A letter to the World In Response to Recent Tragedies


I cannot imagine that anything I have to say could ease the feelings of pain, suffering, or loss that have been floating around our world recently. What can you possibly say to the man who has been working fourteen-hour days to provide food and shelter for his family then looses everything to a natural disaster, the woman who saw her husband and only child killed by radical extremist, or the little girl who said goodbye to her parents for the last time as they went to celebrate their anniversary in Las Vegas?

Some weeks ago I decided to write an article with regards to the current state of the world and it took me a couple weeks to get started, but my procrastination was not due to a lack of material, believe me; it has now been re-written for the third time as I try to keep up with global tragedies. In my heart I know exactly what needed to be said, but I am not sure we are ready to hear it. Please understand that my intention is not to be-little any tragedy, loss, or suffering by any means, but that I am writing to apologize for my actions and offer my commitment in exchange for your forgiveness.

From the depths of my heart, ‘I am sorry.’

From the depths of my heart, ‘I am sorry.’ I am sorry for the times when I have treated you as if you were separate or different.  I am sorry for those times when my words may have been harsh or insensitive. I am sorry for not being there for you when all you needed was someone to hold you. I am sorry for allowing myself to be blinded by stereotypes and was not open to seeing the authentic beauty inside of you. I am sorry for those times when I indulged in excessive food and drink despite of your hunger. I am sorry for contributing to a society that made you feel insecure and like you are ‘not good enough.’ I am sorry I did not forgive you sooner, or immediately.  I am sorry for judging you rather than trying to understand and appreciate your views and opinions. I am sorry for not taking the time to plant trees, appreciate nature’s magic, or play in the sand. I am sorry for contributing to the degradation of our environment through excessive development and consumerism. I am sorry for driving my diesel vehicle when I could have ridden my bike. I am sorry for anytime I have ever thought, said, or done anything to bring any vibrations other than Love, to our society, our planet, or our world. I am sorry for my contributions to the current state of our world. I am sorry for blaming the current state of our world on your opinions, your words, and your actions. I am ready to commit to bringing nothing but love and positivity into our world when faced with suffering, pain, hopelessness, and despair.”

I invite you to read on…

Our communities, news, and social media have been infiltrated with conversations around the state of our planet from every angle; environmentally, socially, economically, politically, and even spiritually. The energetics of these conversations for the most part have an underlying tone of fear, worry, blame, judgment, and even complete hopelessness. I understand that the state of our world can sometimes seem overwhelming, but it is times like these when we need to show up with more Love than ever before.  In the next few paragraphs I’m going to invite you take a new perspective on the current state of the world and our place in its healing. It’s going to take some courage and introspection so that we can show up from a place of unconditional love no matter what. So buckle up, it could get uncomfortable at times.

I’m going to say something shocking here and you’re either going to make it past this paragraph or you won’t, but we need to get the fear issue out of the way. You see, it seems like our divinity is easier to talk about than it is to truly believe in. If you don’t connect to any ideas of GOD or Divine entity then I would love to address that in another article, but I believe. Additionally, it may be difficult for some of us to entertain, but I don’t believe this ‘GOD’ is coming with brimstone and fire, ever. So whether you are an atheist or fundamentalist, I invite you to read on. Regardless, I would like to believe that this article may have something to offer you. What I am getting at here is ‘ The Big Picture.’ It seems we are getting caught up in attachment to name, form, identity, and life as we know it. The more we allow ourselves to believe that this human experience is all that we are, then it makes sense that we would be afraid and overcome by fear at the thought of losing it. We may even turn against each other to defend and protect the one thing we know. We speak of God, an afterlife, collective consciousness, and all these beautiful things but it’s pretty useless if we don’t embody the faith to back it up. Whether it be on a personal level or a global and universal level, we have to remember that we are a part of something much bigger, we are being guided and held by a collective spirit. We need to let go of all the fear because we truly have nothing to loose, we are not here on this earth to live forever, and build mega civilizations, we are here to learn to Love without limits, REAL LOVE. That’s it!

Shot of a group of friends putting their hands together in prayer

Fear, faith, and trampolines

Have you ever looked back on a really challenging time in your life and been so amazed and grateful for all the growth that it brought you? You realize that you would never be the person you are today if you hadn’t endured those struggles, oppression, or a broken heart. The reality of life is that one day it will appear to bring you to your knees when in fact it’s just giving you a trampoline. When we hit the bottom of that trampoline we can choose to take the fetal position, live in self-pity, be a victim, and blame everyone else for our experiences. Or we can summon the energies within us, lift our head up, spring to the heavens, and live the life we have dreamed of with even more courage, commitment, and love than ever before.

If our personal struggles can gift us the opportunity to learn, grow, and move towards embodying the powerful, Divine versions of ourselves, then why is the state of the world any different?  Collectively, maybe we are falling to our knees sure, but this is OUR time. WE collectively are being gifted with the opportunity to come together, excel our evolution, expand our consciousness, and learn to love the BIG LOVE. Are you ready?

Yes, its definitely easier said than done. Especially when you have personally contributed to the state of the world. What? Yes, you heard me, we all have. What else did you think that apology was about? It’s so much easier to blame everyone else; politicians, capitalist, fundamentalist, the media, and even friends and family. It’s always someone else that has it wrong, someone else that needs to change their ways, open their minds, stop dreaming, and quit being so self-absorbed, and ignorant. What does this have to do with the state of the world? Everything! Absolutely everything!

I am sure you may have noticed that your personal actions, thoughts, and words affect those around you either positively or negatively. If not, you really need to have a look at that. Today, you can even create and inspire change on the other side of the world through blogs, videos, and every avenue of social media. Corporations and capitalist have been changing global behavior patterns for decades by carefully feeding our world images, thoughts, beliefs, and even creating hypothetic situations that don’t exist making us feel we need to act in a certain manner. No, this is not their fault; this is not the blame game.

Your role in all of this

What I am getting at is this: the consciousness, evolution, and vibration of our planet is collective; every word, thought, and action carries a vibration with it that is going to manifest itself somehow, somewhere. Our world does not need more negativity, blame, and hopelessness. It does not even need hope. It needs faith and commitment to LOVE.  If we as individuals can commit to making changes in our life and commit to live from a place of compassion, understanding, and love, then guess what? We will accelerate the shift we have been waiting for and alter the thoughts, words, and actions of an entire planet.

Yes, I know. You probably already meditate, practice yoga, pray, eat vegetarian, and use eco-friendly cleaning products. You are doing your part right? How about forgiveness? Have you truly forgiven everyone in your life that you feel has wronged or hurt you? Have you opened up and had those difficult conversations from a place of complete love and understanding? Are we truly seeing God in all people, situations, and creation or is ‘Namaste’ just a pretty word that our communities use so that we feel our yoga practice is authentic? Much of the time we get so rigid and strong in our belief that we alienate ourselves from the very opinions and practices we want to influence. What I’m getting at here is this: If you want the leaders of our world to be more understanding, forgiving, compassionate, and loving then we need to do the same in all of our relationships, not just when it’s convenient or when someone is looking. We must find the courage to have a solid look into our own lives to see where we are not contributing to the world positively; the areas and relationships where we are not showing up from a place of unconditional love. If a situation or individual is challenging or frustrating, then don’t avoid them, love them. I say to our nation’s leaders and the world’s equally struggling counterparts,


“Do not fear, I will not leave you, I love you. I will be by your side no matter what, until we walk into the light hand in hand.”

How you can create change

I can assure you that anyone who feels judged, attacked, or separated is not going to have their heart open to what you have to say. If you truly want to inspire and create change then open up conversations of the heart, not a war of the egos. Can you imagine how different our world would be if our leaders actually sat down and had heart-to-heart conversations without any hidden agendas, economic gain, or desire to be right?

Before I attempt to bring this article to an inspiring conclusion, I’m going to share a story with you about one of my favorite souls to grace our planet. You may have heard of him, his name was Robert Nesta Marley, also know as Bob. In 1976, Jamaica was in political turmoil between rival political parties and a Free Peace concert was arranged with Bob Marley headlining. Two days before the concert there was a politically driven attempted assassination on his life and Bob was shot in his arm. Without hesitation, Bob Marley took the stage at the concert two days later and brought to the stage all the love and inspiration he had in the hope of brining his people together. When asked why he would risk taking the stage knowing that the assassination on his life two days earlier was politically driven he said, “ The people who are trying to make the world worse aren’t taking a day off. How can I?” This my friends, is the commitment we have to step into if we want to see a change in our world and a shift of consciousness. Our commitment to love must be unshakable, even in the face of despair, desperation, tragedy, and yes, even death.

The mind being the most powerful instrument on the planet has the ability to change perspective, experiences, and even reality. With the world we live in and all that is taking place we have a choice to make everyday; we can allow the fear and suffering to bring us to our knees or we can choose to commit to love regardless of any and all circumstances. This is the time that our world needs our love the most; this is the time that the vibration of every word, sound, and thought needs to transcend any doubt, negativity, or fear. This is the time we are gifted with the opportunity to remember our divine nature. We need you, are you ready to love today’s world?




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