Denver Airport Embraces Conspiracies With Campy PR Campaign


Ask any Coloradan about the conspiracies surrounding Denver International Airport (DIA) and you’ll almost certainly hear them ramble about Blucifer, Native American burial grounds, or murals depicting Nazis and a New World Order. And now the airport has decided to embrace these murky myths with a campy PR campaign to presumably dispel the conjecture surrounding its illuminati sympathies. But the real question is: can we trust them or is this some type of reverse-psychological tactic to distract us from its true nature?

For years, travelers passing through the U.S.’s largest (ft2) airport have been spooked by the bizarre artwork decorating DIA, inside and out. Driving up, travelers are first greeted by a 9,000 lb., 32-foot tall blue mustang with disturbingly glowing red eyes, nicknamed “Blucifer.”



Continuing inside one finds the depiction of a Nazi soldier wielding a sword over cowering women and children, eliciting an eerie scene some believe represents a New World Order or the apocalypse. The piece, recently removed, is titled “Children of the World Dream Peace.”

Meanwhile, a bridge leading to an alternative security clearance line showcases a multitude of Native American artifacts, while a native chant is played ambiently in the background. Legend has it that the airport was built on native burial grounds and was haunted upon completion, until a native elder settled the spirits and recommended a constant chant be played to assuage them.

Some of these stories have been chalked up to lore and hearsay, allegedly disproven or ambiguated in one way or another, though many remain unconvinced. If there’s really nothing to them, why are there so many compounding conspiracies? And why is there a network of 7,000-foot long tunnels below an airport twice the size of Manhattan?

Realizing it will never escape its cabal-like connotations, the airport’s brand managers hired a PR firm to come up with a cute campaign that includes the hashtag #DENFILES, putatively poking fun at these accusations.

Posters with reptilian lizard men taunt passersby with multiple choice tests. ‘What are we doing?’ one asks: adding amazing new restaurants and bars; building an illuminati headquarters; or remodeling the lizard people’s lair?

Another poster shows an alien gesturing you to keep quiet, titled “Yes, Den’s Got Some Secrets.” It continues: Since the airport’s opening in 1995, there have been endless rumors and theories. People say our underground tunnels lead to secret meeting facilities for the world’s elite. Our blue horse is thought of to be cursed. Some believe we are connected to the New World Order, the Freemasons, and are home to lizard people.



But in reality, that horse really is cursed – it’s well documented that during construction, a piece of Blucifer fell on its creator, Luis Jiménez, severing an artery in his leg and subsequently killing him.

Explain that, DIA.


Watch this episode of Beyond Belief in which Jim Marrs discusses the history of the Illuminati:

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