How Science is Proving Age Regression Can Happen


The subject of age regression, physically being reverse-aged, is gaining attention as the stories of Corey Goode and other Secret Space Program whistleblowers come forward. How does it happen? What is involved? Could it possibly be true? Discover the details about age regression and hear about the science that could actually make it happen!

What is Age Regression?

Imagine being taken from your bed, abducted in the middle of the night, and transported to a facility where you are forced to sign a contract for employment that takes you off planet. Then imagine that after 20 years of a rigid and sometimes extremely unpleasant Tour of Duty, you are age-regressed and time-traveled back to your bed, just moments after your original abduction. You wake up, feeling confused and nauseated, with foggy memories of the night before. You brush off your confusion and your feeling that something is not right, and continue on with your daily life as usual… until the memories start to slowly re-emerge. This age-regression time-travel double punch sounds like the plot of a science fiction movie, but in fact is the testimony we are hearing from several people who have come forward as Secret Space Program whistleblowers.

The notions of time travel and of being physically age-regressed – old-man-becomes-boy-again-style – are regarded in similar ways: pure science fiction. Time travel and age regression make for exciting and popular science fiction or fantasy best-selling novels and hit movies, and there have been many, especially as of late. They are not only marketed to adults, either. There are countless children’s books and early readers involving fountains of youth and time travel – the time-traveling treehouse in Mary Pope Osborne’s “The Magic Treehouse” series for example, or jumps in both time and age through various portals in C.S. Lewis’s “Chronicles of Narnia” books. We have all to a greater or lesser degree been conditioned our entire lives to accept these ideas as viable or useful scenarios, albeit fictional ones.

What if it is True?

Enter the Secret Space Program – the SSP. According to growing number of indicators, NASA is merely a public front for the American Space Program, designed among other things to roll out advancements in technology at a snail’s pace to keep the public unaware of the advanced technologies that are secretly being used behind the scenes. Some researchers and whistleblowers have estimated the technology to be 50 to 100 years ahead of what the general public – as well as most private sector scientists – think is possible!

Initially described as an American black budget program that had acquired reverse-engineered extra-terrestrial technology, there are more recent revelations that the Secret Space Program is in fact International in scope. And even more spectacularly, that the SSP has become a generalized term used to refer to dozens of organizations that have incorporated a diverse array of advanced alien technologies. These various Operations interact with human break-away civilizations that exist entirely off planet, as well as numerous alien species. The deeper one looks into the research and witness testimonies, the more complicated it gets. The “20 and Back” program, as it is described by SSP whistleblowers, is just one small part of a complex interstellar reality that is literally galactic in size.

Lost in space

One such SSP whistleblower is Corey Goode. In the second season, third Episode of Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock, Corey Goode describes his experience of being age and time regressed as part of the “20 and Back” program of the Secret Space Program. According to Goode, the 20 and Back Program Tour of Duty has been forced upon thousands of people, including civilians like himself and many in the military. The initial abduction involves the individual being abducted from their beds, taken to a facility and more or less forced to volunteer into the Program. Promises are made that upon completion of the Tour, free college, scholarships, a six figure income, etc, will be provided. These promises are not kept, since conveniently enough, at the end of the 20 year Tour the individual’s memory is wiped using “Blank Slate” technology. “Blank-Slating” is designed to wipe the memory of the abduction, the 20 year Tour, all the promises and everything else from the individual’s mind. Screen memories are implanted to cover the few minutes that overlap the abduction and reinsertion time points.

Blank Slating does not work on 3 to 5% of those subjected to it, Goode included. Goode began to regain his true memories only a few weeks after his return.

For many others, after 20 more years pass from the time they complete their Duty, memories start to emerge. This was the case with both Randy Cramer and Michael Relfe, two other “20 and Back” whistleblowers who have come forward. Both Cramer and Relfe were in the military and started to regain their true memories after 20 years had passed from their return dates. They also received extensive therapy and mind-control clearing to help them regain their memories. Dr.Michael E. Salla, a pioneer in the development of ‘Exopolitics’ (the political study of the key actors, institutions and processes associated with extraterrestrial life) and Founder of, has closely cross-referenced the claims of Goode, Relfe and Cramer and found very little cross-contamination. In fact although involved in very different aspects and serving different functions within the SSP, the details described in the claims of these three men seem to support each other’s stories.

How Does Age Regression Happen

According to Dr. Salla, Goode, Cramer and Relph’s descriptions of the age regression process contain many of the same details and seem to be consistent with each other. In the Cosmic Disclosure episode with David Wilcock mentioned above, Corey Goode gives a fairly detailed description of the age regression process as he remembers it. First, at the end of his Tour, he is brought to the LOC, or Lunar Operations Command, a base that although unknown to the public at large, exists on the Moon. He is made to sign non-disclosure agreements and promised he will be taken care of – promises that are broken, as mentioned above. He is then put through a variety of medical tests and extensively debriefed. According to Dr. Salla, these procedures at the LOC, including the broken promises, are consistent in Relfe and Cramer’s stories as well.

Next, Goode describes being laid on what seemed to be a normal hospital bed, and administered drugs while foam-like braces are placed around and strapped to his body. He is told he is being put into a coma for two weeks and that it is important that he does not move. He is aware that more pharmaceuticals are given to him, and ultimately he loses consciousness. When he awakes, he is 20 years younger and no longer in the same environment. In fact he is fairly certain that he has been time regressed while asleep. He is debriefed once again by the staff that exists in that time, 20 years earlier, only to be given something that puts him asleep once more.

The next time he awakes he is in his bed, in his home, moments after his original abduction. He feels groggy and confused. He does not remember any of the events of his abduction, Tour or reinsertion. A few weeks later, memories start to emerge that conflict with the implanted Screen memories. For instance, Corey describes that he has a memory walking into his house through the front door and getting into bed, but he also has a memory of walking through a portal directly into his room and them getting into bed. Amazingly, it is probably the Portal that is the real memory, and the walking through the front door that is the fake one!

As it turns out, it’s not all as far fetched as it sounds.

Although the stories of Goode, Cramer and Relfe support one another, there is no hard evidence, per se. However a forth whistleblower, William Tomkins has emerged who has provided documentation to support his claims of participation in a variety of U.S. Navy and aerospace corporate projects related to the Secret Space Program. The documentation is provided in his book “Selected by Extraterrestrials,” but he has also privately disclosed to Dr. Salla that these corporations were involved in age regression technology.

He has disclosed to Dr. Salla privately that, while working at TRW from 1967 to 1871, TRW began to develop age regression technology acquired from alien sources.

According to Tomkins, TRW is currently involved with building carriers and battle groups that are used by the SSP. TRW was taken over by Northrop Grumman in 2002, who according to their web page they “bring world-class capabilities in system design and air vehicle design” and develop “technologies for applications from undersea to outer space and into cyberspace.” In 2013, Northrop Grumman was awarded a government contract for Bio-Defense Response Capability. Handling Bio-defense would require the knowledge of biological systems and necessitate biological research. The field of biological research is the specialty of the SALK Institute, another heavyweight in emerging technologies.

In December of 2016, SALK announced it has successfully age regressed a live mouse, as well as human cells in vitro. Study author Alejandro Ocampo states that ” ‘in theory, reprogramming epigenetics should work on mice and people at any age’, adding that even cells from human centenarians could eventually be rejuvenated. He and [senior study author] Belmonte say they think they can improve the efficiency and results of the technique with more research—and that they can undo the epigenetic changes responsible for aging by using easier-to-handle chemicals […] hopefully moving toward the possibility of treatment for people.” This seems to suggest the advancement of a pharmaceutical approach, like what the SSP whistleblowers experienced.

Time to Reconsider

Time travel is another matter. Although well known historical events such as the Philadelphia Experiment seem to have breached time, it is not an experiment that has been publicly repeated and accepted. Related to the Philadelphia Experiment was the Montauk Project, where whistleblower Preston B. Nichols disclosed fantastic accounts of time travel and portal travel to Mars that he recalled when he regained regressed memories. Amazingly, others involved in the Montauk Project have come forward and corroborated his claims. Despite stunning disclosures such as this one, time travel is still regarded by the general public as fiction.

Stephen Hawking, for his part, has declared time travel impossible, reinforcing the idea to the masses that time travel is nothing but fantasy. But In 2012 Cornell University scientists claim to have “stopped time” for a fraction of a second, in essence creating a situation where it would appear that an event never took place.

And In 2014, physicists at the University of Queensland, Australia, conducted a study using Closed Time Loops that enabled single particles of light (photons) to pass through a wormhole and interact with their older selves. So perhaps if that “50 to 100 years ahead” estimation is true, time travel is not so unreachable after all.

A Reality Check

It seems we are living in a world where Science Fiction is rapidly becoming reality. Amazing technologies are emerging at breakneck speed, and many technologies that were (and still are) regarded as fiction are becoming fact. The narratives of the Secret Space Program whistleblowers regarding age regression seem fantastical, but as we’ve seen, it turns out there are already large corporations seemingly involved in such technology, and publicly announced experiments that seem to support their claims. If this is really where we are headed, it begs the question, where are we going? The potential impact of age regression and time travel technology is a bit bewildering, to say the least. In these rapidly changing times, it is critical that there is public awareness, discourse, debate and consensus as to where technologies such as these are taking us. And as they say, only time will tell.

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Stargates and Hidden Portals on Earth and in Space

In 2015, NASA admitted that the idea of Earth portals — areas on the planet that instantly teleport human beings from one place to the other — are a reality that they have been studying for quite some time.

One of NASA’s spacecraft, the THEMIS, and cluster probes from Europe have amassed enough observational data to confirm that a magnetic stargate portal exists in many locations.

Usually these are found where the faraway geomagnetic field bumps up against the passing solar wind. The result is a direct pathway between the Earth and the sun.

In March 2015, NASA launched its Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission (MMS) that, among other things, is tasked with studying these portals to gain a deeper understanding of them. Most of these are small with short lives, though others have been observed as gaping holes with sustained lifespans. Opening and closing numerous times during the day, magnetic forces mingle, allowing their crackling energy particles to flow between the Earth and the sun. These meeting points — called X-points by NASA — have been pinpointed by scientists using polar data.

The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is probably the most famous stargate portal. Encompassing three vertices, the Bermuda Triangle — sometimes referred to as the Devil’s Triangle — is a large abyss that stretches between San Juan, Puerto Rico, Bermuda Island, and Miami, Florida. First noted in late 1950 or early 1951, the Bermuda Triangle was deemed to be a mysterious area in which huge military ships and planes were “lost” without any other plausible explanation forthcoming from the government or the military. In 1964, Vincent H. Gaddis argued that the Bermuda Triangle was the site of strange occurrences such as disappearing tanker ships and jets with the government being unwilling — or unable — to provide a reason or explanation.

The Philadelphia Experiment

The Philadelphia Experiment, also sometimes called Project Rainbow, grew out of the desire to cloak the U.S. Navy’s destroyer, USS Eldridge, so that enemy devices were not able to detect it. Built on concepts relative to stargate portals, the project relied on a technological application developed by well-known and respected scientific greats Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein.

Testing started in 1943 and was successful to a large degree. In fact, some witnesses noted that they saw a green fog in the area where the massive ship once stood. Further experiments in late October resulted in the USS Eldridge vanishing from its shakedown cruise in the Bahamas. Simultaneously, sailors stationed 375 miles south at the Norfolk Naval Base in Norfolk, Virginia, reported the ship’s appearance for several minutes before it vanished.

Alfred Bielek, a former crew member on board the USS Eldridge, and Duncan Cameron, who would later work on the Montauk Project, jumped from the deck of the USS Eldridge when it was trapped in hyperspace and landed in the future.

Once they arrived at Camp Hero in 1983, they were tasked with returning to the USS Eldridge in order to destroy the equipment holding the ship in hyperspace. The pair did so successfully before leaping off the deck and materializing in the current year.

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