4 Ways Yoga Can Help Your Career


As a student of yoga, you may have heard the phrase many times: root down to rise up. In other words – at least as far as your asana practice goes – fixing your feet to your mat, to the earth, can help you to lift up, find balance and lighten your yoga practice.

Let’s take that concept a step farther. Off the mat and in your career, how can getting grounded help your career take off? It may be just a matter of focus, finding your drishti, and providing yourself with a stable platform from which to move and explore.

From the outset, checking in with your first chakra, the root or muladhara chakra at the base of the spine, can help you achieve a sense of awareness and presence that feeds your sense of emotional well-being and your self-confidence to press ahead in your job search.

Here are some tips to help you get rooted, in order to soar in your career:

Stand your ground – This is all about setting your intention in your career, just as you might set an intention at the beginning of a yoga practice session. What you give your attention to is what flourishes in your life. That said, use your energy to fuel your goals and ambitions, rather than spending it to feed any doubts or worries.

Don’t be afraid to fall – Think about vrkshasana, or tree pose: it’s possible to achieve a feeling of true freedom in this classic balancing pose, as the foot of your standing leg roots down, and your hands reach for heaven. Setting aside any worries about swaying back and forth, or even falling out of the pose, can help you reach even higher. The same principle applies in your career – aiming high can be scary, but it’s worthwhile. If you fall, just get back on your feet and keep trying!

Focus on the goal – Here’s where drishti, or focus, is more important than ever. Having a focal point, both on and off the mat, is a powerful way to steady yourself, find your balance, and achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself. Drishti is one of most powerful metaphors that the yoga mat offers.

Surrender to laghu, the Sanskrit word for lightness. Searching for what’s next in your career can feel light a pretty weighty matter. Try not to let uncertainty or any sense of heaviness about the future be a burden. Instead, let the unknown about what’s next be an anchor, helping you to stay in place as you survey your career landscape.

Be ready for what’s next – Being present in the moment is important, but being open to what may come next is a good thing too. Being prepared as you go about your job search is critical, but it isn’t everything. Even as you give it your all in both mind and body, be nimble and open to whatever the universe offers you in the moment, and in the future.


Adrianne Bibby

Adrianne Bibby, a staff writer for FlexJobs, is a former Washington, D.C.-based reporter and editor. A Yoga Alliance-registered yoga teacher, she is on the staff of Fish Tree Yoga in Pensacola, Florida. Read more of Adrianne’s articles at FlexJobs.com.


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