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The practice of yoga gives us principles that can be applied to our crazy, busy modern lives. Its ancient roots are filled with wisdom that we can access as we work to navigate the demands of daily life.

Whether you are an advanced student or someone who is brand new to yoga, you have the capability to find whatever it is you need, right now, in this moment.

As someone who knows personally the demands of juggling a busy professional and personal life, I know what stress feels like. This is where my yoga practice comes in.

Each day I make it a point to practice self-care so that I can find balance in the midst of all the go, go, go.

Here are three tips that I’ve been reminding myself of daily…


  1. Self-Care is Key:

    Make it a point not to rush from one thing to the next. Give yourself time and space to breathe and process. Even if it feels like you don’t have enough time, you really do. All it takes is a minute to stop, breathe and reset – and it can change your entire day!

  2. Create a Daily Ritual of Gratitude:

    It’s easy to get caught up in all the things we need to do and forget about all of the things we have. The moment you wake up, be grateful that you are alive. Focus your mind on all the things you are grateful for, and how today is an opportunity to grow and help those you love in the world you live.

  3. Make Moments Count:

    When you do have a pause in your day, make the most of it by connecting to your breath and feeling your feet on the earth. This simple grounding practice can help you deal with anything that has or will come your way. Even ten or fifteen minutes is enough time to tune into a practice and shift your whole day!


I think we can all benefit from these simple tips; and, believe me, they have helped me tremendously!

In addition to this self-care advice, I want to offer my favorite practices – the ones that really dive into the more esoteric elements and philosophies of yoga. Each of these is taught by one of my favorite teachers and provides something that really fills my cup when I need it.



Deeper States of Meditation

Meditation for the Love of It

And if you want to practice with me, here are some of my favorite classes I have taught for Gaia!

Morning Ritual


Remember that your yoga practice is always there for you – whether you are on your mat or not. By just being aware of the stress and imbalances that modern daily life causes, you can begin to take small steps to live a healthier, happier life.

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