How to Clean a Yoga Mat


You have sweated, smiled, laughed, cried and sweated some more. With the many adventures you have embarked on with your yoga mat, there reaches a point when your mat needs to be cleaned. How do you clean a yoga mat? Check your mat for instructions first. Otherwise, here are some options for safely cleaning your yoga mat:

Gaia’s Tips on How to Clean a Yoga Mat


Take your mat outside and hose it down with water. Use a mild soap detergent and sponge to clean your mat. Rinse and allow it to air dry. Getting your mat to completely dry may take up to twenty-four hours (or more, depending on the outside temperature). Plan accordingly, or have a backup mat.



Maybe it’s winter time or too cold outside and hosing your mat down is not practical. Soak and clean your mat in your bathtub instead. You can either hang dry your mat over the shower railing or on an indoor drying rack. Keep in mind that your mat will be soaking wet, so place something beneath it to soak up the dripping water. Indoor temperature may vary but, again, your safest bet is to give it at least twenty-four hours or more to dry.


Make Your Own Cleaning Spray

If you don’t have time for the first two tips, create your own cleaning solution with water and white vinegar (equal parts), or water and a couple of drops of tea tree oil in a spray bottle. Vinegar and tea tree oil contain antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Spray and wipe down your mat with a soft cloth or paper towel. You can even bring your cleaning solution with you and clean your mat after each use.


Buy a Cleaning Solution

Okay, maybe you prefer not to make your own cleaning solution. There are many yoga mat washes available online for purchase. They might even be for sale at your local yoga studio.


In the Washing Machine

Hosing, soaking, spray bottle cleaning solutions… perhaps that just isn’t your thing, and you’re wondering if you can simply stick your mat in the washing machine. The answer all depends on the type of mat you own. Some are not designed to withstand the agitation of the washing machine. Some companies clearly say “do not place in the washing machine,” while others mention nothing at all. However, the mat may not be able to handle the rough and tumble movement, the mat could tear, shred, or get caught underneath the agitator.

Your yoga mat may feel like a security blanket, or even a magic carpet ride, when you take a yoga class. If you love and cherish your yoga mat, consider your options for taking care of it. That way, your yoga mat can better serve you with each adventure.


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