Corey Goode on Secret Space Program

By: Gaia Staff  |  July 21, 2015

Gaia gets an exclusive Q&A session with whistleblower Corey Goode, whose claims of a Secret Space Program are causing people to rethink what they’ve been told to believe. Corey will be appearing on Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock here on Gaiam TV.

The SSP can seem pretty farfetched to people. How, or why, should people believe your claims?

Consider for a moment that we are driving and flying around in 18th and early 19th century technology that has been dressed up with the latest in known material science and electronics to make us feel we have advanced as a civilization.

Over the last century are we to believe there have been no advancements in these technologies? We are still burning fossil fuels after we so rapidly advanced from horses and buggies to the point of combustion engine locomotion in ground and air travel, as well as controlled explosions to reach low Earth orbit. But we’ve supposedly completely stalled in our development?

I would think we would find it more difficult to believe that we came so far so quickly and then stopped innovating.

People have been programmed to trust what they are told.

They have been told there are no advanced secret aircraft on many occasions, then find out decades later that they were real once they were declassified and a more advanced technology had taken their place.

It is not my job to convince anyone that what I and other whistleblowers are disclosing about the Secret Space Programs is true. It is my job to get this information planted like a seed into the consciousness of humanity to prepare them for a future full disclosure event. This full disclosure event will not only be about the Secret Space Program or if there are little green men.

This disclosure event will entail the opening of a Pandora’s Box of information that the Elite has kept hidden from the masses who have funded this huge secret infrastructure that became a secret breakaway civilization — of which we were denied life-enhancing technologies. Each person should take the time to look at the evidence and listen to the information, and then use their own discernment as to what they are willing to believe between now and a full disclosure event.

What’s the highest priority action item for humanity to do right now in response to the reports you’ve been receiving from the Blue Avians?

The highest priority is to look closely at their message. The message is nothing revolutionary or new. It is the basic tenants of every religion and positive belief system.

First, we need to unplug ourselves from the mainstream media machine and stop looking at the differences that the “Elite” have used to keep us at odds with each other.

Keeping us divided and at each other’s throats over things like religion, politics, and the color of our skin is ridiculous.

The message clearly states that we should focus on becoming more loving, forgiving (of ourselves and others, thus braking the wheel of karma). We should focus on becoming more in service to others on a daily basis, without becoming door mats to negative-oriented people. We must focus on raising our consciousness and vibrations through prayer, meditation, Tai Chi, yoga or any number of other ways. There is no need to change our belief systems or adopt a new religion.

We should treat our bodies as temples and adopt high vibrational diets to aid us in raising our consciousness and vibratory states. In doing this, we will change the world one person at a time, even if that one person is ourselves.

What’s the best way to react or prepare ourselves in order for humanity to receive more disclosure?

It has been said by the Sphere Alliance that we will create the conditions for full disclosure with the co-creative powers of our joint consciousness. All matter, energy, and thought are states of vibration.

It has been proven that our consciousness can have a direct effect on the vibratory state of our shared realities.

By doing the inner work mentioned above in the Blue Avian Message, we who are on a path of awakening can prepare ourselves now.

Those who are firmly asleep will have to be jostled awake in an uncomfortable way. There will be the need for financial collapses and revelations of crimes against humanity committed by the very “Elite” that they now trust. They will have to be angered to a point that they will open their minds to the information most of us take for granted. They will look to those of us who are awakened during this time for guidance and stability.

How will we know when the wave of transformational energy will take over the planet?

These high-energy waves have been flowing through our solar system for decades already. The signs are all around us. The planets have all showed remarkable changes in their weather, the Sun has gone through major changes, and most of all we are witnessing the people on our planet having problems adjusting to this higher density and vibratory energy. Positive people are behaving more so. Sadly, the lost and negative polarity people are behaving more so, as we see and hear on the news every day.

We have not been told if this will culminate into a sudden event that will cascade throughout the solar system and change everyone at once, or if it will continue to be a gradual process as we have witnessed for some time. We do know that it is happening. Some are fighting the new energies, and others are going with the flow.

What types of genetic programs are ET groups performing on ‒ or with the help of ‒ humans?

There were 22 programs listed in just one ET Federation Group. Each group was convinced that they were doing positive work. Many of us would classify some of these groups as negative and others as positive. It all comes down to a point of view.

They have been taking part in this “Grand Experiment” for many tens of thousands of years. They, too, are participating in this Genetic, Sociological and Spiritual Experiment.

The Blue Avians have stated that no matter how positive some of these groups are, they are still considered “Service to Self” because they are agenda oriented.

They have mixed their genetics with our own as well as mixed their souls with our societies through incarnation programs. This experiment is vast and complicated in nature. It will take most of us some time to begin to wrap our minds around the basics of it.

List examples of the historical events you’ll be talking about in depth on Cosmic Disclosure on Gaiam TV

We will touch on information about:

  • The Ancient Builder Race that was a part of our solar system history many millions of years ago
  • The different ET groups that have fought for dominion over our solar system resources (of which we are considered one)
  • The history of Ancient Civilizations that moved underground and into space, forming their own “Ancient Earth Break Away Civilizations” who then pretended to be gods and ETs to the humans on Earth
  • The present era of how the current Secret Space Programs were started in the late 1930s and 1940s and how they have developed into the breakaway civilization that we have now
  • We will also cover the dozens of ET groups that have been interacting with our civilizations from the beginning in order to manipulate them for a certain outcome.

We have quite a lot of content to cover that is all based on my direct experiences working in the SSP, as well as my access to the “Smart Glass Pads” that are similar to tablet devices and connect to both ET and SSP databases that were full of information.

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