Introducing Community Hearts: You are the Guide for the Gaia Community

By: Gaia Staff  |  October 30, 2015

We recently embarked on the next evolution of Gaia . Our move to rebrand ourselves as Gaia was about more than a new logo or color scheme, it was about taking a huge leap forward. A leap forward in the quality of our service. A leap forward in the experience for all of our members. And a leap forward in fulfilling our goal of connecting the global, conscious community.

Having been a member of the Gaia team since the beginning, I am extremely proud of where you have helped us go and how far we have come. I’m also excited about the great things that lie ahead. As part of our evolution, we are rolling out some exciting new features, new apps and great new ways for you to connect with our growing community. I’ll be sharing some sneak peeks of what’s coming over the next few weeks, starting with a feature I’m particularly excited about:

Community Hearts

The content on Gaia is full of inspiring moments, insightful quotes and intriguing references that provide great jumping off points for your own explorations, but keeping track of it all can be difficult. Our Community Hearts feature will allow you to mark your favorite moments so you can always remember them, as well as discover the most important moments from the rest of the Gaia community.

For you, leaving a heart is like creating a video bookmark that you can reference any time you’d like. For the rest of the community, it’s like a sign post on their journey toward inspiration. You are their guide. Show them the moments that open your mind and open your heart. Show them the moments that change your perspective.

Hearts appear above the video timeline, with your hearts displaying in purple. Click any heart to instantly jump to that moment.

This feature is currently available to a small test group, but we’ll be rolling it out to all of our members in a few weeks. With Community Hearts, you become the guide for the rest of the Gaia community. We can’t wait to see what inspires you.


Director of Product Design at Gaia


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