5 Perspectives to Support Your Goals

Entrepreneurs and athletes are a match made in heaven! What’s the connection? We are innovative, nimble, and full of spunk – all useful in getting the job done. Here are five ways to connect the dots so you can catapult yourself toward your goals!

  1. Be A Beginner

If you want be an expert in sport or business, be the pupil. Be willing to practice your craft with unshakeable determination. In business and sport, there is no foolproof formula, only full expression! To prosper, listen, watch, learn, and practice. Notice what you hear from customers, employees, supportive friends, or partners in athletic crime. There are similarities in the message— if you listen, you can find them. Watch those who have honed their skills and dedicate time to discovering how you learn best.

  1. Embrace the Intermediate

Expanding to the next level requires breaking out of your known zone and tossing in plenty of variety however you can. In sport, variety might be: a new trick, an extra mile, a bigger wave, or a stronger kick. In business, it might mean: being seen, speaking out, or taking a huge risk. To reach a higher level you’ll need to foster endurance, strength, agility, commitment, and speed – all skills you acquire in business and sport!

  1. Acknowledge Experience

We all know there are moments when things don’t go our way. Sometimes we stumble, we fall, and we even break. When things implode, do what’s possible to cultivate patience, even if you’re fuming the whole rotten time. Commitment to patience brings focus – even if you have to break for 5 minutes to punch a pillow, returning to focus wins the goal. This journey is often sweaty, stinky, and leaves you breathless, but overcoming challenges is truly the ultimate payday. If you’re willing to take a beating, then you will surely keep on ticking!

  1. Play The Underdog

Whether starting a new business or tackling a new sport, life will attempt to convince you that every dark force is sitting outside of you. From this perspective, it will feel as if everything is controlling you: the weather, the terrain, the stock market, the other guy...but, there are abilities in you that you just don’t see. Realize you have what it takes! Create opportunity or wildly fail, it matters not, because when life throws you a loop – you’ll yell, "Plot twist!" and move right along!

  1. Honor The Competitor

There are always moments when we need a good kick in the rear. They’re generally required after we’ve been badgering ourselves with our own deranged thoughts…"you suck, get a real job, stop trying to be younger than you are, you are clearly uncoordinated, no one needs you, who wants to buy that?"

Mindset—it either gets you in the game or it kicks you right out.

Pay close attention, and you will discover you’re playing hard against yourself. It’s time to defeat the rival within you.

Your goal is closer than you think, but it’s up to YOU to build a perspective that will get you there. When in doubt, try one of these on for size: be the beginner, embrace the intermediate, acknowledge the experienced, play the underdog, and honor the competitor!

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