Gaia Earth Star’s Weekly Planetary Dance: Week of August 18


By Gaia Earth Star

This week, the planet that will lead the main dance will be Mercury, the Divine Messenger, which entered Virgo last week. Our understanding is now focused in the area of the “Here and Now.” Mercury is assisting us to tune into how to organize and plan our daily routine, how we utilize and care for our physical body temple and how efficiently we are serving our Soul Purpose in our daily lives.

On Monday, the Moon will flow through Mercury ruled Gemini, activating our logical mind, which will be a great asset to plan and schedule effectively. Mercury in Virgo, a sign which it also rules, will oppose nebulous Neptune in Pisces (8:40pm PST). This will shine a light on finding a balance between receiving spiritual guidance from Source and taking practical and pragmatic steps to implement this guidance in a productive and service-oriented manner. The truth is, it is of no use to “space out,” have so called “transcendental” experiences, and not be able to anchor those experiences into the “here and now” in service to others. It is all about grounding, my Dear Ones.

Meditation, yoga, qi gong and any other like spiritual practices are meant to allow ourselves to come into Union with the One Heart, or what I call the “Cosmic Mother” or “Source.” Again, choose whatever name you relate to. Let it transform us within, remembering that we are One and from that place, serving others to find their own way towards that magical Union (in other words, to find their own way Home).

Remember, it is not because one is walking a different path that one is lost. As we use those tools that have been gifted to us to lift the veil of the illusion of separation created by our ego-mind-prison, allowing us to dwell into the space of Unconditional Love and Unity that lies within our own Heart, we become a lighthouse, an inspiration. Are you using your spiritual gifts to serve the All, or to get an “ego-trip”? This is basically what it will come down to with this opposition. Are you using those tools to escape the real spiritual work that you have signed up for? Have you forgotten about your Soul Purpose? Are you still running the “control program” in your Life? This will also come to our awareness.

Virgo teaches us to look at what is, not what we wish it to be. It is a very potent opportunity to take a clear look at ourselves. and with self-love and compassion, take the necessary steps to continue to grow, thus being of service to All. The greatest contribution you can gift humanity is your own growth.

As the Moon shifts into nurturing Cancer on Wednesday, inviting us to hear the whispers of our Soul, Mercury will come into a trine to Pluto in Capricorn (12:20pm PST) on Thursday, guiding us deeper into the remains of the illusion of control. This aspect will be a very auspicious time to let go of that persistent illusion, my Dear Ones. Control underlies a deep-rooted fear of not feeling safe. In those times of Ascension, the only safety we can feel is from our own connection to Source.

Nothing, I say again, nothing, in this 3D reality of duality, will ever give you enough security. It is a lost battle, my Dear Ones. We are collectively asked to re-connect with our Soul, this Divine Feminine vibration of allowing. In the realm of our Soul, which lives for eternity, it is always safe. The Soul holds the frequency of self-love and unconditional acceptance. The vibration of control is the Divine Masculine at its lowest vibration. As you allow yourself to tap into your Soul Wisdom, you bring balance within yourself, and from that place the highest frequency of the Divine Masculine within can emerge. This frequency is spiritual strength, which allows and bows to the Divine Order of the One Heart.

The Sun is joining Mercury in Virgo on Friday (1:49pm PST) on a 22 master number. The frequency of the Divine Feminine will give us the stamina and awareness to make the changes necessary in our daily lives to truly become channel of the “All that there is.” Many have forgotten they dwell at this time in a physical form.

It is crucial to ground the crystalline light frequencies from the Galactic Sun into the Heart of Mother Earth. You can assist doing so through your physical body by becoming a conduit. In order to do so, one needs to maintain a healthy body temple, which includes a healthy diet filled with herbs (which are the gifts of Mother Earth to us), physical exercises and holistic techniques of relaxation such as yoga, tai chi, qi gong, swimming, meditation, contemplation, gong meditation and any other activities you enjoy which keeps your nervous, circulatory, lymphatic and endocrine system functioning at their optimal frequencies.

Time alone with Mother Earth is also very balancing and grounding for all of our bodies. As you know, you have many more bodies than your physical body. The Sun which represents in your astrological chart your body temple will remind us at this time, we must take care of our Light-body, and Mercury will assist us to understand its functioning. Virgo vibration also highlights the power of our thoughts. When your physical body is out of balance, check your thoughts. What are the thoughts, the inner chatter you are running, which your body temple mirrors to you? What emotions and thoughts have you buried deep into your subconscious that is running the show without your knowing? Your body temple is self-healing. Listen to its messages, my Dear Ones.

The trine from Mars in Scorpio to Chiron, the wounded healer, in Pisces (12:14am PST) will magnify this energy of self-healing as we tune into the deep rooted fear and repressed emotions that our body temple has been holding for us. It is a time to let go of those low vibrational emotions, as they are literally killing you from within. One of the greatest unbalance people experience at this time is called cancer. This unbalance is self-created, just as all unbalance truly are. To start the healing process, one must first and foremost take responsibility for the state of unbalance one has created, most likely unconsciously and subconsciously. This is the first step in the healing process. Any unbalance in your body temple is a cry from your Soul to love yourself and accept yourself unconditionally.

Mercury in opposition to Chiron on Sunday (6:55am PST) will bring us this clear message: are you ready to love yourself and accept yourself unconditionally? Are you ready to remember you are Divine Love in human form? Let your Soul give you a personal mantra which you will use daily, to assist you in this profound, transformative, healing and liberating experience; that is, to give yourself your own Unconditional Love.


Gaia Earth Star

Gaia Earth Star is a universally known Pleiadian Goddess Magdalene Oracle of the New Earth, Avalon Priestess of the Sacred Heart, Soul Astrologer, Mystic and Visionary who inspires and assists souls on their Ascension to the 5D New Earth of Unconditional Love, Inner Peace and Unity Consciousness. Gaia truly embodies the Goddess energy; she is a channel of the Cosmic Mother, a vibration of Compassion and Unconditional love, the Essence of the Golden Age. Connect with Gaia on Facebook, follow her on Twitter, or visit her website at


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