Open Minds: World Bank Whistleblower with Karen Hudes Video
World Bank Whistleblower with Karen Hudes

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Open Minds: World Bank Whistleblower with Karen Hudes (September 2013)

Season 3, Episode 13
Available worldwide

Originally, the World Bank was founded to offer financial aid to developing countries of the world. It did not take long for the distribution of these funds to become corrupted by politics and selfish interests. As a World Bank attorney, Karen Hudes saw the shadowy schemes of the banking elite, first hand and brings forth a sobering message for the whole world in this interview with Regina Meredith originally webcast September 24, 2013.

Karen Hudes worked in the US Export Import Bank of the US from 1980-1985 and in the Legal Department of the World Bank from 1986-2007. In 2007 Karen warned the US Treasury Department and US Congress that the US would lose its right to appoint the President of the World Bank if the current American President of the World Bank did not play by the rules.

Regina Meredith
Karen Hudes


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rosannaferrera, posted on August 11, 2016

Regina, firstly let me say how much I appreciate your work and those you bring to our attention - it is a wonderful gift to us all and your ability to articulate and guide the conversations is so clear and wonderfully focused - I am always impressed with you :O) Deep bow.

Secondly, much has transpired since this interview in 2013, which I feel warrants another audience and the updated discussion.

Much gratitude!

echome56, posted on September 28, 2015

Loved this episode! Please bring her back for a follow-up. It's now been long enough and soooo much has happened, I'm sure your fans would be very interested in seeing what Karen has to say now. In the last quarter of 2015. Blessings to Karen to stay safe.

janepinter, posted on February 25, 2015

I support her!

Karenhudes, posted on April 26, 2014


jiwhit, posted on October 15, 2013
I was mostly lost
I know a bit about the topic, but I could not follow the conversation. I'd love to see another interview clarifying these issues in a bit more of a linear fashion.

AtHeart909, posted on February 12, 2014

A modern day Joan of Arc, may we the people not betray her and her mission...

tamarieallard, posted on January 31, 2014

How can I download this episode? Can I buy it? I want to show this to my friends to inform them. I cannot believe how UNINFORMED the U.S. is with these media blackouts.

darsiramirez, posted on October 2, 2015

I want to share this video with friends and family. How can this be done?

kerri888, posted on November 19, 2013

What a woman- if ever we felt there was no one 'in charge' we can think again. Thank you, thank you Karen for standing up for democracy and the rule of law at great sacrifice to the otherwise comfortable, compliant, hassle-free life you could have taken advantage of at the expense of world peace, the proletariat and the peasants which make up the 99% of the global population. You are a genuine, modern day heroine! Bless your work and your courage!

Alfreda Weiss, posted on November 2, 2013

Since this interview the government has been shut-down for almost two weeks and the nation put in position to default on the dollar. This will repeat in January. Meanwhile China went worldwide to push their own currency claiming the dollar is not reliable. We have learned that North Dakota has had over two hundred unreported oil leaks that do not seem very important to their Governor. The Koch Brothers funded Walker in WI who immediately allowed them pollution rights. The new trade agreements allow other nations to pollute in the US with rights higher than those of local residents. The purpose is extraction of fossil fuels without regulation. It seems doubtful that a simple fix of returning to the "gold standard" that ended with Nixon, I think, would solve these problems or even be possible. The history of the World Bank around the world is questionable. They have been assumed to be an arm of the "super entity". Already the American people have had their wealth greatly extracted through, for example, big bank crimes, massive tax-supported military, the massive NSA combined with the Patriot Act that removes Constitutional rights. We are in a world of hurt for our children's future and there seem to be no viable solutions beyond trying to maintain the integrity of our local food, water and natural ability to support ourselves.

jiwhit, posted on October 15, 2013

I know a bit about the topic, but I could not follow the conversation. I'd love to see another interview clarifying these issues in a bit more of a linear fashion.

eesa, posted on September 29, 2013

Thank you so much for this intervew, Rgeina.

I've read some articles about Ms. Hudes which have given me a smattering of understanding of the situation; but I must admit, even after this interview I do not feel clear! :(

1. Obama just addressed the UN defending the NSA spying on other nations

2. This occurred right after the President of Brazil gave an eloquent and impassioned speech on the matter with which I whole heartedly agreed.

3. There seems to be no let up in the foreclosure fraud crisis in this country and it is now clearer than ever before that the SEC and all government agencies are Captured; and that not only that but that the FTC and FCC are now also ensnared; meanwhile Fannie and Freddie have been transitioned to taxpayer supported entities within the government but have not done one thing to clean up their corrupt and illegal practices - so the housing crisis is supposedly over, except that it is not and these entities continue to steal homes from American families with no repercussions.

4. Meantime Big Ag, HFCS corn production, GMO and GE crops are getting all the taxpayer funded government subsidies for millions of dollars while their crops fail, superpests and superweeds take over and the answer given by the Rove/Koch/PFAC (Project for a New American Century) and the American Chamber of Commerce is to cut food stamps and continue Big Ag chemical company subsidies.

5. Places like ours here in Oregon are under seige by SB 633 (our state Monsanto Protection Act)which is right now raising its ugly head in the midst of the special sessions on the budget as the fiscal year ends - every time we kill this shit it rises up again in some new form regardless of its lawlessness and baselessness; attempting to remove local initiative power and institute State Wide control over seed saving, organic farming and all forms of agricultural regulation while Syngenta and other Big Chemical companies do 'open field trials' in the midst of our organic farming communities and they are not only not stopped they are not even monitored and they are not even US companies.

6. In the midst of this the US Congress is working to fast track the TPP which will do to the rest of us what NAFTA did to the first of us under Clinton (no left or right, see? they are all part of this Super Entity)

Finally, if TPP goes through basically all our power as citizens and governments to protect pristine environments or prevent toxic food or drugs will be over-ridden by tribunal courts which will enforce the right of these coroprations to make a profit over citizen rights, natural habitat and all government rules and regulations controlling these corporate profiteers.

As to the precious metals and a stable transition - well of course we all want that but when we look at history we see that every time that someone (Kennedy, Lincoln etal ) have tried it they get shot in the head by the super entity.

I know we do not want to riot in the streets. For our own household and our kids' households we are teaching by example as best we can - withdraw completely from the big corporae system - no chain stores, no fast food, no mass produced products - all local - grow your own as much as possible - buy from local farmers you know otherwise - no more participation in the 'food chain' of the super entity - but I cannot help but wonder if this is going to be enough because I see most people around us cannot do this and do not get it.

The issues are so dense and complex. I am a very sharp researcher and I know it but even I have trouble following this interview and knowing the players as you move through it - are the governors the governors of the states or of the FED?

It's a very complex and confusing landscape and it needs very clear conversation to get it across. This was a good first start but we need to do more and be more specific in the moment to moment language to help us all 'get it' and 'grok it'

We also need to know exactly what it is that we can do - because it is not as clear as it could be- not through any fault of your own but because the entire subject is so perfectly convoluted and obfuscated by those who like it to be!

annieheineck, posted on September 30, 2013

Touche' !! You took the words right out of my mouth. By the way, I also live in Oregon and have GREAT concerns for the same reasons. Perhaps together, we will accomplish more than the single entity groups that have been trying their hardest to defeat the bureaucratic system of modified food.

Best wishes,

sherriedeen, posted on September 27, 2013

Thank you for this interview it is so helpful to hear from insiders what the situation is. We must all continue to bring transparency into all our interactions and not allow people who abuse their positions for personal gain to remain in leadership on any level. The only way to regain trust is to tell the truth.

Frog99, posted on September 25, 2013

I like the direction of action on this to promote the well being of all.

taoss, posted on September 25, 2013


I enjoyed this interview with Karen Hudes and have to admit that we all need to dig down the rabbit hole furher before all of this is understood by those of us in the general public. One of the things that confuses me has to do with the historical role money has played in creating wars, i.e., the edict of creating the World Bank was to stop WW3, when history tells us that it has been the bankers funding and even provoking (starting) wars.

If you have a few moments, you might want to take a look at this youtube video which was aired in June 2013 titled "All Wars Are Bankers Wars". Of course, this history needs to be taught in our schools to the children and it's convenient. It seems the public is being kept in the dark on many levels.

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