5 Tips for Your Best Yoga Playlist


Music is a powerful part of any yoga practice. From energizing your flow to helping calm and center your mind, choosing tunes that are suitable for yoga help to enhance the experience. Check out the tips below to help create a yoga mix that’s a perfect fit for your style, your practice, and if you’re a teacher – your classes!

Set the Tone

Make sure songs are the proper fit for the practice. Are you teaching power yoga to a class in their mid-twenties? Using contemporary music can be an effective way to engage your students. For a restorative class, going with instrumental songs or more traditional Indian music may be a better fit.

Learn the Lyrics

If you’re including songs with lyrics, make sure they are uplifting and appropriate. Steer clear of language or messages that may be distracting to participants. Monopolize on the opportunity to let lyrics tie in to your verbal cues. Words such as lift, free, balance, etc. can motivate and encourage a focused practice.

Value the Volume

Recognize the rise and fall of the songs, making sure peaks, lulls or abrupt endings don’t cause distractions or dead space. When possible, fade songs in and out to make the mix as fluid as possible. If using lyrics, make sure they don’t compete with your voice.

Go with the Flow

Organize songs so that they fit the pace of class. Starting with gentler songs while establishing the breath at the beginning, building in to more energizing songs midway through, and then settling back to calmer music as the practice winds down.


Select a song that is long enough and calm enough for a full Savasana. It can be jarring for songs to change too quickly at the end of class. Allow the music to be a guide, not something that draws the attention away from full relaxation.

Need more inspiration? Yogis across the world are making mixes and sharing them via sites such as Soundcloud, iTunes and Spotify. Figure out what works for you and take your music to the mat!


Kristina Reese

Kristina is a practicing yogi and yoga instructor based in the heart of the Midwest. With a background in fitness and athletics, she teaches at local gyms and health clubs, working with current and former athletes to share the many mind-body benefits of a yoga lifestyle. Find Kristina on Spotify, Instagram and Facebook.


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