Don’t Blame the Ouija! Your Guide to Successful Séances, Part 1


Everything you have learned about the Ouija board from TV shows and movies is wrong!

The horror genre is designed to provide you with the best thrills that it can. These forms of media are produced by people who understand their craft very well, but do not have a strong understanding of spiritual contact. Even if a program stats that it is based on actual events, you can be assured that it is the product of a narrative that has been well crafted to scare you, not to educate you.

Reality check: A Ouija board is nothing more than a piece of wood with letters printed on it.

Horror shows have often depicted the Ouija board as the culprit responsible for conjuring demons and other dark forces that attack and posses the innocent victims. In reality, has no more mystical significance than a poster with the alphabet, tacked to a wall to help children learn their letters.

Any spirits conjured, or otherwise, are the direct result of the people using the Ouija board.

All of the magic originates and terminates with the human beings attending the séance, not from the piece of wood with letters on it. In fact, many people have safely used the Ouija board to successfully and repeatedly to contact spirits of the dead and higher level entities

The universe works on a principle where similarities attract. You attract the spirits that share the same energy state that you are in, mentally emotionally and spiritually. If you enter a séance with fear, trepidation and a belief in the horror movies you saw, then you might draw spirits that feed off of fear and know how to perpetuate it.

Safely attracting higher level beings is a matter of being in a higher state of mind, yourself.

Knowing this, let’s take a look at the three steps you can use to ensure that you have an enlightening experience with any séance you attend, no matter the tools used for communication.

  1. Sacred space is crucial to the setting in which you are using a Ouija board. Therefore you must clear out negative energies and formally declare that the space is sacred. This ensures that only higher level entities are permitted to enter.

An easy way to do this is light a few white candles and use a protective incense like sandalwood. Carry the incense around the room, letting the smoke fill the room as you declare out loud that you are cleansing the space of negativity and setting wards upon the walls so that only higher level beings may enter this space.

  1. Relaxing your body, heart and mind is the first an important step before attempting to contact any spirits. This is done simply by meditating for a few moments. You can use a favorite recording of a guided meditation or do it yourself.

Simply put on some calming music and as you are comfortably sitting in your chair, close your eyes and take a few long deep breaths. Let your focus center upon the muscles in your face. Briefly tense up these muscles, then let them drop into a deep state of relaxation. Then move to your neck and shoulders; tense and release. Do this with all of the muscle groups in your body from head to feet. Once the body is relaxed, sit in this relaxed state and allow your mind to clear.

  1. Calling in deity is the last step of the set-up. You may call upon any deity you have a close association with. A divine presence will ensure that all of the work done in this space is for the highest good of all present. It will also help to repel any potential negative influences upon the proceedings. All you have to do is ask and trust that the divine is with you.

You will notice that these steps have not utilized in the horror movies where a Ouija board is used and everything goes wrong. People who are able to create sacred space do not have the kinds of problems we hear about with improper Ouija board usage.

Don’t throw out that Ouija board!

In next part, we will explore how to conduct a safe séance. Until then, please feel free to experiment and allow yourself to become comfortable with setting sacred space.


Kaedrich Olsen


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