5 Tips for Conscious Aging

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5 Tips for Conscious Aging

Conscious aging is not about beauty products or trying to look young again. It’s about growing to be your best self. It’s an opportunity to reframe the way you think about aging.


Here are 5 ways you can practice this:


  1. Shift your perspective
    Get rid of the stories you’re creating in your head and say yes to life and new opportunities. Are your old ways of thinking holding you back?
  2. Let go of the ego
    We waste so much of our energy trying to compete with each other. This can result in stress and anxiety, which can speed up cellular aging.
  3. Positive self perception
    We get confused that if you don’t look good, you don’t feel good. What’s the problem with looking your age? Happiness is key.
  4. Changing the metaphors around aging
    Take back the right to show up as you are and create more space in your life for whatever comes up, i.e. changes in your body.
  5. Change your thought patterns
    Your mind is the crux of your well-being. Are you constantly thinking negative thoughts?

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