interested to hear.

For those interested his last 3 interviews with a interviewer in Poland are below links. However, be warned his last one shows him dying while interviewer obviously being controlled insists on Max spilling the beans on very specific topics ... which to me, it seemed I was watching a Satanic death by fire on inner planes.

First interview

Second interview

Last interview

Many more interviews with Max
via Miles Johnson of The Basis Project in UK

paigerogers45, posted on July 31, 2016

If anyone sees this, and is going to watch those, I think it would be smart for many of us to screen record the interviews, as they are youtube and will likely be deleted, the more that record the interview the better. You can use apps like Many Cam to record videos you watch.

paigerogers45, posted on July 31, 2016

Thank you for sharing!

goldbaxter456, posted on July 29, 2016

I think this was a very interesting episode! Cant wait to hear more :)

DK767676, posted on July 29, 2016

I wondered if Mr. Thompkins or Corey can enlighten us about the Black Knight Satellite? They obviously have better sources than anyone else.
Thank you.

Josepharato, posted on July 28, 2016

we want Aliens !!!

alenkadionne, posted on July 29, 2016

You think this was a waste time? We should dismiss all the brilliant minds on Earth! Where would we be today without them Let's see; No telephone, no electricity, no computers and many more things we take for granted. You my friend would be totally in the dark. I'm sorry you feel this way, for the rest of us - all information is helpful in formulating an educated opinion. I like the outer space stuff too and learn about a history that have been kept from us over thousands of years. Maybe you would change you mind about what Cory and David is trying to do and keep us closer to DISCLOSURE. And please don't take offence to this, you are here to learn. Thank you for listening. Alenka

manprayer, posted on July 28, 2016

I think it's time for disclosure.....full and complete.

pijke61, posted on July 28, 2016

It would be awesome if you guys would publish this episode and the other one with Tompkins free for everybody to see. Get it out. The story is too hard to believe for outsiders and nobody is going to pay to get in on it. The mental tresholds are too high. In my circles I am still the ufo-nut, because people are to lazy and closeminded to do a little research, so I stopped talking about it to be able to have a life. Get it on the news. Maybe this will draw in more subscribers to Gaia. I know a lot of it already came out on Rense radio and through Sala, but we need mass to push it beyond the limits of the curious people.

My compliments for all the efforts and the quality of the videos.

pierob, posted on July 28, 2016

who can take the pills US or just the cabal ??? did anybody of the secret space programm take the pills ??? Hitler ??? Nazi Germany ??? Why dose Mr. Topkins know about the pills of revers aging and he himself is 94 years old and still looking like a old man...???? Why did he not take the pills ??? Is it possible to ask this kind of Questions to MR.Topkins...??? Because these are logical would be nice having more information about this...its a very important topic and information so please is it possible have more information about it.

sjcycle, posted on July 27, 2016

I'm wondering if William somehow came to the conclusion after watching Corey's testimony that his designs "must" have been used in Solar Warden, or if "Solar Warden" was actually discussed in the think tank. It seemed kind of just thrown in at the end. Would appreciate any insight into this question in a future episode.

marilynmar88, posted on July 27, 2016

He seems like a nice guy and he has an amazing story.

Colescottpa, posted on July 27, 2016

I have seen and heard him speak before but it is great to see the final cooperation of Corey Goode testimony! I have tried to discuss these topics with friends while playing golf today and mentioning the anniversary 1 years summary and this upcoming verification! Most people are still so closed minded that they can't consider that we have bases on the moon and mars never mind that Hitler had an alliance with reptilian aliens! I personally believe that aluminum and fluoride and vaccination have along with tv and media and advertisements( and subliminal messages ) have most of humanity brain washed and hung out to dry! Independent thought almost does not exist! I am not sure that a data dump will be excepted! I would. Be interested to know what percentage of the populace watches and believes Gaia TV and Corey Goodes disclosure even with Tompkins verification! the stockholmd sundrum may be at play here where we are infatuated with our abductors/for sure the secret societies and the cabal politicians like Clinton's and bush and Cheney and upper level free masons already are!

maia, posted on July 29, 2016

sad but the ind controlling and dulling of population seems to me a big problem. As the denial confronted with such a major reality change is quite common. People will be upset. If at all interestd in this kind of informaton. When I look at all the people just interested in nonence and consumation in all the tempttation from mainstream media and music...
Anzway Tompkins sounds interesting, zet I too onder whwt elite will get that life enhancing, young making stuff. I d like to ask tompkins more about that specific topic!
Somehow i d like to be and feel 29 again! And on the other hand, must be sad to survive a lot of friends as it is even with our normal lfespan often the case! people would wonder, and i think it would be somehow difficult to live in the stil aging crowd. So that its probably only planned for individuals in special missions, so that tose individuals could be used for their talents, and probably / I could imagen woud have even too some mindcontrol builded into their szstem, so that the soo much older slave doesnt come to some own ideas, other for what hes supposed to work on.... so maybe it comes to the same as all the attemps of the transhumanismideas..?

Speak2TheStars, posted on July 27, 2016

Wow! Tompkins has an extraordinary history and career! I was blown away by his ability to build those models at such a young age with no training and the synchronicity by which his career unfolded. So honored to get the opportunity to hear and absorb his incredible story.

matt12, posted on July 27, 2016

But not even 15 minutes long...

Paige.K@GAIA, posted on July 27, 2016

Hi Matt12,

Thank you for taking the time to write to us! This is just the bio for William Tompkins.

You can find the full length Cosmic Disclosure episode here:



BROWNEYEDGIRLX63, posted on July 27, 2016

best episode yet!!!!! thank you for sharing!!!!!!! I LOVE GAIA!!!

johnballouart, posted on July 27, 2016

I have been following this material for 40 years and could not find many people who would listen. Many of my friends are computer geeks and will not accept the idea that Artificial Intelligence could be dangerous.
Following William Tompkins experiences, there needs to be our kind of think tank/s, to keep pace with the disinformation that is taking up peoples attention units.
This is crucial to having and maintaining true Disclosure.
I welcome comments by the people who have following this material.

KLPH, posted on July 27, 2016

Thank you for being a trailblazer. I am continually amazed at the work of those of you who knew decades ago.
Thank you for being free minded enough and holding a torch for the rest of us.

allenteressa, posted on July 27, 2016

I would have taken him a ittle more serious had he not been so old by the time he done this interview that he actually had a voice left. Very irritating to listen to. I ended up stopping it. If there is much more of this guy, this is where I will be exiting Cosmic Disclosure. If these people want to come forward with disclosure, they need to do it in the age that society will give them more credit than they usually give someone of this age. They usually just end up in a nursing home with stories that no one cares about. There's your cold hearted truth. Not many will accept this. He should have talked sooner.

maia, posted on July 30, 2016

For 94 years of age that man speaks and acts very well! I know may people in their 50s and 60s who act and think much, much like tey are allready in early stages of dementia. With Thompkins this is absolutly not the case. He is bright and clear. I wonder what person u are. Maybe its not the way he talkes, but what he is telling?
Show some respect, u might never even reach this age!
Eventhough all photos, its yust really something to learn from a real first hand insider! He now has not much to lose and may, be that knowledge - not being alowed to share, was a burden, or he might wants some fame while hes living..
Anyway, good to learn from real witneß. He looked even handsome when young, and still good, only hairstyle may be questionable ; )

Colescottpa, posted on July 27, 2016

You ask why didn't he come forward sooner so he would be more credible? Because until now he would have been either dead or committed or discredited like tesla and Raymond royal rife and hundreds of others! You have to be in the 90's to not care what "THEY" will do to you for disclosing the truth! Have you forgotten what our government tried to do to snowden/I can't wait for the movie about to be released! It to the might of the Russian government and Putin to asylum him so that he isn't dead! Try to think for 5 minutes before you post negative comments!

rshanks, posted on July 27, 2016

Good bye to you Allenteressa, you can go play with your iphone now.

allenteressa, posted on July 28, 2016

I do not own an Iphone because I am not a sheeple. The day I have to use a "Smart"phone, is the day I don't use phones. And don't act like you wouldn't pass this man off in some coffee shop somewhere just dismissing him as an old crazy man who tells stories! Elders in this country are not even always taken serious by the medical industry! Most doctors stand and talk to the family members and ignore the elder! And in court they try the same thing! Needing an evaluation for proof of competency. There's a reason for this. They need to be sure all of his faculties are sti properly functioning. This time released information is becoming ridiculous, and he's placing people on here to be interviewed who are in the back light of history all the while Corey could be discussing more of his recent experiences giving us the ideas of what to expect.
It's a waste of time. This information should have been given another way. I am here for disclosure and Wisdom Teachings. Not to come back week after week and watch a cake be iced slowly with information that's as old as the hills. We're way past that now. At this rate, Disclosure will be happening right in front of our eyes before the experiences are ever told!

awegahn, posted on July 29, 2016

I feel sorry that you feel this way, actually sorry for humankind that one of the eldest insiders with one of the most authorative testemonials would be brushed off so lightly. In actuality, this is really a western civilization issue, I suppose even more so in the USA. If this interview would have been done in any eastern (Asian) country, conversely, this man would have been revered like a god. I suppose it is not only a cultural and confucian heritage, but in extension also the health of elders in general in the two different hemispheres of civlization that is to blame partially.

It is my opinion that no person should be dismissed just by the looks or age at first sight. Not just ethically, but quite frankly practically and logically - if a person is not showing any signs of mental decay, illness, memory loss or lack in verbal exposition (articulation, rethorics etc.), there is no reason to disregard his testemony. None at all. People can be sharp as razors until the day they die, its all in your health. Thats the bottom line. This man is a hero and should be taken dead serious. The sad lack of morale and respect for our elders has no place in the judgement of his testimony.

chandira2012, posted on July 27, 2016

chill out!
Its great stuff at least now he is coming out with!

kmcgaugh, posted on July 27, 2016

This is hardly the kind of disclosure that will lead to court room justice. Where are the documents, the photographs, the solidarity of the top brass behind this man? This is dribble that can be an embarrassment to anyone that says look at what this man is saying. The mainstream is going to pin a tinfoil hat on us and we will never be taken seriously. We are slaves to a cabal of evil money grubbers. We need real disclosure, not this dribble.

at405oak, posted on July 27, 2016

Those "top brass" who were 30 - 50 when he was 17 yrs old
are long gone....

silver_byte, posted on July 27, 2016

This is so EXCITING! So much information coming out at a time when the world is in such turmoil. It gives me a sense of hope amid the anxiety and depression. Thank you David, Corey, William, Gaia TV and all the other brave souls who are working to bring out the truth.

Paige.K@GAIA, posted on July 27, 2016

Hi Silver_Byte,

Thank you so much for your support! I agree this is very exciting!


lukeholiday, posted on July 27, 2016

Thank you for all the you do - Excellent episode and series!!!!!

robtoemik, posted on July 27, 2016

You've really done it now, David! Toothpaste back into the tube, cat back into the bag... AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN! The 'MUD' that was being stirred before, has just had the cement added to it and people are going to feel like they've been hit in the face with a BRICK when they realize just a sliver of this 'Reality'!!!
GREAT JOB! I really feel as if this will add TONS to the credibility of Corey and your testimony!
Thanks AGAIN, ever so much!

kenbok, posted on July 27, 2016

Can someone explain why the top left white box on the Tomkin's model ship display pic says this??

scottc89, posted on July 27, 2016

It's really pleasing as an individual that has been learning about this life changing material since Oct 2015 till now. Their is no doubt, that millions like myself, are fully convinced that this vital, and awareness changing material will certainly move you. This really validates, what Corey, David, Tompkins, Michael E. Salla, Michael Tellinger, Neil Kramer, and so many others have been saying. All a person has to do, is start at the beginning of Cosmic Disclosure, season 1 and go to where we are today. Wtih the INTERNET, news, and reading material out their on amazon, for example. You really can't be mislead or loose. If you seek the truth about our beginnings, what going on in the world, all you have to do; is begin the journey. Hello Folks, the writing is on the wall! Start spreading the news!
What excites me, is when Full Disclosure is finally revealed, and we learn of the full scope, of the lies, the technologies hidden from us, the benefits we will be thankful for. Most importantly learning how to deal with the anger many of us, must get over, and ensuring that those responsible are dealt with in a correct manner.
We are entering a time of great change, rebirth, discovery, enlightenment on the physical and spiritual side. Remember, to let go of the old ways, and begin anew with openness, and Love, compassion, and forgiveness. Doing away with the "Babylonian Money Magic System", will be such an accomplishment, in the steps towards, a far, less stressful world; and removing an evil world that works behind the scenes. The time is nearing, let us give thanks to change arriving soon! Ascension is almost upon us!

msmarytalt, posted on July 26, 2016

Could someone clarify why the Nazi's did not win the war with losing that major battle near Antarctica and all their advanced technology?

dorinryan, posted on July 27, 2016

According to Jim Marrs and Joseph Farrell, and others, the Nazis did not lose the war. The German army (Wehrmacht) and the German nation lost the war. The Nazi's are now a great world power. ?

sjcycle, posted on July 27, 2016

The way I remember it being said, actually, is that the Nazi's were the common folk front doing all the dirty work of the German high secret societies, which were very much involved in channelling ET's, and occult. These secret societies ABANDONED the Nazi's to lose the war, and continued preparing their technology under Antarctica, as it was not ready to deploy soon enough to stop the Americans. So in that view, the Nazi's did not win WWII, but a far darker, more clever, sinister group than the Nazi's.

espweirdo, posted on July 26, 2016

Um, David, I think you dropped the mic...

sara.ogle, posted on July 26, 2016

As I am watching this, I started thinking about The Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick, which is a work of fiction in which the US did not win WWII and the US is occupied by Japan and the Nazis. I was wondering at first how the United States of Amurika could have won the war at all, if Germany had all kinds of advanced ET technology (and someone already said that in the comments before me, but I wanted to chime too). I'm going to go back and re-watch and make sure everything he says registers in my brain. This is really interesting. Someone mentioned in the comments that Tompkins has a book, so I want to check that out. Great episode this week. Thanks!

sjcycle, posted on July 27, 2016

What I remember being said in previous episodes (particularly season 2) is that the ET technology was not ready soon enough to stop the Americans. Which is why the German Secret Societies abandoned the Nazi's (the common folk) and hid in Antarctica.

dragoness1314, posted on July 26, 2016

Very good - glad to see more affirmation proofing once again what truly exists. Love and Light to all.

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