Mind Shift Premieres on Gaiam TV!

<a href="/show/mind-shift"> </a>By Alyson Charles I've been waiting for this moment for a long time: A moment in media when a talk show really pushes the boundaries while expanding your mind. Waiting for this may seem silly to some, but I've always had a thing for talk shows. In fact, not only have I hosted some myself, but I've also worked on the production end for some nationally syndicated talk shows. These shows may have been successful ratings-wise, but were so unsuccessful at inspiring or empowering me, that I had no choice but to leave the environment. Enter the antithesis, the answer to finally being able to break free from all the toxic, life-force-draining, drama-filled TV with an adventure for your brain and a refreshing shower for your consciousness: <a href="/show/mind-shift">Mind Shift with Daniel Pinchbeck</a>!

I just had the mystical experience of watching the show’s premiere episode and let me just say this: Brain. Still. Buzzing. Mind Shift is an hour of electricity and elevation, a show that you can connect with and relate to, yet brings forth new knowledge to absorb and ponder. Mind Shift breaks open your mind — in a pleasurable, adventure-filled way. Episode one delves into two topics some may not think to naturally pair together: <a href="/video/psychedelics-and-religion">psychedelics and religion</a>. Here a couple of favorite moments I had while being mind-shifted:

I love, appreciate and adore learning from leaders in the <a href="/spiritual-growth">spiritual growth</a> world who are willing to share their personal paths that led to awakening and enlightenment; their "one moment" that shifted them from darkness to light and reoriented their entire way of navigating their human experience. The two guests, visionary artist <a href="/bio/alex-grey">Alex Grey</a> and author Michael Muhammad Knight, were as forthcoming and open as they get.

I also value gaining more in-depth knowledge and understanding of different religions. It’s one thing to read a book or article on a subject, but to hear firsthand accounts of how people connected and developed a deep relationship with their chosen religion(s), and the steps they felt compelled to take to explore connecting with the divine is a whole ‘nother ballgame. Alex and Michael are such intriguing guests that they’re innately able to take topics that may, on the surface, seem too heavy or controversial, and create an energy and dialogue that’s empowering and fascinating.

I am grateful that Gaiam TV is pushing the media boundaries, enabling the public to have a place of retreat, with an endless video library that will support you on your own ascension and rebirth of consciousness, and as a place that facilitates monumental positive growth. Times have changed, universal energies have changed, and we have changed. Gaiam TV is a place where each time you visit, you’re guaranteed support in these changes. You’ll enhance your life, and in turn, enhance the entire world. The birth of Mind Shift with Daniel Pinchbeck is yet another revolutionary step in that magical direction. Consider me officially Mind-shifted.

Prepare to get your brain buzz on, in a really uplifting way: The premiere of <a href="/show/mind-shift">Mind Shift</a> is set for Tuesday, September 24. Learn more about the show and get in on the action!

Here's your sneak peek:

<a href="/show/mind-shift"> </a>

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