More Than Om: Yoga Builds Confidence and Creativity


You learned about math, reading and science when you were in school. Did they ever teach you what it feels like to love and accept yourself just as you are? Learn how yoga can help build confidence and creativity.

Nowadays it’s becoming harder for young teens and even adults to feel happy in their own skin. Society has set high expectations for how we should look. What most people do if they are not happy with their weight or the way they look like, they either take weight loss pills, do diets or even have surgery. What most people forget is that there are ways to feeling happy in your skin again, but in a much natural and healthy way and that’s with yoga.

Yoga originated in the East and it’s now expanding towards the West. As yoga keeps growing, more people are curious about what it is; more people are connecting with the philosophies of yoga or want to master a simple headstand. If you’re curious about yoga because of its philosophies or to be able to do inversions, yoga accepts you as you are. Something you might feel during or afterward your yoga practice could be peace, joy or love – and this is union. This is the goal of yoga, to be in union with your highest and greatest self.

Come as You Are

Yoga says you come as you are. It doesn’t matter if you have lower back pain or are overweight.

If you can breathe, you can do yoga. This is what the practice of yoga does, it’s the connection between mind, body, and soul.

Sometimes we start comparing ourselves with the people around us, but the practice of yoga can help you to accept yourself. You might be wondering, “how can I accept myself with yoga?” The answer is through asanas, or yoga poses, and through meditation. These practices can have a calming effect on the mind, relaxing your thoughts which allows you to focus on yourself and not spend time comparing yourself to the people around you, especially in a yoga class.

Once you start accepting who you are, you can start to create new healthy habits. Once you step on your yoga mat, realize it’s a time for you, and also remind yourself this is your own practice. When you’re in a yoga class or even just doing your own yoga practice, you might come across some challenging poses, but this is a great time to experiment your body’s capacities and limitations. This is when you start moving from your own self, not from the expectation from anyone else. This is also how acceptance begins when you realize you can’t do everything the students around you are doing, and this is okay.

Expand Creativity with Yoga

A new way to create creativity in your yoga practice is by letting go of judgments and expectations during your practice. You know, those things we tell ourselves we should do or a certain way we should look like. Something new you can start to do is to look at yourself and the way you move with a new perspective of creativity. For example, if the yoga instructor asks you to do handstand and you are not able to do it, instead of being angry at yourself because of your limitations, you can begin to act in a much healthier way, and maybe even smiling or laughing at yourself if you fall. This way, you will have happiness within you no matter what.

Grow Your Confidence with Yoga

The more strength you feel physically and mentally, the more confidence you will have.

When you come to your yoga mat, after days of practicing whether it’s your first time, you start to feel stronger with yourself.

You might realize you can hold certain poses longer than others, or have the flexibility to move your body in ways you couldn’t before. This all starts from a place of creativity, when you begin to see your abilities. You begin to realize that you’re much stronger than you think.

Another benefit from a yoga practice is an improved relationship with food. When you twist, back bend, forward bend and beyond, you move your metabolism in healthy ways. Blood gets flowing through the body and it’s easier for your body to relax. This allows for your body to digest easier and faster. One thing I’ve found after practicing yoga is that there isn’t emotional eating, I naturally stop eating when I am feeling satisfied, and eat when I feel hungry.

Yoga and Self-Love

Overall, practicing simple asanas or taking some yoga classes through out your week will help your body become stronger. By using your own body weight through out your practice adds more strength and flexibility to your muscles, which can give you a result of a lean and strong body. Not only does your practice bring you strength and flexibility but also by accepting the limitations and capacities your body can move, you can start to move through your practice with your own knowledge which brings you confidence because you’re moving from your own judgment and not anyone else’s.

The next time you get on your yoga mat, make sure to turn the corners of your mouth upwards and enjoy that time with yourself.


Nicole Tovar

Nicole Tovar is a naturopathic medicine student, holistic health coach, international yoga instructor and a blogger based in Costa Rica. Her writings has appeared in La Republica and A Cruising Couple. She is currently blogging and teaching yoga at Blue Osa Yoga Resort and Spa. Read more of her blogs on or follow her on Instagram @nicoletovz.


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