Job Jitters? 6 Ways Yoga Can Calm Your Career Anxiety


Feeling stressed out and uncertain about work, a job search, or a long-term career path are feelings that nearly all of us bump into at some point in life. Suffice it to say, anxiety about where your career is headed and how you can get where you want to be can be debilitating and, if you let it, can drain the joy from day-to-day living.

So don’t let it! Here’s where yoga and time on your mat can guide your way. Help yourself and your career by taking a few steps back and reconnecting with what’s true in your life, your satya. Just as you check in with your inner self when you’re on your yoga mat, checking in with your inner “career compass” can settle your anxiety and help you de-stress in your work, and in your job search.

Sounds great in theory, right? Let’s get to the specifics. Yoga can help lessen your career-related concerns, while helping you tamp down other stressors in your life. Use these tips to help calm your anxiety about your career and keep your self-confidence up:

Practice As you manage the many demands of job hunting, try not to let your yoga practice fall by the wayside. Find ways to maintain your practice among all the chatter and distraction, perhaps by remembering what brought you to yoga in the first place. That could bring a sense of calmness and purpose — both qualities that will serve you well in your job search.

Breathe While you can’t control every twist and turn of your career, you can use breath control and yogic breathing techniques to help clear your head as you work toward a clearer career path. By breathing deeply and calmly, you’ll reduce anxiety and set yourself up for good decision-making. The best part? You can practice stress-busting breathing techniques almost anytime, anywhere.

Focus Now that you’ve gotten a handle on your oxygen flow, turn your focus inside. Job searching is such an external exercise! It may seem as if you’re putting not just your experience and your credentials on the line, but also putting something of yourself out there. By practicing techniques that focus your mind, you can bring yourself back, again and again, to your true self.

Meditate Finding your way in your career can become a frenetic undertaking: keeping track of job leads, networking, revamping your resume — it all can lead to a classic case of “monkey mind.” Turn to meditation to tame your wayward thoughts and help you hold onto your calm and focused job-searching approach. Let your thoughts occur as they will, but don’t allow them to overpower you or deter you from your career goals.

Let go of negativity When you’re looking for work, it’s incredibly easy to start feeling discouraged about yourself and your job prospects, especially if you’ve been hit with a lot of rejection as you search for just the right position. Rather than giving in (and giving up!), work to let go of negative beliefs that may lead you to believe you’re not worthy. Practicing self-love can be a powerful tool to keep your mood buoyant and your outlook positive.

Get happy Know this: it may take time, but if you remain true to yourself in your job search, you’ll find the right place for you. Stay persistent. Just as important, find ways to be happier, even in the face of rejection. Just like the breakthrough moments on your mat when you master a pose or feel blissed out after a good practice, you’ll break through and find your career bliss.


Adrianne Bibby

Adrianne Bibby, a staff writer for FlexJobs, is a former Washington, D.C.-based reporter and editor. A Yoga Alliance-registered yoga teacher, she is on the staff of Fish Tree Yoga in Pensacola, Florida. Read more of Adrianne’s articles at


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