5 Ways to Make More Money without Teaching More Hours


Are you teaching 15, 20, 25 group yoga classes a week?

This is a common scenario for too many amazing yoga teachers; they get caught trading their time for too little money. But teaching group classes is a total Catch 22 because we need that income to support us.

How do we make the transition to pursue more fulfilling (and more lucrative) projects, not to mention have more time for ourselves, friends and families? This is a common question I deal with as a yoga business and marketing mentor, and as a yoga teacher myself.

If you are ready to step back from teaching countless hours of group classes and make more money while still teaching what you love, I want to offer some fun, fresh ideas to build a stronger, more fulfilling, and more profitable yoga career.

Here are five fun, creative suggestions to help kick your yoga business up a notch!

Focus on teaching more private lessons.

I’m guessing you don’t like “pitching” yourself to students. (I hear ya. I don’t like sales pitches either.) The key is to remember that your goal as a yoga instructor is to serve your students, and sometimes that means inviting them to work one-on-one with you!

Teach yoga workshops.

Hosting is great for so many reasons:

  1. You get to teach something you absolutely love
  2. You can charge way more for your time and expertise than you can in a group class setting
  3. Once you have the workshop material, you can use it again and again in a number of different formats
  4. It’s a terrific way to entice your students to dive deeper into their yoga.

Network and recruit referral partners.

This is another excellent way to generate more business that so few yogis employ! Look for entrepreneurs, small business owners and fellow teachers that offer complementary services like massage, physical therapy, Pilates, personal training, life coaching, acupuncture, nutritional counseling, etc. Visit their place of work, drop them a quick email or give them a call when you know of a student who could benefit from their services, and in no time they’ll be sending referrals your way too.

Be a guest teacher.

Expose yourself to new students as a guest instructor at a teacher training, workshop or conference. If you hold a special area of expertise, guest teaching is a wonderful way to make more money, reach more students, and connect with fellow yoga business people.

Don’t think you’re an “expert”? Think again! Do you spend all your free time reading about Ayurveda? Did you take a 100-hour training in anatomy or therapeutics? Have you studied Reiki? Are you an amateur vegetarian chef? Do you have a knack for energy work? Do you work a lot with athletes, children, seniors, pregnant woman or another specialized group? If you dig deep enough, you’ll soon realize that you hold special knowledge about something that others could benefit from.

Design an online offering.

Though the idea of creating an online offering may seem a little daunting at first, it’s truly one of the best ways to take your teaching to a totally new level. When you deliver an online teaching, you have the opportunity to tap into the expansive global market and reach people from all over the globe!

What forms could this online offer take? It could be as simple as an e-book, instructional video or audio teaching, or as robust as a multi-week online course or online workshop.

I can say, from personal experience and from working with many yoga teachers from all over the globe, starting an online yoga business is one of the best, most effective ways to move beyond the struggle and into yoga biz abundance.

Try out some of the suggestions above, and you’ll soon see the awesome income potential from each. As you make more money from creative offerings, like those listed above, then you can begin to let go of your least attended, worst-paying, most draining public classes! More money and less time work: it’s a total win-win!


Cailen Ascher

Cailen Ascher is a marketing maven and yoga teacher who wants to live in a world where everyone’s dream job is their day job and yoga pants are acceptable work attire. As an internationally known yoga entrepreneur and marketing expert, she’s been featured on MindBodyGreen, elephant journal, Gaiam TV, LKR Social Media, Gary Vaynerchuk’s “1 a Day Q&A”, YogipreneurTV, Millennial Talk with Chelsea Krost, and is co-host of Yoga Business LIVE.
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