How Meditation Will Change Your Life

Are you ready for a change?

I mean a deep, juicy, life transforming energetic shift? One that has the power to release you from the burdens of worry, resentment, fear and your inability to let go of control. One that will help you to unleash your inner beauty and gifts, onto the world?

Daily meditation has been the single most powerful and authentic practice in my life. Through it, I have discovered my true nature, my spirit fire, and it has changed everything. Sitting in stillness taught me to be the observer of my thoughts. The observer, meaning that there are my thoughts, and then there is me, and the two are not the same. The more I separated my thoughts, the more time I wanted to spend with this newly discovered “me”. This “me” I discovered was actually really blissful and happy. She was filled with passion, fire, and a thirst for life. She lived to bring out the divine in others. She was fully present.

Before this version of me was brought to life, there was a person who was terrified to let go of control, control of everything; her relationships, what she ate, what her body weighed, and even what people’s impressions of her were. It was insanity. Emotions would lift her up and carry her away, like wild horses, for days and weeks; and her intuition was silenced after being ignored for way too long. She was a person who did not believe that she deserved to feel joyful, or connected, or loved. She was a person who had so much to give, but pain and hurt prevented her from trusting.

Sound familiar?

Meditation does not have to take the form of sitting with your hands on your knees and closing your eyes. Meditation can take many forms. One of my favorite ways to meditate is to go for a long, easy run in the fresh air. It is here, where I am able to attune the rhythm of my steps to the mantras that are in my heart. Where breath, mind, body, and soul unite, and emptiness prevails.

As we experience this spring, my offer to you is to identify a meditative practice that can serve you. If you struggle with this, perhaps ask yourself the following questions:

  1. When do I feel most peaceful?
  2. Is there a time when my thoughts are at ease?

The answers to these questions then become the foundation of your meditation practice. Perhaps you feel peaceful when washing the dishes or folding the laundry. Perhaps it’s when you are walking with your child or your pet, or perhaps it is when you are having a sleep in on a Sunday morning listening to the heartbeat of your partner.

Whatever form or shape it takes is irrelevant. Whilst engaging in the process, still your thoughts and simply observe. You may be completely at peace. You may receive creative thoughts, revelations, or you may be constantly running through the shopping list, or a recipe in your head; but the more you continue to practice meditating, observing your thoughts and your mind, will become natural. From there, the shift in consciousness is inevitable, and will start to show up in other aspects of your life.

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