Gaia Earth Star’s Weekly Planetary Dance: Week of September 1


By Gaia Earth Star

This week started off with the Messenger Mercury moving into the sign of Libra on Monday (10:38pm PST) as the Moon moved into adventurous and high-spirited Sagittarius (10:17am PST). Sagittarius is a fire sign and Libra is an air sign. Guess what happens when those two energies meet? One feeds the other, so be prepared for a purification fire! This energy will most certainly be uplifting as we emerge of a deep transformative “Chrysalis” Scorpionic initiation of last week. We are recharging, gaining spiritual strength and new levels of faith and consciousness. During those “Chrysalis” times, it is indeed when we can connect with the unknown, with the beyond which in turn grows our connection to source.

Mercury in Libra will assist us along the next couple weeks to balance the scales and to communicate about what we feel we need in order to feel supported and cared for in relationships. Libra rules relationships. Use this time to speak your truth from your heart, in a peaceful and harmonious way in order to find resolution and cooperation with the other. If this is not possible, then you know you must move on. When you have finished a soul contract with another, you must let it go. You have noticed very clearly which relationships you have outgrown as the new YOU is now emerging from the “Chrysalis” state.

Remember, the other person is you, so what you attract in your life is simply a reflection of where you are in your soul evolution. No need to blame the other. The other is just dancing the dance with you. The universe only matches your vibration. Shift your vibration and you will shift your reality. Are you willing? is the question. If you do not like what you see “out there,” look within and take steps to release what no longer is you in order to attract what you truly desire as a mirror-vibration in your life. Do you desire more peace but you keep attracting people that loves to argue? Do you desire more emotional support, but you keep attracting people that are emotionally unavailable? Look within, my Dear Ones, you will find the key to your own happiness.

On Wednesday, the sun (still in Virgo) will trine Pluto in Capricorn (9:10am PST) assisting us in taking full responsibility to create our own happiness. The Moon will dance into the earthy and master sign of Capricorn as well (3:15pm PST) giving us the will, patience, perseverance, discernment and devotion to keep the focus on oneself, committing to new healthy habits, new healthy ways of thinking as well as living.

I would like to share with you this little story, which I think you might found inspiring. When I was living by the ocean in Venice, California, I used to pick up the trash that would come back from the ocean every morning. I just could not resolve to walk and see all those trash, this human unconsciousness, and do nothing about it. So I would pick up the trash every morning as I walked the beach. One lady stopped and asked me if it was for an art piece. I looked at her, and replied: “Yes, the art of living.” She looked at me for a moment, turned around and left silently.

This little story I am sharing with you, my Dear Ones, illustrates very much the energies we are dealing with in those times of ascension. Yes, one can make art out of trash and this has been done, but what about everyone taking responsibility for picking up their trash? The pollution with see in our oceans is simply a reflection of our unconscious, and let me tell you, it is highly cluttered. I remind you that Neptune is in Pisces for about another 25 years! Neptune rules the ocean thus the unconscious. This is the work we must do in order to bring this “Golden Age” into real manifestation. We must clean our garbage which lies in the deep recesses of our unconscious, which is why meditation for example is important at this time. It assists oneself to clear that garbage and enable oneself to start living consciously. Many people, still confused if the shift of 2012 really did happen, ask me: “When are we going to experience the Golden Age? I see only darkness and fear.” I reply: “When you will create it from within and focus on the light and love!”

If you think that you are going to sit back, relax and see the Golden Age manifest and enjoy, let me tell you my Dear Ones, this is a dirty work we must go through and all that we must focus on is the light within no matter what happens in this 3-D illusion of separation. Do you understand me? Saturn will move into Sagittarius at the end of the year, on the day of the celebration of the birth of Christ, and I can tell you it is not a coincidence, it never is. It is part of the Divine plan. And throughout the next two years and a half, Saturn will test our spirituality, our connection to source, our faith in the divine order.

This is not going to be the most relaxing time for most but for those truly doing the inside underground work, this will be the time where they become a lighthouse on Planet Earth. This is going to be show time for the way showers and light workers that know their soul purpose, have the courage to stand in their own truth and serve with compassion and unconditional love all those willing to receive and see beyond the veil. I personally feel it will be an exciting time as this is why many of us has chosen to incarnate in those times of ascension. Our work truly begins now!

On a somewhat lighter note, Venus, the goddess of love, the twin sister of Mother Earth, will enter Virgo, the archetype of Mother Earth, on Friday (10:07am PST) which is a day she rules. This energy will give us a renewed passion to serve our soul purpose and to bring that love and harmony into our daily lives, into all the little actions we take. Loving and caring for our body will seem the balanced way to live and it will be easier under this Venusian influence to commit to a healthy diet, some relaxing exercise and to find the balance between serving and taking time for oneself by pampering your soul.

Some have an easier time “doing” and others have an easier time “enjoying.” It will be about finding the middle ground here as your body-temple deserves all the love, care and nurturing you can give it, in order to fulfill the tasks and actions of your daily lives. Venus will ease the self-critical and judgmental energy that Virgo can sometime indulge into. Imperfectly perfect we are and Venus will make sure we enjoy all of our five senses with no regrets but in balance! We have come here to experience what it is to be human, so let us be grateful for all the little luxuries that life has to offer to us through our five senses. No need to judge or blame yourself for eating the apple in the Garden of Eden, my Dear Ones. Venus rules the apple fruit, not a coincidence. Eat as many apples as you’d like, just don’t get attach to one apple!

On Sunday, the Sun in Virgo will oppose Chiron, the wounded healer, in Pisces (7:44pm PST) and the Moon will have shifted into the sign of Pisces as well (4:47pm PST) opening up the energy imprint of the Full Moon in Pisces on the next day. A time of self-realization and groundedness my Dear Ones. You will be clear in your heart and soul of where you stand at this times in your soul evolution and even if you might not know what lies ahead, you will feel most certainly that you are not going back to the old version of you. Be compassionate with yourself and trust that you are being divinely guided because truly you are. You are not alone. Reach out to your guides in all the realms known and unknown. Use the power of your imagination, this is where you will experience your true power as a sovereign co-creator of the Cosmic Mother. Keep looking up, my Dear Ones, we are ascending as one!


Gaia Earth Star

Gaia Earth Star is a universally known Pleiadian Goddess Magdalene Oracle of the New Earth, Avalon Priestess of the Sacred Heart, Soul Astrologer, Mystic and Visionary who inspires and assists souls on their Ascension to the 5D New Earth of Unconditional Love, Inner Peace and Unity Consciousness. Gaia truly embodies the Goddess energy; she is a channel of the Cosmic Mother, a vibration of Compassion and Unconditional love, the Essence of the Golden Age. Connect with Gaia on Facebook, follow her on Twitter, or visit her website at


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