Positive Living: Zen and Home Life Video
Zen and Home Life

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Positive Living: Zen and Home Life (2012)

Episode 13
Only available in United States

Zen practitioner Larry Johanson shares techniques for breathing and clearing thoughts. When the mind is renewed it provides and enriching place for creativity to grow.

Professional Organizer Carolyn Caldwell provides organizing strategies for busy households.

Gary Direnfeld gives a father of two young children advice on setting boundaries, fostering creativity and an assertive approach to positively direct children’s behaviors.

Aida Memisevic, Larry Johanson, Carolyn Caldwell, Gary Direnfeld
Aida Memisevic


Miracles and NLP Video
Episode 1 Miracles and NLP
Miracles and NLP (2012)
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Only available in United States
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Only available in United States
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Only available in United States

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