Gaia’s Top 5 Real Hauntings to Start Your Halloween

Ghost girl on stairs. Halloween theme.

It’s that time of the year. The time when we flock to theaters to catch the nth sequel of Friday the 13th, or put on that classic horror movie to get in a spooky mood and celebrate the beginning of the darker half of the year. But while Hollywood productions are good at provoking our fears with creepy effects, their movie premises often stem from real ghost stories and real hauntings with the paranormal — and here on Gaia, you can find access to some of those genuinely frightening tales and the people who research those stories for a living.

1. The Real Story Behind The Conjuring

Sometimes, destiny can take us in a direction we would have never expected. Such is the case with the Perron family who felt it was their destiny to buy their dream home – a colonial farm on 200 acres. From the moment they moved in, strange things began to happen.

Andrea Perron recounts the frightening real-life events that culminated in The Conjuring, a movie that solidified itself as one of the most frightening supernatural horror movies of 2013, telling the story of the real life hauntings experienced by her family at their Rhode Island farmhouse in 1971.

2. Ghosts in the White House

When we think of haunted houses we often overlook one that may be the most ghostly of them all – the White House.

And with its long and rich history, it’s no wonder the souls of past inhabitants would choose to remain there over the course of many decades. But who is haunting the White House and why? Jeff Belanger, author of The World’s Most Haunted Places presents evidence of ghosts in the White House and reveals the latest in ghost hunting technology.

3. Ghosts, Apparitions and Haunted Houses

We’d be remiss not to include a title from the illustrious Arthur C. Clarke’s World of Strange Powers – a series by the acclaimed science fiction author investigating the inexplicable, confounding, and puzzling wonders of our world.

In this episode, Clarke reports on his experiences with ghosts and apparitions. Ghosts of Roman soldiers, apparitions of the Virgin Mary, a phantom hitch-hiker and a faceless monk are just a few of the real life hauntings investigated in this episode.

4. Comfort From the Dead

Who said visits from ghostly entities always have to be scary? Sometimes the dead make their presence known for our benefit, and often they use our dream state as a medium of communication. Comfort From the Dead explores theses instances…

At ten-years-old, Craig dreamed he was at his mother’s funeral, helping him accept her death. In the morning, he discovered she had died the night before from an extended illness.

When Victoria’s beloved aunt dies, she is consumed by grief, until Aunt Nancy comes in a dream to tell her she’s okay.

5. The R.I.P. Files

Paranormal Investigator Patricia Marin, started the Research and Investigation of the Paranormal (RIP) team to study true supernatural stories and hauntings. Based in Washington DC, Marin and a different kind of group of paranormal investigators use their psychic abilities and deep knowledge of metaphysical techniques to interact with the entities they encounter at haunted locations.

In this episode, the team explores a former psychiatric hospital with a dark reputation. Using forensics techniques, they learn the rumors about the horrors in the “suicide bathroom” are true.

Later, Pat and Lisa discover an amorous spirit in the File Room, while Mark and Malinka hear a growl on the third floor. Lisa unexpectedly finds herself experiencing the depression and despair of the former patients at St. Albans, even after she’s back home and must turn to her fellow investigators for help.

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