6 Ways to Bring Spirituality into Your Shopping


When I first discovered the world of spirituality, I fell in love with its new perspectives and teachings. I was enamored with my new and much larger view of life, and I made many changes to my own lifestyle.

Some things made so much sense – of course we need to choose love over fear! And how amazing is it that we can call on a higher being to help and support us? Other things were not so simple though, and I worried that choosing this new way of life would mean having to let go of a lot of things that I really enjoyed, like make-up and parties and shopping.

My brother, who was not yet on-board with my new lifestyle, said to me, “You like all this weird stuff, but you still want to do your hair and go to the mall, so who are you?” I realized then that I can be all of it, and rather than excluding some aspects of my self, my spirituality would infuse every part of me and everything I did. Finding the spirituality in everything is one of the main pillars of my spiritual practice, but today I’m going to focus on one very fun topic: spiritual shopping.

Oh, shopping. It’s gotten a bit of a bad rap. We see it as overwhelming, frivolous, materialistic, and definitely unspiritual. This is just one view point though. In my opinion, we can bring spirituality into our shopping. Here’s how:

Ask the angels for help. I talk to the angels all the time, and that includes when I’m at the mall. When I enter the store, I put out a quick request, something like “Angels, please guide my shopping experience and help me to find everything I need and at the best price.” It’s amazing how well this works; I get sales and deals and I have a much easier time finding what I’m looking for. It makes shopping feel fun and effortless.

Protect your energy. We’re all sensitive to the energies around us, and some of us more so than others. The energy at shopping centers tends to be a bit crazy and stressful, so before I go in, I visualize healing and protective energy all around me and ask for assistance in remaining calm and centered amid the chaos.

Understand the Law of Circulation.
We hear so much about the Law of Attraction, but this is only one aspect of the manifesting/abundance process. The Law of Attraction focuses on receiving, but to keep wealth and abundance flowing, we also need to spend and circulate money! As you make your purchases, notice any anxiety you have around spending money and make an effort to shift your energy and bless the money that is going out.

It can help to think about how this exchange of money will benefit others (i.e., go to an employee’s salary, contribute to the company’s charitable campaigns, etc.). You need to give what you want to receive.

Check in with the energy of your purchases. I used to shop based on what was cheap or what I felt like I should buy. The result was that I had a closet full of OK clothes that didn’t make me feel good. Now when I shop, I check in with the energy of the item that I’m considering. If it feels light and happy, I buy it. If something feels heavy (energetically, not physically), I don’t! This doesn’t mean I buy lots of unnecessary things; it means I rely on my energy to tell me what to buy. As a result, I love my wardrobe more and more; it’s a truer reflection of my personality, and I make more responsible purchases. My clothes feel like “me” now.

Don’t shop based on money. This point is related to the last. Of course, if you have a budget, you need to respect that, but we usually have the idea that the more expensive something is, the better. When I shop based on the energy around the purchases rather than the price, I sometimes end up with something that cost a lot less than I might have normally paid, because I’m basing my choice on the item and not being swayed by the association I have with the price. Conversely, I’ll sometimes spend more on something than I’d planned because it feels really right, and I’ve yet to regret it.

Identify potential shopping addictions.
I was never a full-on shopping addict, but I know that I once used spending to fill emotional needs. If I was upset, buying something served to distract me for a short time, much like eating or drinking does for others. Now I’m aware of it, and if I’m in a funky mood and feel myself being pulled to the clothes rack or nail polish aisle, I check in and question what’s really going on and figure out how I can help myself in more loving ways.

The holiday season is upon us, so this is a perfect time to apply these ideas. You can absolutely spread your love and light in the world while rocking a faux fur vest and designer bag. In my view, we’re here to enjoy all of the things in this beautiful material world, not to abstain from them.

I’m wishing you lots of wonderful shopping trips and a very happy holiday season!


Kate Horodyski

Kate Horodyski is a writer and energy healer and is passionate about exploring the mystical side of life. She documents her spiritual journey on her blog, My Spiritual Roadtrip.


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