Flow – The Art of Allowing

By: Gaia Staff

Pause and allow time to flow through you

Be patient and allow the moment to flow through you

Breathe and allow energy to flow through you

Feel and allow sensations to flow through you

Unwind and allow the release to flow through you

Open up and allow your awareness to flow through you

Explore and allow connections to flow through you

Reach out and allow the support to flow through you

Reach within and allow your potential to flow through you

Follow your dreams and allow your imagination to flow through you

Read and allow words to flow through you

Eat and allow nourishment to flow through you

Sing and allow vibrations to flow through you

Dance and allow shapes to flow through you

Rest and allow replenishment to flow through you

Ground and allow the earth to flow through you

Travel and allow the unfamiliar to flow through you

Meet others and allow the ‘kula’ to flow through you

Meet yourself and allow your truth to flow through you

Fall over and allow the pain to flow through you

Make mistakes and allow learnings to flow through you

Be vulnerable and allow your emotions to flow through you

Invite acceptance and allow peace to flow through you

Love and allow softness to flow through you

Feast on life and allow the world to flow through you

By Clive Fogelman

Check out Gaiam TV’s Stepping Into the Heart meditation guide to help you open to the flow.


Clive Fogelman

Clive lives in London and currently works as a yoga and meditation teacher. He is also a qualified Group Work Practitioner and a trainee Group Analyst. He has an open-minded approach to his work, influenced by his psychotherapeutic and sporting background. He enjoys helping people to cultivate intuition within their bodies, mindful that all individuals are different and continually evolving. Drawing on the parallels between yoga, meditation and life, the mat becomes a playground for exploration and transformation. Away from teaching, Clive loves writing. He is currently working on a book about his time with cancer and developing a range of children’s books. He also recently developed the Life Sequence, a unique sequence that takes people on a journey from birth to death combining yoga, meditation and guided visualizations. For more information visit his site at www.helloyoga.co.uk, connect with him on Facebook, or follow him on Twitter.



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