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Try this yoga Infused Pilates class with Nico Luce. This class combines some of the ancient science of hatha yoga with the core stabilizing, regenerative dynamics of Pilates. Strengthen all of the major muscle groups and develop a streamlined physique, while cultivating mental calm with Pilates exercises and Yoga postures.


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KarineDB, posted on September 1, 2015

Quelle superbe façon de commencer la journée ! Un bien être qui se diffuse lentement et demeure présent pour embrasser les heures qui nous attendent.

nicoluce, posted on September 3, 2015

Merci pour votre commentaire, @KARINEDB!

Tm4200, posted on July 27, 2015

A little slow for me, but liked how he explained the breathing.

JustineK, posted on April 17, 2015

You have to find time to do the longer workouts so this was a great one for wake up on Saturday morning for me :) My body is so warm and buzzing now. Beautiful slow, deliberate and then harder towards the end. This was the first time I could successfully complete pushups, bent leg of course. Looking forward to doing this one again! Thank you Nico for the gentle, relaxing and kind words for the body to get itself to the next level!

nicoluce, posted on April 20, 2015

Thank you so much for the comment, @JUSTINEK. I'm glad you enjoyed it. In the end, going slower makes it harder so we get stronger.

energiayoga, posted on March 15, 2015

Starts out slow...then the core work is intense. Loved it. I felt I needed atlas one down dog though...

nicoluce, posted on March 16, 2015

Thanks for the comment, @ENERGIAYOGA! Remember to give your self permission to modify anything and do as many down dogs as you need, always.

roots2wingsyoga, posted on January 28, 2015

Nico has a wonderful gift of delivering cues that help fine tune awareness of the muscles and areas being worked. I found The exercises and asanas blended very smoothlly and I enjoyed this class very much. It felt like a complete self-body massage afterwards. I've done a yoga class of his and love his gentle, soothing voice too! Thank you, Nico!

nicoluce, posted on January 28, 2015

You are so generous with your comment. I'm glad you enjoyed the video.

calmarsh, posted on January 24, 2015

I loved the instruction - have a slight shoulder injury so couldn't do all the push ups and side planks but learned a lot - and feel like every part of my spine got a workout. Thank you. :)

nicoluce, posted on January 26, 2015

Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad you liked it!

Gioia2201, posted on August 4, 2013

Very nice workout!!!

rbarkley, posted on July 27, 2013

Thanks again for a great video. Amazing!

monique1028, posted on December 26, 2012

Thank you so much for this class. I love the centering and balance created by yoga but also love the toning and strengthening that pilates provides. The combination of the two in this class was just what I was looking for. Much appreciated. Hope to see more from you soon... perhaps incorporating the warrior poses? ;) Thanks again! Loved it!

floating-drumbeat, posted on December 10, 2012

I love pilates. My personal self-sequenced practice is 75% yoga and 25% pilates. This practice reverses the ratio. Sometimes (OK, frequently) I can't get to pilates class ....

kburka, posted on November 15, 2012

this is straight pilates,where is the yoga?? i'm disappointed.

CalleyStar, posted on April 23, 2012

I am so thankful for the speed of this class. I'm still fairly new and this is perfectly slow enough for me to really know what I'm supposed to be feeling. Awesome.

kayamarie, posted on March 5, 2012

his voice is like honey. this class is great. nice core work mixed with stretching. loved it!

mrenkow, posted on November 25, 2011

This was a solid, challenging class. It moves relatively slow and is more pilates than yoga.

joylee, posted on November 10, 2011

Aloha, I really enjoyed the workout, it was effective, slow & precise. Slower movements make the muscles work harder :-) Nico's instruction is great! From the leg circles on, I found the music to be a bit creepy ~ down...Any chance you can change the music?

nico, posted on October 26, 2011

Hi Sue: Thanks for your kind words. Answering to your question regarding how often to do this class I believe it all depends on what you are looking for. In general having a varied practice of different styles and intensities keeps the body receptive and the mind alert to what's coming next. However, if you have a specific area to develop is good to choose practices that target your needs. Does that makes sense? Maybe try this class a few times a week and combine it with other style that complements it. All the best, n

suemarie, posted on October 20, 2011

Love this class! I've done it only twice so far but I've never looked forward to getting back to the mat as I have with this class. For me, Nico's instruction is so steady, precise and easy to follow, that it immediately puts me at ease and I don't feel hurried or have a need to do more than I can at any moment during the class. I do have a question Nico.....I'm working on trying to strengthen my back. How many times a week do you recommend doing this class so I don't over do it. I would love to do this class everyday but I'm afraid that my be pushing it. I would love to see more classes from you and I look forward to trying out your other classes! thanks! ;-)

pranom, posted on July 4, 2011

many thanks Nico - brilliant class!

karmalarm, posted on January 14, 2011

i agree with sstocks. this was more like regular mat pilates in slow motion, rather than an actual combination of yoga and pilates. some of the poses are challenging, but i found it to be really boring.

svc2381, posted on November 25, 2010

Great and Challenging work out.

zenkc, posted on November 1, 2010

I really appreciate the clear instruction and demonstration of each move. I also really like learning how to breath with each exercise. As someone who likes to do both pilates and yoga, this class is a great combination for me.Thank you

sstocks, posted on September 4, 2010

Expecting this to be a little more yoga and not so much like a regular mat pilates class just in slow motion.
Somewhat disappointed, but excellent workout.

christopherwdaley, posted on July 8, 2010

This is an excellent and rejuvinating workout. Nico has a great way of walking you through the different poses and has created a class that you can intensify as you move forward.

treehugger, posted on June 8, 2010

I really liked this class, I fancied an extra core workout but didnt want to stray too far from yoga, and boy did this do the trick! Dont be put off if yr a beginner, Nico gives all the alternative postures and its all pretty much mat work so not too strenuos! Thanks Nico :)

LisaRhea, posted on March 13, 2009

I agree that this video was challenging. Some of those moves were really taxing.

gcapitolo, posted on March 6, 2009

Really cool but a bit more intense then I was expecting. Great workout!!! Thank you very much!

belindasnow, posted on September 28, 2016

That was AMAZING

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