Antarctica – A Whole New World: Part II


In Part – I of this article, we saw glimpses of history and “out of this world” tales.  Now we will dive into connecting facts and collective myth with present day disclosure that brings us near the threshold of a whole new reality. Image courtesy of NASA.

Out of This World: A Recap

Let us take a quick glimpse into some topics expressed in the first half of this article.  We saw that historical maps of Antarctica originated 300 years before its discovery.  “The Book of Enoch,” the Bible, Plato’s Timaeus along with other ancient writings told stories of unworldly events, heavenly wars and cataclysmic events.  Contemporary writings as well as Hollywood movies also gave us an interesting twist on legends of angels, giants, mixed beasts and ancient astronaut theories.  The Germans had a significant interest in exploring the icy continent for their gain of sophisticated technology and escape from WWII.  We also learned about recent reports of long lost pyramids along with testimonials regarding suspicious activity at the South Pole.

Let us now continue on this journey of compiling the data and indications to take a closer look into the mystery that surrounds Antarctica.

Whistleblower Corey Goode

For those of you who have been watching the Cosmic Disclosure series, with David Wilcock and Corey Goode, much of the news regarding the secret space program may not be a shocker.  To briefly condense for those who may not be tuned in from the beginning of his disclosure process, Corey was inducted into, what is referred, as the “20 and back program.”  This gave him a 20 year chilling ride into the secret space program involving the U.S. government in collaboration with various veiled factions as well as alien groups.

Years after Corey served his 20 years and was returned through age regression technology, he surmises he was then selected by a mysterious higher dimensional group he referred as the “Blue Sphere Alliance.” He then goes on to share his incredible story of becoming the ambassador to this group along with a collaborative effort with the alien race he refers to as the “Blue Avians.”  Corey also developed a relationship with the Inner Earth race known as the “Anshar.”  He continues to have contact with these mysterious groups and is bringing to the world unique insights into highly classified intel about our solar system and beyond, an alien agenda, secret government programs and new world threats.  Corey also delivers messages to strengthen humanity and give hope for our future.

Antarctica Exposed

The recent developments regarding Antarctica ( is where the following paragraphs will consolidate Corey’s recent involvement which brought him down this incredible path of discovery.  I must encourage subscribers to watch the episodes in season 7 to gather more detailed information regarding his testimony.

How was Corey allowed access to these classified findings into Antarctica?  Corey was taken there by the Inner Earth beings known as the “Anshar” along with his intermittent counterpart who’s alias is, “Gonzales.”  They gave Corey a tour of the discoveries in an egg shaped craft which opened his eyes to incredible artifacts, and deceased beings.  Reportedly, the Anshar took Corey through an unexcavated snow wall with a room filled with metallic scrolls that they were collecting into a collapsible container.  Gonzales was also taking core samples through means of special technology of the genetics of beings that were found on site.

So between Corey and David, they claim with the collaborative intel from an anonymous insider, referred to as Pete Peterson,  that under a mile plus of ice, a secret civilization has been discovered.  Giant species referred to as Pre-Adamites have been uncovered after being frozen in the last cataclysm.  It is suggested that there was a pole shift around 12,600 years ago making this once proposed warmer climate of Antarctica become instantly frozen and for the most part inhabitable.  The theory is that the time frame coincides with the great biblical flood of Noah.

According to Corey, the officials involved are calling this the “Pompeii ( Ice” due to the horrific manner in which the bodies were flash frozen instantly.  Corey commented that many of the bodies were giants with elongated skulls ranging from 12′ to 15′ tall.  There were even hybrid bodies alleged of humans with tales and part humans and part beast.  As we have seen through ancient lore, writings and artistic depictions, beasts like centaurs are scattered throughout the world.  It is hypothesized that the hybrids were created as a slave race.

Clash of the Aliens

The Pre-Adamites were supposedly survivors of a crash landing who were at the time in war with the Draco /Reptilians.  They originated from Mars and Marduk ( and were chased off the moon through a battle with the Reptilians.  Since their reported, three crafts were unable to fly far from our solar system, they chose Antarctica to land.   The Pre-Adamites had knowledge of the remnants of an ancient builder race with advanced technology, preserved since 1.8 billion years ago.  Their population were few, so they scavenged parts from an the ancient alien civilization already in place in Antarctica.  The Pre-Adamites cloned themselves to make more of their race and eventually created genetically altered hybrids that survived the cataclysm.  These hybrids scattered amongst the Earth with a bloodline in Central America and another race of royals in Asia and Europe.  The royal bloodline lineage are being referred to as the Cabal or Illuminati that are theorized to control the world today.

What’s Under the Ice?

Corey continued to reveal intel regarding a pyramid found larger than Giza and a circular 30 mile mothership that is now being explored by our government in top secret.  His accounts relay that there are also giant bodies in stasis chambers found in the mothership.  This enormous vessel has been located with operational, smaller flying crafts left inside that have been reportedly flown recently into the outer atmosphere.  There have been ornate “stupa shaped” crafts revealed that its purpose is theorized to have once been transport vehicles for ancient royals.  Portal devices have also been allegedly discovered and buried in stones.  Underground rooms with gold lined walls are rumored to be under the ice. A former paradise including palm trees and various species of tropical fauna are purportedly being uncovered along with ancient animals such as mammoths.

Corroborating Witnesses

Corey’s claims may sound sensational but corroborating testimony regarding the secret space program from other insiders have come forth through the 98 plus episodes of Cosmic Disclosure.  Credible witnesses from other whistleblowers such as William Tompkins ( and Clifford Stone ( make Corey’s story conceivable.  Recent accounts by John Lear  ( son of inventor of the Lear Jet, as well as Heather Sartain (  daughter of employee of Lockheed Martin, further substantiate his statements.

So what is next?  Stay tuned for more upcoming leaks on Cosmic Disclosure.

Recent Tours

Very recently, many important visitors ( have journeyed to Antarctica which tells us that something unusual is occurring.  Recent visitors such as John Kerry went to Antarctica on Election Day.  It has been also visited by Great Britain’s, Prince Harry.  The Russian Orthodox Patriarch, Kirill, traveled to Antarctica to supposedly see the penguins only one day after an historic visit with the Pope.  Buzz Aldrin went there in December of 2016  and had fallen ill then allegedly tweets (which this tweet is not confirmed), “We are all in danger. It is evil itself.”  He and his wife were also wearing peculiar shirts with one saying , “Get your Ass to Mars.”  There have also been rumors of Obama going to the icy continent too.

With all these special tours going on, we can guess something important is there to see other than icebergs and penguins.

Sanitized Disclosure

As far as the world governments are concerned, we can be sure if and when we acquire any news on the recent findings of Antarctica, the disclosure will most likely be altered and cleaned up.  Information may slowly trickle in along with the disinformation.  The gatekeepers of this news will likely tread very lightly on fear of public panic and to resist mass awakening.  It will be left up to us to unveil the truths to make our own conclusions.

Connecting the Dots

Still trying to piece these topics all together?  So according to recent allegations and fact findings of the past, Antarctica has been a hot spot for infiltrating Nazis and present day, touring elites. This icy, inhospitable landscape may have been part of an ancient civilization and some would even go as far as to claim its connection to the once great, mythical Atlantis.  From historical maps to ancient lore along with biblical and contemporary writings, we see that the myths of angels, aliens, giants, and strange creatures mixed up with cataclysmic events create a grand soup of hot wonderment as well as confusion from what we have been spoon fed.  Whether you believe parts of this article, all or none, make your own conclusion.  Read, watch and keep an open mind on the possibilities of discovering a whole new world.

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