Yoga for Authentic Heart Opening Video
Yoga for Authentic Heart Opening

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Yoga for Authentic Heart Opening

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Join Hala Khouri for a spirited yoga practice from the Hanuman Festival and explore the relationship between embodiment and love (for self, others and our planet). Our bodies carry a lot of wisdom. When we learn to be in relationship with our bodily sensation, we develop embodied intuition, which can guide us through life’s challenges and opportunities. Yoga can help us distinguish when we are being reactive and fear-based, or when we are being pro-active and clear. Being grounded is the key; from there we can truly open our hearts without getting stepped on or enmeshed.


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gnomecrusher, posted on September 23, 2016

This has been one of my favorite videos for almost 2 years now! Thank you so much for creating it.

Only problem is I'm always sobbing like a baby from start to finish. Guess that's proof it goes straight to the heart :D

lakhwala, posted on November 21, 2015

Thank you so much for this excellent workshop. Learnt a lot from you. Keep up the good work!

yogalinakatie, posted on October 11, 2014

thank you for this beautiful class and I agree with comments below re: most inspiring music ever! thank you for your gifts:)

Patriciarose, posted on September 25, 2014

A beautiful yoga class - it really reaches the heart. With love and thanks.

beth.devillier, posted on August 14, 2014

This practice has the best music playlist ever.

livingtolearn, posted on April 5, 2014

Every time I do this practice I cry, I open up, I refind my center and love. Just incredible, thank you.

apliskin, posted on July 14, 2013

Here are by best guesses for songs, created using Shazam
2:00 = Angels by Mike De Fillette
33:00 = Dionysus by Jocelyn Pook
38:00 = Peaceful Air by Dessert Dwellers
49:00 = Pond life by Sympath
59:00 = Ray Ray by Fat Freddy's Drop
53:00 = Cay's Cray by Fat Freddy's Drop
71:00 = The state of the Union by Thievery Corporation
74:00 = Bizocho Amargo Si Se
76:00 = Flow by Sade
80:00 = Temple Heartboats by Dessert Dwellers
85:00 = Falling Slowly by Glen Hansgard & Marketa Irglova
88:00 = Ever So Lonely/Eyes/Ocean by Sheila Chadra
92:00 = Enter One by Sol Seppy

yogalinakatie, posted on October 11, 2014

thanks for posting this! I was hoping to get my hands on this amazing and inspiring music:)

apliskin, posted on July 8, 2013

OK, here's the song from savasana.... Enter One by Sol Seppy. Found it with app Shazam.

apliskin, posted on July 8, 2013

I loved the class and needed it. I got to connect with all the Off the Mat teachers at Wanderlust VT, except Hala, so I'm glad this site helped me get a dose. I too would love to know the last song.

satsang6, posted on January 11, 2013

way too much preaching... had to turn it off

Marise, posted on December 23, 2012

beautiful wisdom, inspired words thank you! Yes playlist very good would like the name of the last song.

Tilstonyogi, posted on December 9, 2012

I feel taller after this

sedonanrg, posted on December 8, 2012

This...was....phenomenal. Thank you!!

sariewarie, posted on December 8, 2012

Amazing! perfect start to my weekend, it cleansed my heart, soul and mind with tears of joy, sadness and authenticity <3

thaissanteliz, posted on November 19, 2012

She talks too much !!! This constant talk makes me lose concentration.

mariavoici, posted on November 2, 2012

more classes from Hala please!

TIYogi, posted on October 23, 2012

Nice smooth class. Level 1. The challenge is that she often says "I want you to..." and "I don't want you to..." Some of the music is AWESOME so follow to see if she does post the playlist. Some is pop music I would not use. And some are great but a bit too religious for my public classes unfortunately.

gab, posted on October 18, 2012

happy to report from a little kiwi that I recognise that music around 60 minutes being our own Fat Freddy's drop, please support New Zealand music by buying their album they are truly talented enjoy

sweetnut_2, posted on September 13, 2012

Powerful and enjoyable. Thank you for sharing this video.

joiedevivre, posted on September 11, 2012

I've truly been hurting lately and some of the words literally brought tears to my eyes. But it felt magnificent and by the end of the class I was smiling with a more strengthened heart and state of mind. More accepting and forgiving of myself who I find the hardest to forgive at times. I loved it all and the music played a spectacular role in it all. Thank you. I hope to see more lessons from this teacher.

PetraB, posted on September 11, 2012

what an amazing, inspiring, nurturing, heart opening class!! love it!! any chance I could also have the playlist plsss

charris_2, posted on September 9, 2012

Beautiful! Thank you for the heart-opening, compassionate practice. It was exactly what I needed today, and I'm so happy I found you.

halakhouri, posted on September 8, 2012

I'm so glad you have all enjoyed this class. I wasn't sure how it would translate online, but it seems you've been able to tap into the practice and the message. I'm honored and so glad to be able to offer this beyond the students that were there. I'm going to listen to the music and work on sharing the playlist (i was DJ'ing a bit spontaneously that day!)

livingtolearn, posted on September 8, 2012

if someone were to ask me what yoga is, I would show them this class. This is what true yoga is all about. I laughed, I cried...beautiful practice! Thank you!

ShawnaTurner, posted on September 6, 2012

Lovely. Loved the sequence, the lesson and the music! What a great class! And yes, would also love to know the playlist.

Heidi74, posted on September 5, 2012

loved it!!!!!! it made my day ) any way to get the music play list too??

annacreasy, posted on September 4, 2012

Hi CatherineBreheny,
I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble downloading the video. Please check you email for a response from the MYO team.

annacreasy, posted on September 4, 2012

Hi Lolymar,
I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble downloading this video. I have emailed you some suggestions which should fix the problem .
Namaste, Anna
My Yoga Online

Delene, posted on September 4, 2012

beautiful practice for today. this touch of authentic heart is healing....thank you.

jamie11, posted on September 4, 2012

I would love the playlist as well!

branflakes1991, posted on September 3, 2012

This was the perfect practice for me today. It allowed me to forgive others and myself for mistakes of the recent and more distant past. I had some emotional breakthroughs that I have not allowed myself to experience before. Thank you so much for this experience. I also very much loved this playlist and would like to know how to retrieve at least some of the songs. Namaste.

lolymar, posted on September 3, 2012

This is a very connected in the deepest self of my yoga practice, I try to buy the video in the iPad but I didn't succeed. Thank you for sharing this sacred knolowdge w us.

sandycreps, posted on September 3, 2012

Any possible way to get the playlist?

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