This Video Is All The Proof You Need to Distrust Mainstream Media


In the minds of most American citizens, it’s becoming increasingly apparent just how biased and tainted mainstream media has become. But if you didn’t already have enough evidence that corporate interests are dictating the narrative, a recently leaked script read by local news affiliates should give you all the proof you need.

Recently, a viral clip revealed that Sinclair Broadcasting Group mandates its local news anchors to read the same script to audiences across the country, ironically discussing fake news and journalistic ethics. Deadspin, a sports news blog, stitched together video clips of those anchors simultaneously reciting said scripts, in what can only be described as Orwellian.

Sinclair currently owns and operates close to 200 local television stations across the country, most of which are affiliates of major networks, including FOX, ABC, CBS and NBC.

According to former employees of Sinclair-owned stations, producers are given “must-run” stories, packaged and distributed from the corporate office, to be read during broadcasts on a daily basis. The stories are distinctly biased and non-negotiable for local stations’ producers, who may take issue with what their anchors are being forced to read.

While public trust in major network news has taken a big hit in the current “fake news” climate, local stations have held on to a stronger perception of credibility. Pew research polls have shown that a greater majority of Americans get their news from local stations and trust those stations more than even their friends and families.

Sinclair has been embroiled in controversy more recently, regarding whether a current FCC chairman favored the company with policy changes that relaxed restrictions on its ad revenue model.

A former FCC Commissioner described Sinclair as, “the most dangerous company in all of our American media.”

Sinclair responded to this latest criticism with confusion, saying it didn’t understand what was wrong with asking anchors to “remind their audiences that unsubstantiated stories exist on social media, which result in an ill-informed public with potentially dangerous consequences.”

But a former television producer who worked for Sinclair-owned stations said these must-run statements “barely passed as journalism,” and that, had it come from a reporter fresh out of college, “I would have sent it back for a complete rewrite.”

Other examples of must-runs from Sinclair include a daily piece called the “Terrorism Alert Desk,” a fear-mongering, propagandistic segment featuring unsubstantiated terrorism-related news from around the world.

Sinclair is currently in the process of expanding the number of local news affiliates it owns, and could soon potentially reach up to 70 percent of households in America.

If it wasn’t obvious that corporate overlords are feeding narratives to the talking heads in mainstream news, it certainly is now.

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