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Your Move

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Your Move (2011)

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When one man sees another man being treated with disrespect, he decides to do something about it.

Ari Agbabian, Scott Loska
Christina Parisi

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CATHERINEW8, posted on January 29, 2016

Love is powerful and an act of kindness changes everything for all involved - even if just for a moment. We can never know the how far it's reaches extend. Cultivate compassion is what we need at this time.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on January 29, 2016

Catherine, thanks for your review of the film! We're glad it inspired you.

All the best,

namaste06, posted on September 16, 2015

I liked the first part of the film where the restaurant customer reaches out to the homeless man - not only buying him a meal, but trying to connect with his humanity. However, I found the second part off the mark. Having personal dealt with folks who struggle with mental illness and substance addiction, I think that saying to someone that you have bought a meal for, "Do me a favor, just clean yourself up," is somewhat insensitive. It's gonna take a whole lot more than free food for someone who may struggle with complex psychological disorders and long term issues to clean themselves up. Why not just leave it at seeing the person's humanity. If you want to get into the 'cleaning up' game you're gonna have to be alot more committed than casually buying someone a meal.

ap0, posted on January 14, 2016

I agree with your assessment. Many of the homeless people in society are homeless for a reason... they are often very vulnerable psychologically and it is a long road back to feeling the security necessary to be able to then reach out to others.

HilaryK, posted on January 29, 2016

I thought that, when the man with money told the homeless man to get stronger so he could help someone else, it missed the point. It was insulting to insinuate that the homeless man was homeless because of weakness, somehow. All he needed was a sandwich and he was transformed. It would have come closer to the point if the man with the money had said "the only thing that I ask in return, is that you remember that there are people who care, who see you, not with the disrespect of the young woman behind the counter, but with respect for you as a human being. You inspired me when you gave her the flower in spite of her rudeness." There is a lot more that homeless people need, too, than one free lunch. What's he going to do for dinner, to sleep, what scars does he carry? who will listen to his story?

DIANED5, posted on January 29, 2016

I agree that this exchange could have demonstrated a more realistic opportunity to further uplift the homeless man.
He could have also been asked to wake up every day with one new thing he can be grateful for--which may shift his vibration.

jalone89x, posted on January 8, 2015

love the flower for the girl with no heart!!!
great message, thanks
peace n joy

kelly1237, posted on November 25, 2015

skoney3000, posted on November 11, 2013


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