Dear Kali: Waking Up

By Kali Cathie,

Dear Kali,

I feel like I’ve had some kind of awakening! I’ve been meditating twice a day as well as my yoga and something has shifted, though I’ve yet to put my finger on it. But yoga has integrated into my whole life suddenly if you know what I mean. I find myself all of a sudden a whole lot aware of everything. My body problems have more or less settled, even my knee is doing better, my practice has progressed massively and I find myself being tremendously thankful to a higher power (I don’t know what). I hope all of that makes sense! But I tend to do the same flow each morning mainly because it’s my fav then the rest of my practice that day is dictated by how I’m feeling, whether it’s a power day, yin or Hatha. Should I keep changing my morning flow?

Much love,

Waking Up in Birmingham, UK



Dear Waking Up,


Way to go on creating twice daily meditation practice for yourself. That’s the hardest part and you’ll find that, as you stick to that practice, and continue to awaken more to the nature of reality, beautiful, as well as challenging, things will happen. So it’s not surprising you are already having ‘some kind of awakening’.

Your practice flow each morning is holding you in a container of consistency and regularity. It’s the part of your practice that holds you and keeps you safe. You’ll come to know it as the qualities of Yang, Shiva, or the Masculine, aspect of your practice. It’s how you consciously, or even quite unconsciously, tune into the needs of body-mind, the Feminine part and that which is constantly changing.

As humans, and being intricately related and connected to Nature, we cycle, especially as women. We flow by the moon and the seasons, as well as the time of day. By having a consistent start to your practice each day you have something into which you anchor. It matters little how long this portion of your practice is. What’s important is that it is long enough for you to anchor back into your Self. Some days that may take longer than others. But consciousness loves to remember itself so persistence with practice is key.

By having a consistent start to your practice each day you have something into which you anchor

Yoga Every Day: 15 or 30 minutes practices

Once you are anchored, reconnected or aligned with your deeper nature, you are more tuned into the needs of body-mind. You are more open, more aware, and more insightful. The breath moves in unison with awareness and you drop in so you can hear the call of the small, quiet voice within. This ‘dropping in’ will be occurring more and more quickly and deeply with your twice daily meditation practice compounding on itself.  

Once you’re in this more open, aware, and insightful place you feel into the Yin, the Shakti, and the Feminine aspect of Self. Here you gage the needs of that which changes, that which cycles, that which dances uniquely within and as you in each moment. Always shifting with the sands of time as the tides of life ebb and flow.

That you are changing the rest of your practice, based upon how you feel and the insight you receive from here, means you are tuning into the Shakti (the power or the energy) of body-mind, as well as the phase of cycle in which you find yourself. The small, quiet voice will become more and more recognizable as the voice of wisdom and will speak more clearly, often more articulately here too. Your meditation practice will allow you to discern that voice of truth from the clinging, craving, and distraction of ego. Because you are creating a practice in which you are held, one that is found through repetition and insight gleaned, you have a steady ground upon which to stand, and you will notice that can hear and respond to the call for what’s next so much more easily and quickly.

As you practice in a consistent way you are bringing online more and more or your innate abilities to know exactly what you need at deeper and deeper levels of Self.  

So yes, keep practicing in this way. One day you may wake to find that the call is to evolve the container in some way. Your meditation practice will guide you in exploring this call. And for inspiration you may like to watch Gaia’s series on ‘Exploring the Yogic Path’. 

And… take a moment to honor yourself for staying persistent, even when things get tough. The hardest parts always come just before a breakthrough.


I’m with you gorgeous.



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