Yoga Nidra Meditation Video
Yoga Nidra Meditation

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Yoga Nidra Meditation

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Yoga Nidra, known as “yogic sleep” is an ancient practice that promotes full body relaxation and a deep meditative state of consciousness. Guided by Mara Branscombe and while lying in savasana, allow the events of your day to fade away. Let stillness and deep calm wash over you. Yoga Nidra will decrease your stress levels, boost your immune system, and leave feeling nourished and rejuvenated. Great for stress, people who are having trouble sleeping and for relieving anxiety.

Optional Props: bolster, blanket, eye pillow


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jamespeppitt1989, posted on April 23, 2016

I agree with all the comments so far, more yoga nidra practices. This stuff is amazing!

mail608, posted on February 6, 2016

Very enjoyable and deeply relaxing - woke up an hour later! I did not have any issues with the music quality which played just fine through my laptop. I also thought her voice was very lovely.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on February 9, 2016

Thank you for taking the time to write and share your practice with us! You can always add this practice to your Playlist on Gaia to watch again anytime.


janiswiggy, posted on February 2, 2016

I love Maras voice and it starts out as a very relaxing video. However the music gets so screetchy there's no way to continue relaxing. I've tried turning down the volume but then it's hard to hear her guided meditation. I've gone to YouTube for yoga nidra as Gaia really has no options.

elennon, posted on March 12, 2016

Mara's offering is wonderful. But i need some variety. With all the research out there about the incredible benefits of yoga nidra and all of us in our community asking you for more Yoga Nidra offerings, can you PLEASE make some more videos?

Seriously. We've asked nicely and repeatedly. Please make more yoga nidra offerings!!

Thank you.

jkimpton, posted on January 17, 2016

This was the first yoga nidra that I didn't fall asleep. The background music and pace was perfect. Loved it and will come back again and again. And, I agree with the others, more of this type of relaxation would be great.

rmtboo, posted on January 10, 2016

I love this guided relaxation on its own but the soundscapes behind her voice is irritating. Most of it sounds like feedback

elennon, posted on October 14, 2015

This is fantastic. I use it all the time. We need MORE relaxation / sleep meditations. There are only 3 on the search. They are all great. Would love more variety.
Thank you so much, Gaia! :D

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on October 15, 2015

Thank you for your comment! I'll pass the recommendation to our team for consideration.


debhong, posted on October 9, 2015

Mara is lovely and I would enjoy this more if the video stops pausing, which is irritating when you're trying to meditate. I've changed the settings but it doesn't seem to work.

Also voicing previous comments about Armando Segredo's yoga nidra videos. They were excellent and it's unfortunate that they are no longer available.

saraswatikaur, posted on September 14, 2015

Dear Mara,
thank you so much for this practice. I have been feeling very anxious and look forward to trying this out for myself.
Love and light to all,
Saraswati Kaur

desri, posted on August 12, 2015

Thank you for the deepest relaxation I have felt in a very long time. Your voice is so beautiful and I love the humming bowl and music.

dtramonti, posted on May 16, 2015

Armand Sagredo's Yoga Nidra?? please bring back.

HeidiV@Gaia, posted on May 17, 2015

@DTRAMONTI - Thank you so much for taking the time to let us know what you would like to see more of on the site. We are so sorry the older videos with Armand Sagredo are no longer available.

osasuna, posted on May 13, 2015

Armand Sagredo's Yoga Nidra was excellent. Unfortunately it seems no longer available here or in his own website. Pls. bring it back if possible

HeidiV@Gaia, posted on May 17, 2015

@OSASUNA - So sorry for any frustration. We hear the request and will keep this in mind for future production. Unfortunately, the older Armand Sagredo videos are no longer available.

jessie0, posted on April 12, 2015

Would love you to bring back Armand Sagredo nidra! I had really successful results following this guide! Please please bring it back. Pretty please. With cherries xxx

wimwamwoom, posted on February 22, 2015

Lately this video has been in bad shape..? Stops and jumps. And I would be glad to see more nidras on this site. I miss the ones made by Armand Sagredo! Where did they go?

salegre, posted on April 2, 2015

Me too! I miss the nidra from Armand Sagredo! Bring it back, please!!

aprenenent, posted on April 7, 2015

That's an excellent request. Armand Sagredo's yoga nidra was fantastic.

MichalL@Gaia, posted on February 22, 2015

Thank you for your feedback @wimwamwoom, we will forward your technical issue to our customer service, and your request for more Yoga Nidra options to our content team!
Thanks, Michall@GTV

hayleypaul9, posted on January 31, 2015

Could there be an option where we do not have to listen to the music? I find it too irritating to get relaxed.

HeidiV@Gaia, posted on February 3, 2015

@HAYLEYPAUL9 - We totally understand where you are coming from and the topic of music is rather subjective. For the existing videos, there is no option available to have the practice without the music, however, we are exploring options to make the practice available without music in the future. Stay tuned :).

renan.caldoverde, posted on January 15, 2015

I am experiencing this way too often, not the first time. It is very hard to follow any of the videos if this keeps happening. It would be great if we could at least have the option to watch it in low quality.

HeidiV@Gaia, posted on January 15, 2015

@renan.caldoverde - So sorry for any inconvenience. Someone from our Customer Service department will be in contact with you.

OrlandoTerp, posted on December 21, 2014

So much for relaxation. I start to get into it and the video stops. I've downloaded a new Adobe player, checked my speed (fast enough per GiamTV) and emptied my cache. The problem continues. I'm not sure what happened as I didn't have problems until about two weeks ago. I'm so disappointed as I love MyYogaOnline. Now it's just not working anymore.

dwillson, posted on January 14, 2015

This is my first day, and the videos keep stopping, so the flow is broken.
It would be great if this could be fixed!

HeidiV@Gaia, posted on December 22, 2014

@OrlandoTerp - I apologize for any inconvenience. Someone from our Customer Service department will be in contact with you.

therese46, posted on December 10, 2014

I love this Yoga Nidra.
Mara would it be possible for you make ten and twenty minute Yoga Nidra Meditations?

screamobbycks, posted on November 23, 2014

I started watching this, fell asleep, and woke up 14 hours later. i basically never sleep. thanks yoga nidra! lol

lesleybrucesharp, posted on January 25, 2016

Hahahaha, brilliant! Me too! Well, I woke up half an hour later, but felt like I'd woken up 14 hours later. Yoga nidra clearly rocks. Thanks, Mara xx

EUNICEA, posted on October 1, 2014

So ooooo good and relaxing thank you xx

Anamaste1, posted on September 21, 2014


Daelh, posted on May 10, 2014

Love this yoga nidra, come back to it often!

sunnie55, posted on November 19, 2013

wonderful thank you

BlissAngel, posted on September 19, 2013

I practice Yoga Nidra nightly before bed and often alternate between this video and Armand Sagredo Yoga Nidra practice here on MYO. I love them both, but I like that you have the soothing healing music and tones throughout this practice. Thank you!~ Namaste~

diamondgirl, posted on September 3, 2013

I can't thank you enough for this, Mara. The pace, your voice guidance, the mental imagery: all perfect. To me, integrating the tones accompanying the meditation are every bit as important as the practice itself. I work with sound healing, and the range and combination of the tones in this practice open and activate the chakras. Kudos to both you and the sound engineer who designed the combination.

aliciawright, posted on May 10, 2013

Wow, what a profound experience. I'll definitely be back for more of this. Thank you and Namaste...

Linenlotus, posted on May 6, 2013

im going to have to do this one again, I fell asleep right at the beginning. it was so hot out today.

juslisten2010, posted on April 29, 2013

This class just changed my life Namaste. Thank you so much for this amazing experience/

marabranscombe, posted on April 12, 2013


mariamineo, posted on April 9, 2013

If you have trouble sleeping is yoga nidra best practiced at night before bed?

lindsey.latham, posted on October 5, 2014

I fall asleep to it almost every night.

xx L

pennyspicerocks, posted on March 6, 2013

I had a lovely session. Thanks you.

floating-drumbeat, posted on December 17, 2012

@yogini1108, why don't you try Armand Sagredo: ?

No music, and it really does the job!

JulieW, posted on December 16, 2012

oops. I lied. it is working.

JulieW, posted on December 16, 2012

THe sound isn't working on this video

yogini108, posted on November 10, 2012

the music is awful, distracting, yoga nidra best with no background sound

tinesand, posted on September 30, 2012

sooo deeply peaceful and healing.Thank you Mara <3

vagnerzoey, posted on September 23, 2012

i used this before bed last night, and fell asleep. i woke up feeling great

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