FAA Recognizes Recent UFO Sighting Over New York; Audio Released

By: Gaia Staff  |  June 29th, 2018

Just over a month ago, a pilot flying a small, single-engine plane over Long Island, reported an encounter with an unidentified object directly in front of him. Recently released audio recordings detail the pilot’s conversation with air traffic control, while FOIA requests have been filed to find out more about the FAA’s investigation into the matter.

The Drive’s military and aviation correspondent Tyler Rogoway, initially broke the story after reporting similar situations involving UFOs this year in Oregon and Arizona – some of which resulted in the scrambling of military F-15s.


But the most recent sighting came on May 28, when a private pilot flying a Piper PA-32R Saratoga over Huntington, Long Island, called air traffic control to report an unknown object flying just ahead of him on his route from Minute Man Airfield in Massachusetts to Old Bridge Airport in New Jersey.

In the audio recording (able to be downloaded here), air traffic control asks the pilot if what he’s seeing is a drone, to which the pilot responds, “I don’t know if it’s a drone… it’s bigger than a drone.”

Air traffic responds, saying it’s picking up nothing on radar, before asking the pilot if he needs to turn to avoid the object. He then gives the pilot permission to make a slight left turn, before reaffirming his assumption that the object is likely just a drone.

The pilot responds saying that the object was illuminated, to which air traffic control responds saying “that’s, uhhh, really interesting.” The pilot then says, “I know I’m not delusional.” After a short period, air traffic control asks the pilot if he can call back when he lands to discuss his encounter with his manager.

While more details will hopefully be revealed with Rogoway’s FOIA request, one would find it difficult to believe that a drone could keep pace with the 158 knot (181 mph) cruise speed of the Piper PA-32R Saratoga, especially at a cruising altitude of 6,000 ft. Also, skies were clear to partly cloudy that day, with low winds and temperatures in the 80s.

The FAA released a statement claiming the pilot saw a “drone-like object” approximately 14 miles northeast of JFK Airport in Queens, around 1 pm, and that it will investigate the case further. The pilot’s report was denied following a request by The Drive.

Rogoway interviewed one of the crew members in the plane during the recent encounter, who told him the light was a bright orange or magenta orb, that hovered near a cloud, before dimming in the distance once the plane changed direction. The pilots knew they weren’t confusing it for the landing light of a commercial plane, as these are a common sight, and the orb they saw was significantly larger.

In addition to the spate of recent reports from private and commercial pilots, this encounter comes during intensified interest in the UFO phenomenon, after the Pentagon disclosed the existence of its multi-million-dollar, black budget program to study UFOs and alleged materials collected from them.

Meanwhile, others speculate that the government may be on the verge of disclosing the existence of new, highly advanced aerospace technology that could potentially explain some of these sightings. Only time will tell.



Watch Grant Cameron discuss the government’s role in disclosure on this episode of Beyond Belief:


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