They say age ain’t nothing but a number. So, what if 90 were the new 50?


They say age ain’t nothing but a number. So, what if 90 were the new 50?

And what if we could completely rewrite our own genetic code? That was the topic of conversation between Lisa Garr and Dr. Mario Martinez in the recent episode of Gaiam TV’s Inspirations, called ‘Rewriting the Genetic Code.’

Dr. Martinez is a clinical neuropsychologist with a twist… not only has he been exploring how our beliefs affect our bodies, he has also made some startling discoveries while researching how we are impacted by culture and society. He developed the theory of biocognitive science in 1998 to investigate the causes of health and the learning of illnesses. It has become a new paradigm for understanding how cultural beliefs can affect health and longevity.

His research led him to interview many centenarians around the world to discover what these folks have in common. Besides a good sense of humor and the ability to forgive, they also shared the power of ritual: for example, a nip of rum before going to bed or a cigar in the evening. What’s interesting to note is that this ritual of a nightcap or a smoke wasn’t accompanied by excessive or addictive consumption throughout the rest of the day.

It reminds me of my grandmother’s sister who always used to enjoy a shot of rum in her tea in the afternoon, accompanied by a cigarette. She absolutely loved that time of the day and would enjoy it with wild abandon. It was her daily ritual and she used to say it kept her young.

As Dr. Martinez says: ‘You age at the speed of your beliefs.’

After watching this and seeing the gentleman aged 101 who just ran a marathon, you will surely think again before saying you’re too old for anything! What if illness has been learned and can therefore be un-learned?

He shares a technique which was shown to him by a shaman to quickly rejuvenate and which you can easily do anywhere, anytime. I really love the way he has brought together wisdom from all corners of the globe. This is even being implemented in large organizations where the interaction between employees and different departments is related to the immune system and how that affects the well-being of all concerned. Something many of us are well aware of… so isn’t it exciting to see how this is being shared in a way which can be received mainstream?

Another fascinating exploration takes us to the subject of stigmata and how Dr. Martinez discovered some very interesting phenomena… You’ll have to watch it to get the full scoop and find out why the Vatican tracked him down.

Definitely worth watching!

Check out this video–and an entire library of similar ones!


Tina Van Leuven

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