7 Questions to Know if You’re Ready to Teach Yoga Full-Time


By Cailen Ascher

Wonder if you’re ready to start teaching yoga full-time?

Many of us yoga teachers start teaching simply because we love it, and give little thought to business strategies and marketing. But as our teaching deepens and our yoga community grows, we often begin to see that with some focused effort we could transform this teaching “hobby” of ours into a real profession.

Navigating the murky waters from yoga teacher to full-time yoga entrepreneur is not easy, but I’m here today with a little help. I’m sharing seven questions to ask yourself to see if you’re ready to start teaching full-time.

After you evaluate your current life and yoga business with these seven questions in mind, you’ll gain immense clarity as to whether full-time teaching is the right next step for you.

Are you making a steady income from teaching?

This is a really important factor to consider, and one that we yogis often don’t like to think about. Before you decide to start teaching full-time, it’s vital to know what money you can count on coming in each week and each month. If you’re making a solid, steady, comfortable income from your teaching, it may just be the right time to go pro.

Are you experiencing sustained growth?

Basically, is your yoga business on an uptick? Are you getting more and more students into your classes and workshops? Are you getting more requests for private, one-on-one sessions? Is your online community growing and are more opportunities coming your way to teach, speak and share your expertise?

Do you have savings?

Everybody’s situation is different, but generally it’s a good idea to have 4-6 months’ worth of income set aside before you leave your current part- or full-time job to pursue teaching. Having a little cushion will help you stress less as you build your yoga biz.

Do you have a strong support system?

We all need support and words of encouragement – especially when we’re taking on a big (and yes, scary) undertaking like pursuing our passion full-time. Make sure you share your dream with family and friends so that you have people to turn to. Also, it’s vital to have a mentor, business coach or other successful full-time teacher that you can turn to with your questions and concerns.

Are you short on time?

This is a great indicator that your yoga career is primed to take off. If you’re consistently finding that your part- or full-time job costing you money, yoga clients and potential opportunities, the time is likely right to consider dropping the job and doing yoga full-time.

Do you have a strategy?

This may not be the most glamorous of topics, but it’s an essential one. Do you have a plan for pursuing teaching full-time? This includes having marketing plan, business vision, money-making strategy, and thoughts on how to continually grow your community.

Do you see no other option?

OK, it’s time for a serious gut-check moment. If you know with every fiber of your being that you will regret NOT pursuing your yoga career, you have to go for it. Of course, it’s best to have some or all of the other key components in place, but you’ve only got this one life to make this dream happen, so don’t give up on it!


Cailen Ascher

Cailen Ascher is a marketing maven and yoga teacher who wants to live in a world where everyone’s dream job is their day job and yoga pants are acceptable work attire. As an internationally known yoga entrepreneur and marketing expert, she’s been featured on MindBodyGreen, elephant journal, Gaiam TV, LKR Social Media, Gary Vaynerchuk’s “1 a Day Q&A”, YogipreneurTV, Millennial Talk with Chelsea Krost, and is co-host of Yoga Business LIVE.
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