How to Plant Love and Gratitude Into Your Children’s Hearts


We all want our kids to be good human beings, when it all comes down to it right? We all want our children to grow up to be good citizens of the world, human beings who will makes choices from their hearts rather than their egos. How can we be guides and teachers that will plant and instill values of love gratitude, kindness and truth into our children? Here are some rituals and tips on how to incorporate kindness and gratitude into our children’s lives.

  1. Create your own family heart tribe. Allow your creativity to go wild and create your own family’s heart tribe by declaring a special name for it. Then create fun silly names and titles based on special unique talents, skills and inside jokes.
  2. Morning and night heart-centered rituals. Before your kids get out of bed, invite them to take a moment to close their eyes, breathe into their heart and give thanks to all the people and things in their lives.  Repeat at night before bed. Bathroom rituals can include brushing teeth with prayer. Before brushing, “bless our mouth that we will speak only love and kindness today.” Seal it off with a spit, rinse, and kiss.
  3. Gratitude chalkboard space. Create a gratitude space where the kids can release any creative reflective energy. Allow one wall in your home dedicated to gratitude and creativity, where kids can draw, write songs and express gratitude.
  4. Kindness Tree. Allow your kids to practice kindness and gratitude with a kindness and gratitude tree or clothes line. You can even create a monthly contest challenge where the most gratitude and kindness wins a trip adventure to somewhere special or adjust to something they have expressed an interest in.
  5. Gratitude food song. Before each meal is a wonderful opportunity to practice mindfulness and gratitude. Make it fun by singing this song below written by Abby & Tommy Anton.* Not only will it be a fun tradition to add to your family’s mealtime but it will also be an opportunity to instill gratitude for the earth. Lyrics: Thank you for this food For this wonderful glorious food And the animals And the vegetables  And the minerals that make it possible And the love The essence of life  I hope these tips have sparked your heart to instill your own love and gratitude rituals into your homes and lives, allowing our hearts and our children’s hearts to shine within and out making peaceful harmonious home and tribe.

*Song credit to Abby & Tommy Anton of Super Simple Super Foods.


Elena Sheehy

Elena Sheehy, is the founder of Generation Gratitude. She currently organizes and facilitates Generation Gratitude after school programs, workshops and retreats all around the world. She also serves as a wellness coach.
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