Is Hollywood Using Predictive Programming to Prepare for Disclosure?

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President Ronald Reagan was intrigued by UFOs. His daughter Patti Davis claimed her father was “fascinated” by the “possibility of life on other worlds.” According to an unofficial biographer, Reagan said he had seen UFOs on several occasions. He described two encounters in great detail. His wife Nancy was with him both times, and observed the same things he did.

President Jimmy Carter also claims to have seen a UFO in 1969. He described watching a glowing object soar across the sky for about 10 minutes until it disappeared. Since then, he has never viewed another person’s report of a UFO sighting with skepticism.

Several astronauts have reported seeing UFOs and extraterrestrials (ETs) while in space. Even Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong, in private briefings, reported seeing both UFOs and aliens on the moon. When presidents and astronauts have knowledge about and experience with interactions with UFOs, and ETs, why isn’t this information shared with the public?

In 1960, the newly formed National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) commissioned the Brookings Institute to prepare a report on the “Implications of Peaceful Space Activities for Human Affairs.” That Report talks about the panic that might occur if the public got confirmation that UFOs and ETs do, in fact, exist.

The Brookings report suggested that the government must choose whether to inform the public or to keep the information secreted away.

It also encouraged more studies to determine how to develop programs so that “leaders” will know how to teach the public about the facts of the existence of ETs and UFOs without alarming or frightening them.

Now, we wonder. Has the government come up with a way to slowly get the information about the reality of UFOs and ETs to citizens in a way that will not be threatening? Could the next step be to share the government’s knowledge of ETs and UFOs with a desensitized public so that no one will be overly-alarmed?

Could the government be working with filmmakers on predictive programming so the people are presented the truth about UFOs and ETs in a way that will be acceptable and non-threatening? Is predictive programming influencing you?

What is Predictive Programming?

Alan Watts describes himself as a “long-term researcher into the causative forces behind major changes in historical development.” He describes predictive programming as the use of fiction, either in print or visual media, to condition people to accept a planned future event.

When applied to what the government may have done, or is currently doing, predictive programming provides just enough information to the people concerning the presence of UFOs and ETs so that it “penetrates their subconscious.” By the time the people are faced with the reality of the information, they will be psychologically conditioned. The real facts and information will be acceptable since the fictitious event has been “downloaded” into their subconscious. Then, they are less likely to object to the information and question it. They are most likely to not view it as being false.

When people become familiar with certain characters or situations that they originally would view as outlandish, they begin to accept them as possibilities. One chilling example is found in the pilot for a television series that was created as a spin-off of the X-Files. The series opener, “The Lone Gunman,” featured hijacked planes trying to crash into the World Trade Center. It portrayed a large-scale government conspiracy. The episode aired six months before September 11, 2001.

Hollywood and Predictive Programming

The government and Hollywood allegedly have a long history of working together to secretly disclose information about UFOs, ETs, technology and upcoming world events. Instead of coming right out and releasing reams of reports for public eyes, it’s believed the government is disclosing bits of information slowly through predictive programming. This will get humans used to the idea of UFOs and ETs so there won’t be widespread panic when they are ultimately confronted with the actual reality.

The government conducts predictive programming through feature films and television shows. This type of programming has been going on for decades.

Some examples include television programs like “The Outer Limits” which ran from 1963 to 1965 and often dealt with alien abduction themes. “The Twilight Zone” was considered the inspiration for “The Outer Limits” and aired on television from 1959 to 1964. It focused primarily on the paranormal and situations of irony.

“The Time Tunnel” was a television series for the 1966 to 1967 season. Its main characters were two scientists who were transported each week to a different time in history. They had to deal with the sinking of the Titanic, or fight as Roman gladiators as they randomly found themselves in unpredictable situations from which they had to extricate themselves and get back to their current time. Movies focus on ETs, such as the movie E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. Some say that was a fictional account of the Roswell UFO landing in which an ET allegedly survived and continually tried to make contact with “home.” Eventually, in the movie, the aliens come to earth and rescue ET.


Hollywood seems to be producing predictive programming type shows now more than ever. Some reasons for that might be:

  • The number of declassified documents relevant to secret government programs are growing in number as interested people exercise their right to obtain documents under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
  • The increasing acceptance of the public that there may be have been, or is about to be, an imminent visitation to Earth by ETs

Is the Country Ready for the UFO/ET News?

John Podesta was most recently the campaign manager for former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, during her recent bid to become the first woman president of the U.S.

On the recent campaign trail, in response to questioning, Podesta claimed that, if elected, Secretary Clinton would call for the release of all information relevant to UFOs and ETs relevant to the infamous Area 51 incident. Area 51 is located in Nevada where an alien spaceship allegedly crashed in 1947. Podesta said that he believes the American people are ready to hear the truth about ETs, UFOs and Area 51.

In a newspaper interview published in December 2015, Clinton promised to get to the bottom of the UFO reports. She stated that she thought we may have already been visited. “We don’t know for sure.” Last March, Clinton herself pledged to “ferret out the truth about UFOs.”

Is there more evidence showing the government has previously engaged in predictive programming or is it now engaged in a calculated exercise in order to prepare humans for the news that UFOs and ETs really exist? Will the next president decide that we are ready to receive the information and provide us the alien disclosure evidence directly? Are you ready to lift The Veil on the existence of aliens?

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