The GaiamTV Team Gets Personal

The team here at Gaiam TV started talking about commitment months ago. We took it slow at first because commitment is kind of a big deal. Well, okay, it’s a totally big deal--the biggest most important deal we can make with other people, with our work, but most of all, with ourselves. Sure, it’s scary, it’s scary to do and it’s even scary to talk about; we realized that rather quickly when big questions started floating around the office, questions like:

Why is commitment to yourself important?
How does it make you a better person?
What do you need to keep a commitment?
When it gets tough to commit to yourself, what do you do to bring yourself back?

Several of us heard these questions and ran screaming in the opposite direction. We are human after all and deep prodding personal philosophical inquiries aren’t always easy to face, but we all eventually came back—some of us quicker than others--and agreed that, yeah, self-commitment was the year’s top priority.

We knew resolutions were a bad choice, only one person on our staff had kept theirs last year and her resolution was to no longer have resolutions—funny, and yet, since the rest of us couldn’t even remember what we had resolved to do, not having one ever again was actually a brilliant idea.

Why resolve, when commitment is such a more powerful and lasting thing to do?

Then someone (no one is naming names here) decided to roll out a camera and make sure we really meant what we were saying.

We were being held accountable not just to each other anymore, but now with everyone, everywhere. It was no longer just an internal, "oh yeah, commitment, that’s a thing," it was "oh, yeah commitment, let’s really do this!"

And now, there is proof. And now, we’re "all in"—for real.

We’re facing our fears, we’re shedding what no longer serves us, and we’re challenging ourselves (and each other) to reach our truest and best potential.

As Gloria Anzaluda says, "I change myself, I change the world," and a little change, a little (big) self-commitment, can go a long way to making this a more radiant and loving space for us all.

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