Gaia Earth Star’s Weekly Planetary Dance: Week of October 20


This week the highlight will be the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio. We will begin the week with the moon in Virgo assisting us to see clearly what needs to be released in order to plant a fresh, healthy seed on the New Moon Eclipse of October 23. Mercury now in Libra, ruler of Virgo, will be conjunct our collective North Node in Libra and sextile wise Jupiter in Leo, pretty much all week, as it slowly comes to a standstill in the sky before turning forward on the 25th.

Not a coincidence, my Dear Ones. We are receiving much spiritual understanding on what is happening in our lives, truly on how we actually have manifest what we are experiencing. This allows us to become more mindful of our thoughts and words as they truly create our 3D reality. Jupiter in Leo is reminding us that when we funnel everything through our heart space, we create peace and harmony within, thus without. There is a divine order, my Dear Ones, which is here to empower you to become more conscious. This is the game of awareness.

This Solar Eclipse in the deep and dark waters of Scorpio will shine the light of Venus, as the goddess of love will be conjunct the sun and moon on the 23rd. The planets speak and they are inviting us to let go of pain, sorrow and suffering. Do you understand that those emotions are the energies of the illusion of separation? When one awakens to the remembrance that we are One, when the Kundalini rises, the veil lifts and one can see what truly is happening at a soul level. The soul vibrates at a frequency which knows no pain, neither suffering. Can you feel that truth deep in your heart and soul, my Dear Ones? It is called an awakening, a kundalini rising and this Solar Eclipse is empowering us to awaken, to break free from the walls of our own prison, from our limited self which think itself separate and somewhat abandoned.

The trine from the moon to Neptune after the Eclipse will assist us in awakening to our compassionate heart, which is another frequency of the soul; another being of unconditional love. This Eclipse conjunct the goddess of love is inviting us to ascend to soul love. Are you willing to ascend, my Dear Ones, and to experience true merging within yourself? You do not have to know how it is all going to happen, you just have to let your soul know you are ready for the next level of your soul evolution as a human being on Planet Earth; that you are ready to become a beacon of light, lighting the way for those still lost into the illusion of separation, of right and wrong, of the duality consciousness.

Your soul is listening, my Dear Ones, and I invite you to relax into this power. Know that all you need to do is hold yourself in a space of innocence and devotion. Many humans are afraid of their power, and it is time to heal, my Dear Ones, and take your power back. Trust yourself, believe in your “basic goodness” as Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche reminded us.

Mercury will go forward on Saturday, giving us a fresh start in understanding the dynamic of relationships, remembering the other person is you. More peace and harmony will blossom for those dwelling in this remembrance. Mars entering Capricorn on Sunday will give us the energy to commit to our soul evolution, and compassionately hold ourselves responsible for what we create. You are your own master, my Dear Ones. You are the one you have been waiting for.


Gaia Earth Star

Gaia Earth Star is a universally known Pleiadian Goddess Magdalene Oracle of the New Earth, Avalon Priestess of the Sacred Heart, Soul Astrologer, Mystic and Visionary who inspires and assists souls on their Ascension to the 5D New Earth of Unconditional Love, Inner Peace and Unity Consciousness. Gaia truly embodies the Goddess energy; she is a channel of the Cosmic Mother, a vibration of Compassion and Unconditional love, the Essence of the Golden Age. Connect with Gaia on Facebook, follow her on Twitter, or visit her website at


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